Rich Piana Feeder Workout – The Secret Hack To Getting BIG.

There’s no faster way to get bigger arms than doing a rich piana feeder workout every night. And if you really look at the theory behind it- it makes sense!

And it’s proven, not only are Rich Piana’s arms nearly 24 inches, but many people have tried feeder workouts with success!

What is a Rich Piana Feeder Workout?

A rich piana feeder workout is actually quite simple.

The main idea Rich had behind it is that you’re “feeding” the muscle by “pumping” it with fresh blood and oxygen.

So a “pump” in the gym is when your muscles swell up due to the excess muscle and oxygen going into them.

It makes your muscles look bigger, and in my case, after I worked my arms out for 8 hours, I even got a full inch in size on my arms.

So, the idea is this:

Every night, you go and do 100 reps or any rep number that is super high on a specific muscle group. You aren’t doing high reps on this. You are doing super low weight

Usually, I prefer to hit my side delts and forearms, but you can use this on any muscle.

You aren’t “tearing down” the muscle again, which would stop the repair and growth of it. You are just pumping it with a ton of blood and oxygen by doing low weight and super high reps.

Since you are pumping extra blood and oxygen into the muscle, you are delivering extra nutrients and resources that muscle needs to properly grow.

What Exercises Do I Have To Do For a Rich Piana Feeder Workout?

So, if you’re interested in this awesome concept, you may be wondering what exercises you should be doing to get this ‘pump’.

So, to be honest, the range of exercises you can do is almost unlimited.

The main idea is that you’re doing a ton of high reps with super low weight.

Generally what is recommended by Rich Piana and me is this:

  • Pick a muscle group to target. (eg: forearms/biceps/triceps)
  • Go to your local sports store and buy two 15 lb dumbbells. Or order them discounted online from Amazon (they have good quality ones in my opinion).
  • Now do an exercise consisting of high reps and super low weight.
    • 3 sets of 100 reps on that muscle group, super setting with another exercise of 3 sets of 100 reps.
    • This should only take you a few minutes to complete.
  • Do this right before bed.
  • After completing a rich piana feeder workout, go to the mirror and pose.
  • Then go to SLEEP. No messing around with your significant other/partying/whatever, SLEEP!

Rich Piana did the rich piana feeder workout plan every single night for 2 years straight. He said his arms used to be his weak point, and now very obviously, they are not!

So, Is There Any Science To The Rich Piana Feeder Workout?

Actually, yes!

Everybody says Rich Piana is the king of BroScience, but Schoenfeld would disagree.

Schoenfeld did some research and figured out that the swelling caused by a pump actually causes more protein synthesis.

This is because the swelling causes the muscles to ‘reinforce their walls’, and this is done by stimulating muscle fibers.

Furthermore, it helps reduce muscle loss. While it is hard to actually experience muscle loss, if you’re 5 weeks into a cut for a show, the rich piana feeder workout may just become your best friend.

When Rich Piana was preaching this idea, there wasn’t any science published about this.

This means he got a lot of backlash, but turns out he was absolutely right!

And it does make sense when you think of it. Many doctors recommended stretching muscles that are injured or damaged because of the increased blood flow. This increased blood flow helps repair it better.

Rich Piana was simply ahead of his time.

You Don’t Need Science To Understand That a Rich Piana Feeder Workout Works

If you were an athlete or know anybody who was in sports in school, you’ll know this: they are always sore.

I remember after one of my first Muay Thai fights way back in 8th grade, I severely fractured three of my toes and got a serious fracture in my leg.

So anyways, I brought it up to one of my very good friends, Mason, at the time. I was complaining about how much it hurt to walk. But, he was in many sports and I learned very quickly how passionate he was:

“WHAT? Walking on it makes it feel better! What are you talking about Tommy when you move your leg it’s going to help the pain go away.”


Well, that didn’t make sense at all to me. In fact, the concept doesn’t make sense in general. How does moving a broken leg help it repair?

Well, the truth is, he was right.

