How To Get Rid Of Shin Splints Fast (Calcium!)

Look fact of the matter is this. Every time you’ve ever looked up how to get rid of shin splints fast, it says the same ol’ useless stuff.

“REST, ICE, ELEVATION”, yep I heard it from the other 5,000 websites that wrote about the same thing.

Here’s an actual way to get rid of shin splints fast. First, I’m going to tell you how then I’m going to show you all the science behind it (if you’re interested in reading all that). If you just want to take my word and try it, go right ahead!

Very Quick Backstory of How I Got My Shin Splints Recently

So this method is really fresh and new. I’ve been bodybuilding for years. But, with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve been forced to run outdoors.

So I’ve been doing intense and crazy running with 50-100lbs on my back for 5-10 miles a day.

Unfortunately, I got horrible shin splints from it. So, as someone with an interest in medicine and tons of knowledge with nutrition. I set out to try a new way to heal my shin splints, and it worked amazing.

How To Get Rid Of Shin Splints Fast using Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation

So, we’ve all heard that calcium builds better bones and all. But, what a lot of people don’t know is that calcium absorption is increased when you add Vitamin D.

So here’s the simple recipe on how to get rid of shin splints fast.

Here are the daily recommended values for Calcium and Vitamin D intake, and what I want you to take:

Mineral Daily Recommended Value What You’re Going to Take
Calcium 1000mg/day 1000-1400mg/day
Vitamin D 600 mg/day 600-1000mg/day
The vitamins you’re going to take everyday.

So essentially what you’re doing is overloading your body with calcium and vitamin D.

This isn’t a lifelong thing you’re going to be doing. Just in the 1-2 weeks it will take for your shin splints to heal.

Many people end up getting shin splints for weeks to even months. This is because they don’t get enough calcium, vitamin D, or even a proper diet that is allowing that bone to heal.

So when you’re giving your body a little over the daily recommended value, you’re essentially overloading it and forcing it to use those vitamins.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels – Use vitamins if you’re wondering how to cure your shin splints fast.

This is how to get rid of shin splints fast, giving your body the essential nutrients it needs to actually repair the muscle.

You should always consult with a doctor before doing this.

Also, most people do not even come close to taking the recommended daily values for their vitamin level.

I’ve been taking Spring Valley D3 1000IU for years with nothing but good effects on me. Furthermore, I drink so much milk it’s not even funny.

Okay, When Do I Take These Vitamins?

Actually, I’m glad you asked. Often times, a lot of people take these vitamins before they do their workout and they sweat it all out.

I recommend only taking these AFTER your daily workout.

Ultimately, if you’re wondering how to get rid of shin splints fast, you should be taking these around the clock.

In my YouTube video, I go a little further in-depth about this, but you want to be taking them close to 24/7.

That way the cells always have materials to work with to rebuild that bone and muscle. And again, this is how to get rid of shin splints fast.

It’s like giving construction workers more materials to build the house. They can’t build anything if they don’t have any resources! Make sure they always have resources so they don’t run out!

So here’s what I recommend:

  • Wake up and before you workout eat something like Greek Yogurt. (30% DV)
  • Get your workout done. (Try to avoid aggravating your shins more if possible)
  • After that do a heavy load of these vitamins. This is when I take my multivitamin and D3. Plus, I will drink 2-3 cups of Fairlife Chocolate milk. (101% Calcium DV)
  • As the day goes on make sure you drink a cup or two of milk or get other calcium sources in. (50% DV)
  • Before you go to bed eat/drink even more calcium and D3. I would eat more greek yogurt/cheese/anything high in calcium.
    • This way your body has all the nutrients before you go into that 8 hour sleep fast.

Then the next day, repeat. I wouldn’t do this heavy loading of calcium for more than 2 weeks.

Truth be told, your shin splints will probably be fixed by then.

Usually, after you get the shin splints done in the beginning you won’t have to deal with them for a long time.

I recommend eating enough calcium and Vitamin D3 every day by following those daily recommended values to keep those shin splints away.

Why This Method Works

So now that you’ve read my sport spiel about how to get rid of shin splints fast, let me explain why this method works.

#1 – Science Has Proven That Athletes with Lower Calcium Intake Have More Stress Fractures.

In a science study back in 1990, they proved that athletes with lower calcium intake and therefore lower bone density generate more stress fractures.

So when you get shin splints, it’s kind of like a red flag towards a stress fracture.

You’re not there yet, but in a way your body is warning you that it could get worse. Your body is screaming “hey! hey! chill it! We’re going to break, literally!”.

So this is an undisputed study highlighting that lower calcium leads to more stress fractures.

#2 – Science Has Shown Military Recruits Supplementing Vitamin D and Calcium Have Lower Stress Fractures

So in a study done in the late 90s on a group of Israeli Defense Force soldiers, they saw this:

The recruits when supplementing Vitamin D and Calcium would have lower stress fractures. In fact, they saw a 20% decrease in stress fractures.

It’s an important question even the military commanders have to ask.

