Pacearth Lifting Straps Review

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, trying to buy lifting straps for the gym is incredibly complicated and expensive. But, what if I told you I found a brand that is inexpensive, simple, and high-quality? Well, you’re in luck- welcome to the Pacearth lifting straps review.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s what you need to know:

The Pacearth lifting straps are incredible. Most lifting straps will run you $50-70, but these are much cheaper (check price on Amazon). Furthermore, these straps aren’t anything complicated or hard to use. They are very simple to use, even someone who has never used straps before can use them! Lastly, these are of high quality. You don’t feel like your grip is going to slip, you don’t feel like the product will break, you feel like there is a strong grip onto the barbell. I highly recommend these, and use them in my workouts.

Truth be told, shopping for lifting straps is just super complicated and confusing. Pacearth takes away that confusion and makes it super easy to focus on what’s important- lifting.

Scott Bremer lifting 315 lbs on the deadlift for the Pacearth lifting straps review.

The Most Imporant Thing- Do These Work?

Yes, the Pacearth lifting straps work! And really well at that.

There’s a ton of talk across the bodybuilding community about buying the ‘highest quality and most expensive’ lifting straps you can. But this argument is flawed for many reasons.

Firstly, the Pacearth lifting straps are of high quality. They certainly won’t break after a simple lift. And they can hold a ton of weight!

But the bottom line is- these straps are functional and reliable. These things feel strong in your hands and keep a strong connection with the bar.

I’ve tried many different lifting straps, but by far- the Pacearth lifting straps are my FAVORITE. Trust me, all my buddies have their own pairs of lifting straps, but none of them come close to the Pacearth lifting straps.

The Lifting Straps Are Far Better Than Competitors

So I have tons of powerlifters and serious bodybuilders in my gym, and they all have cheap straps.

The point is, nobody wants to spend $100 on lifting straps, so most people are content with buying whatever is the cheapest $20-30 straps they can get their hands on. This means, unfortunately, all my friends have bad lifting straps at the gym.

I’ve tried to use my friend’s deadlift straps before, and sure- they work. But they’re usually flimsy, confusing, and feel low-quality.

The Pacearth lifting straps felt surprisingly high quality. They felt like $100 straps even though they were inexpensive.

They Feel Great on The Wrists, and Have Velcro to Further Tighten the Grip.

Pacearth’s lifting straps have something really awesome about them, something other lifting straps company fail miserably on.

These lifting straps had a tight grip on the wrist, combined with a velcro patch to further tighten the strap on your wrist. (something most lifting straps don’t have!)

Basically, when you put any lifting straps on, there can be a little wiggle room as you adjust the straps, this leads to a problem where you can mess up your lift if you time your ‘pull’ motion wrong.

But, the Pacearth lifting straps have a small velcro strap that further tightens the grip on your wrist.

And something I noticed was that as you wrap the strap onto the bar, it tightens down the velcro more. This means your wrists have an even tighter connection to the bar, helping you lift more weight.

Essentially, the more “wiggle-room” your lifting straps have, the harder it is for you to lift the bar as it takes more time for the tension to start on the straps.

Pacearth geniusly designed their lifting straps to keep a ton of tension on your wrists before you deadlift, ensuring you are able to lift the heaviest amount of weight possible.

Non-Slip Straps with Sillicone Dots

The straps you wrap around the bar have non-slip silicone dots. This means you won’t have the straps slipping around the barbell constantly.

Something that can really suck with lifting straps is if they slip off the bar. This uh, well, sucks because the entire 300-400 lb barbell will randomly slam out of your hands and go flying.

Needless to say? You might injure yourself, you won’t complete your lift, and your grip might get hurt.

Pacearth designed their lifting straps with non-slip silicone dots, these dots stick to the barbell reducing the movement of the barbell and preventing it from slipping out of your grip.

When you’re using lifting straps, sometimes it’s impossible for the weight to not slip out of your hands. However, most lifting straps don’t have these non-slip silicone dots that actually seriously help.

In my experience, my friend’s lifting straps would slip, but the bar would never fall out of my hands. Regardless, it made the lift annoying. I didn’t feel any slip at all with the Pacearth lifting straps, truly genius design.

They Feel Great on The Wrists

These lifting straps actually felt great on the wrists. My friend’s lifting straps felt tough and abrase.

This doesn’t help the fact that I have very sensitive skin, as I highlighted in my Vanicream Skin Review.

But, the Pacearth lifting straps felt really good on the skin actually. They have very strong padding that rests on the top of your wrists and provides comfort while you’re lifting.

Honestly, the last thing you want while trying a deadlift max is to feel your wrists being sliced open by your cheap straps. But, the Pacearth lifting straps felt incredibly comfortable while I lifted the weight.

They Support Heavy Weight

I’ve seen lifting straps that break under 135 lbs. Now, in my experience, I have deadlifted 400 lbs with these straps multiple times and have not had them rip or anything.

So these certainly aren’t some dollar store lifting straps or anything, they work. And as you can see in the image for this post, my buddy Scott has 315 lbs on the deadlift and the lifting straps are successfully holding it.

For the most part, this is more than enough weight. Most people won’t be deadlifting three plates for a long time, and the time it takes to get from 300 lbs -> 400 lbs on the deadlift can feel like an eternity.

So, for the most part, when it comes to most lifters using these straps for deadlifts, barbell rows, and pull-ups, you’ll have more than enough clearance for the gym.


The Pacearth lifting straps are incredibly tough, durable, inexpensive, and reliable. I use them everyday when I’m working out and it’s been a great purchase.

I highly recommend you check these out, especially if you’ve been in the market for lifting straps!

Simply put, finding good lifting straps is difficult- but Pacearth has your back and is a reliable product that I use everyday.

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