My leg wasn’t completely broken, so there wasn’t a need for it to be immobilized.

My leg had a few stress fractures in it, which is completely normal. It’s comparable to shin splints.

Well, ironically, moving that ‘injured’ body part can actually help. This is because more blood and nutrients can get there to repair it. It increases the blood flow.

Before you know it, with proper rest, elevation, Tylenol, stretching, and tons of calcium it healed.

Ever Experience “DOMS” or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

If you’ve exercised in your life, you’ve likely experienced DOMS. Otherwise known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

This is a very scientific way of saying the muscles you worked out the day prior are sore.

Ever notice that when you stretch them a bit? Maybe do a little bit of a workout and the soreness goes away?

I was listening to the Jocko Podcast the other day, and Jocko was talking about how to deal with soreness.

He mentions in the video how when he does his Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it almost gets rid of any back soreness he had.

It’s the same thing any athlete experiences. When you work out and get the blood flowing, that soreness goes away.

That fresh oxygen, blood, protein, and nuclei response all work together to repair and grow the muscle.

Your Diet and The Rich Piana Feeder Workout

Rich Piana has advocated tons of awesome diet plans. Even though the rich piana meal plan got discontinued after his death, you don’t have to stick to his supplements for this to work.

If you’re bulking, you should still be on the ritual of eating 8-12 meals a day.

If you’re cutting, up the cardio and reduce the food.

The real thing to note here is that you still do the same amount of feeder workouts.

The rich piana feeder workout works regardless if you’re bulking or cutting. Chasing the pump will not only reduce muscle loss but help keep you looking shredded for the show.

What is The Double Stimulation Training Program?

So, the double stimulation training program is the same thing as a rich piana feeder workout. They’re synonyms in that sense, they mean the same thi ng.

‘Double stimulation training’ is just the fancy name for it. It’s called double stimulation training because you are stimulating the muscle twice a day compared to just once every workout.

Does Rich Piana Show Off His Feeder Workouts?

Yes! Rich Piana shows off his feeder workouts everyday in his series Bigger By The Day AND “The Resurrection” (which is him losing weight).

Every single episode he ends it off by doing 100 reps of side lateral raises. He still does them, and they work!

Rich Piana is a man of his word. Even when everybody said his feeder workouts were just garbage broscience, he still did them to prove to us what’s up.

I love this guy!

Can You do Feeder Workouts Everyday?

Yes! In fact, it’s encouraged you do the feeder workouts everyday. It only helps with the muscle growth.

I myself have two rest days a week, and I will not do feeder workouts on one of the days.

It’s just my personal belief that having one day a week to fully let your muscles recover is a good idea. Some people have success with doing feeder workouts 3-5x times a week and not every single day.

Some people have success doing them every day! They’re really flexible and a great, easy way to put on muscle every day. Plus, it barely takes up 5 minutes a day.

Feeder Workouts for Different Muscle Groups

Now that I’ve got you hooked on the rich piana feeder workout. Let’s discuss different feeder workouts for different muscle groups.

Since it can kind of be hard to figure out how these feeder workouts entirely function, I got a list of potential exercises you can do for all the muscle groups!

You don’t HAVE TO follow these exact guidelines, but they’re just some ideas of what you should try.


So trap muscles are generally built using heavier rack pulls and/or barbell shrugs. For me personally, my traps can get super sore at times. Plus, doing all that heavyweight isn’t always a key to muscle growth.

If you want to look like you have traps for your traps, you might want to consider doing this rich piana feeder workout for your traps.

  • Barbell Shrug: 2 sets of 100 reps. [THIS IS GOING TO BE TOUGH!]
  • Dumbbell Shrug: 2 sets of 75 reps.


Everybody wants bigger biceps. From Arnold Schwarzenegger focusing on them in his blueprint to mass, all the way to me doing an 8 hour arm workout just to get them to grow!

Here is a good rich piana feeder workout to target those biceps. WARNING: This one WILL hurt, I’ve done it a few times!