They see their recruits getting injured and they wonder how to get rid of shin splints fast. This isn’t something that only a few runners experience.

And unfortunately, there seems to be a huge lack of research in this area.

This is why I made this blog post. All of these big sites just say, “rest, ice, sleep”. It isn’t that simple. These people need to be giving the builders (their cells) the proper materials (calcium + vitamin D) to build this house (bone).

#3 – Calcium and Vitamin D Taken Together Increase Calcium Absorption

In an extremely recent case study published in 2015, surprisingly stating that Vitamin D has no correlation to calcium absorption.

So I’m here to actually say that those case studies going against the vitamin D and calcium absorption effect are completely wrong.

Really, it’s basic biochemistry. It can’t get more simplified than this.

No really, read these case studies. They all take really strange groups of people (in one of them they only did the study on people over 75?) and they don’t really showcase much about their study at all.

These studies almost in a sense were incredibly rushed, not thorough, and lack any scientific method to reproduce what they’ve done!

Look at this video of basic biochemistry explaining how calcium gets amplified by Vitamin D receptors in the cell.

Look, adding Vitamin D isn’t going to give you 100x the calcium to work with. It’s a little increase but it works really well.

Furthermore, I would wager atleast 80% of americans are vitamin D deficient. Especially in the northern regions where the sunlight just doesn’t hit for a majority of the year.

That’s why a lot of people suffer from seasonal depression. I myself started taking Vitamin D supplements in the winter and effectively helped get rid of my seasonal depression.

It really changed my life. Regardless if you believe the calcium + vitamin D duo effect happens or not: taking Vitamin D or just going outside longer every day is going to pay off huge dividends in the long run.

#4 – But I Thought Excess Calcium Has Incredible Negative Effects?

You’re right. In a case study published long ago, it said those taking tons of calcium every day would have a 30% increase in health defects.

However, many people fail to point out in this case study basically a vast majority of participants had NO HEALTH PROBLEMS AT ALL. In fact, for most groups there was no difference in health defects versus the placebo group.

But, I only recommend you take above the daily recommended value to 1500mg (in the case study it is said that is a safe amount) for roughly two weeks.

Two weeks of increasing your calcium amount isn’t going to put you 6 feet under the grave.

After that two week point, your primary contention is going to be just staying at the daily recommended value for calcium.

I will agree that taking above 2,000mg/calcium a day for 5 years is not the move. I do not recommend that at all, and at that point I doubt your body would have much use for it even.

Bottom line is, 1500mg/a day for a few weeks is not going to kill you. Then stay at the recommended daily values and you’ll be just fine.

Also, considering most americans do not even come close to reaching their daily values for calcium, I think you might be surprised that it is kind of hard to “overdose” on this vitamin.

You Don’t Need To Take Calcium Supplements, Change Your Diet!

First and foremost. Changing your diet is going to be not only key to getting more calcium, but making you feel better overall.

Your health will improve, and so will every part on your body.

I’m not saying you need to cut out sweets or whatever. To be honest, I have more dessert than most kids at my age. I do tons of cardio to keep off the weight. It’s kind of sad actually how I can’t turn down sugar at all.

Truth is, some of these sweets like ice-cream actually have a lot calcium in them.

How To Change Your Diet So You Can Have Dessert and Calcium

Look here’s a fact. Between you and me, we’re both probably going to be cheating on our diets.

You don’t have to be sitting there eating broccoli all day or anything.

Ever go to Taco Bell? Their cheese quesadilla provides nearly 40% of your daily value for calcium. And it’s super delicious. So, why not get it?

Really anything there with a ton of cheese is going to have a lot of calcium.

Or if you’re into milkshakes or ice-cream, you’re going to be really happy too.

Really, just look up on a company’s website for their nutrition facts and scour for something with high calcium. You don’t have to give up everything.

Plus Greek Yogurt like Chobani Flips, or just standard milk works awesome!

Consider Bulking For A Day or Two

It’s simple math in bodybuilding and fitness. You can’t really grow muscle without gaining weight.

If you gain muscle without gaining weight, it’s because you’re either maintaining weight (super slow muscle growth) or it is “beginner gains”.

Essentially, when there’s very little muscle it can grow a little bit. You cannot grow much of this muscle without gaining weight.

The same thing applies here for the shin splints. If you gain weight (less than .1-.2 lbs) for a few days you can help the muscle in your leg grow and become stronger.

This will also help repair some of the tendons, bones, etc. and from there make your entire leg stronger. This way you can run longer without shin splints.

So what I advise is this:

Gain .2-.4 lbs over 3-4 days. Take this time to eat a ton of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, etc. And sleep a ton! 8-10 hrs!

What is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is the scientific name for shin splints. Basically, it’s overuse or injury of the shin area.

So if you’re wondering how to get rid of shin splints fast, it’s important to know how they get developed.


The truth is, you need to give your shins adequete nutrition to heal!

Let me know how much this helps you, and hopefully your pain will go away.

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