  • 100 reps of Bicep Curls. (Be careful to not go super hard on these, avoid bicep tear!)
  • 50 reps immediately supersetted of hammer curls.

This will sting like a swarm of hornets, so be ready!


Triceps are what really make your arms look big. If you don’t think you arms look big, it’s probably because you aren’t focusing triceps.

It’s a mistake even I made. I barely worked out my triceps for the first year of my lifting. Then I realized I had these massive bicep peaks, but my arm was still so so so so so small!

Not only will these make your arms bigger overall, but it will get the ladies attention when you’re just walking down the aisle at the grocery market.

  • 2 sets of 100 reps of skullcrushers.
  • 1 set of 75 tricep kickbacks.


Forearms are something I always struggled with building. It seemed they really only started to grow when I stopped skipping barbell rows. Pull-ups also helped immensely too.

Also, my car breaking down every other day got me active with the wrench quite a bit.

Regardless, I think doing a rich piana feeder workout on your forearms is the best way to put size on the forearms.

The thing is, think of the people that have huge forearms. Mechanics, plumbers, construction workers, but what do these jobs have in common?

They are constantly working on something that involves tools daily. This means a wrench, hammer, screwdriver, whatever. Their forearms are constantly getting stressed.

And think about how much you use your forearms everyday, they need a ton of stress to actually grow!

So adding a rich piana feeder workout only makes sense if you want to put on big forearm size and not be a wristlet.

  • 100 Wrist Curls
  • 100 Reverse Wrist Curls
  • 3 minutes of farmers walks.

Chest [Pecs]

Everybody is always wanting a bigger chest. Honestly, the chest is the smallest part of my body. I suck at bench pressing.

So, I set out. This is one I still regularly do even though I don’t like training my chest often. I prefer to do this one at the gym, but that’s not always possible.

This one actually made my chest grow like crazy. The truth is, when you put this much load on the chest, it just explodes.

I don’t know the science behind it, but I think it’s just because in general most exercises that target the chest area never stress it this hard.

I mean think about it. Most bench press regimes are anywhere from 5 reps-12 reps. Then there’s some cable flyes and stuff. But actually putting down 100 reps multiple times? Your chest will be forced to grow.

I don’t recommend trying to move your arms across your body at all for the next few days after you try this. You’re going to be sore.

  • Pectoral Fly (machine or dumbbell) | 2 sets of 100 reps.
  • Pushups, 1 set of 100 reps.

Trust me, this one will TEAR your chest to shreds.

Using the pectoral fly machine for a rich piana feeder workout is a great idea! Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Using the pectoral fly machine for a rich piana feeder workout is a great idea! Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


Deltoids are my favorite muscles to work out. Plus, Rich Piana does a rich piana feeder workout in ALL of his videos related to the side laterals.

In his words, “Your delts can NEVER GET TOO BIG!”, and he’s right! Deltoids are known for making people look absolutely MASSIVE. If you want that hulk look, you NEED to work your deltoids.

I made this mistake in my first year of training too, I completely neglected shoulders.

You can see in many of my early bodybuilding progress photos that my incredibly small shoulders (for reference I could curl more than I could overhead press) seriously affected my physique!

Here is an absolutely KILLER rich piana feeder workout for your deltoids.

  • Side Lateral Raises, 2 sets of 100 reps.
  • Front Deltoid Raises, 1 set of 50 reps.
The side-lateral raises work out your deltoids excellently. Rich Piana did this everyday for his rich piana feeder workout in his series Bigger by The Day. Photo by Derwin Edwards from Pexels
The side-lateral raises work out your deltoids excellently. Rich Piana did this everyday for his rich piana feeder workout in his series Bigger by The Day. Photo by Derwin Edwards from Pexels


As I mentioned earlier, shoulders were always my weak point. The truth is, shoulders are a huge part of the physique.

They make your frame look massive. And without big shoulders to acompany the rest of your physique, you will just look like an upside down tree.

I used to only overhead press 75 lbs, and curl 120 lbs! I realized that my shoulders were quickly becoming my weak point and within months my physique had shifted instantly.

With just that small shoulder work I started to look absolutely TREE TRUNKED.

Doing a rich piana feeder workout for your shoulders will make you look massive. But be careful, soon enough you won’t be able to fit through any doorframes.

  • 50 reps of Barbell Push Press
  • 50 reps of Dumbell Overhead Press

I went super light on this rich piana feeder workout because the shoulders are kind of a scary muscle to exercise.

I’ve seen a lot of my friends get injured by working out their shoulders improperly.

If you’re ever worried that you’re going to screw up the feeder workout and injure yourself severely, STOP IMMEDIATELY. You can always hit it again tomorrow.


Quads are the huge lookin’ muscle on your leg. The one that gets everybody’s attention at the beach.

For some reason, I got so obsessed with quad striations when I was a novice to bodybuilding. Also, I have very detailed photos of my quads growing from 1 striation, to 2, to 3.

I don’t know why. Additionally, I used to squat every single day too. So, I don’t know if I just hated myself back then or?

Anyways, if you have been skipping some leg days or need to let those babies burst, here is the rich piana feeder workout for you.

  • 1 set of 100 bodyweight squats.
  • 75 goblet squats.

That should get the quads burning. Be a little careful when it comes to doing legs in a feeder workout, as many muscles are activated and doing way too many reps can lead to kidney failure.


I’m a natural bodybuilder. But I swear if I injected 250,000mg of straight tren into my calves, they still wouldn’t grow!

Calves are a stubborn muscle. But look at the fact, they are used everyday by you. Walking, going up stairs, running, everything you do, your calves are used to.

It’s very hard to actually get the muscle to break down on your calves to grow.

So, a rich piana feeder workout is a hack to get the growth started in your calves. While your calves are used to some of the higher reps already, doing a crazy feeder workout like this can shock that muscle and get it growing!

  • 2 sets of 100 reps of standing calf raises onto another surface.
  • 1 set of 50 reps in each leg of one-legged calf raises.


Having a barn-door back is a goal every bodybuilder has. No matter if they’re a novice or advanced.

Actually, that’s wrong. I completely skipped working out my back for the first 2 years of my bodybuilding. (Tommy, you skip a lot of muscles, did you even work anything out in the gym?)

Anyways, it caught up to me. So you know I was doing a rich piana feeder workout every day to try and get my back up to spec.

Unluckily, the corona virus pandemic happened and I haven’t been able to work it out since I do all my feeder workouts at the gym. (gym is open 24/7, and I love to workout at 3:30AM).

So here is the secret to get a back so big you can deflect bullets off of it. (Not actually, don’t try this, just run, trust me I speak from experience).

  • 2 sets of 100 Dumbbell Rows
  • 1 set of 50 dumbbell single-arm rows in each arm.
The back of someone likely doing a rich piana feeder workout. Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels
The back of someone likely doing a rich piana feeder workout. Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

Feeder Workouts for Arms Results

So, many people are curious what the feeder workouts for arms results are.

Basically, even though the science confirms that rich piana feeder workouts will do a lot for you, people still want to see proof!

Alex Van Fitness on YouTube posted an INCREDIBLE video, and I mean INCREDIBLE video showing how the rich piana feeder workout gives results.

He does the rich Piana feeder workout every day for 30 days! He shows a video of it daily, plus he measures his arms.

He is a super jacked dude already. Growing muscle is kind of an inverse equation. The more muscle you have, the harder it is to put on more muscle.

He’s already really jacked, and he managed to put on half an inch to his arms in only 30 days!

Considering most people put on around 1 inch a year, that is incredible.

It’s safe to say, the rich piana feeder workout is a legitimate thing.


Not only is it scientifically proven, but multiple videos are uploaded of people trying the rich piana feeder workout with incredible results!

So, give it a try!

Tell me in the comments below if you’ve ever tried them, or are planning too!

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