The Rich Piana Alarm

Everyday I start my morning with the best sound in the world. The Rich Piana Alarm noise of him saying “GOOD F***ING MORNINNNNNN” and his theme song playing.

I did this honestly as a joke at first. But it’s actually so motivational. If you’ve read my 25 Rich Piana Quotes article, you’ll know that this guy loved us. He wanted to see all of his fans succeed at everything in life, and told us every day to give it all we got and NEVER give up.

So now every day I wake up. I’m reminded by him “GOOD F***ING MORNINGGGG” that we’re done with that old lifestyle. It’s time to GET UP, GET TO THE GYM, and PUT IN SOME HARD WORK.

Then, his theme song comes blaring, and you feel like you’re walking down the Mr.Olympia stage and everything is good.

There’s Two Different Versions of The Rich Piana Alarm

So just as you thought life couldn’t be better, there are two different versions of the rich piana alarm.

#1 – GOOD MORNING, Just theme music.

This is the one I use because I love just having the theme music and waking up right away and practicing poses for bodybuilding in the mirror.

You hear Rich Piana say ‘GOOD F*** ING MORNING’ and then it just rolls his music for three minutes.

But, there’s also another version.

#2 – Rich Piana Talks Throughout The Theme Music (This one is awesome!)

This other version has Rich Piana spitting motivational and funny quotes at you as you wake up with his theme music playing.

Here’s the video!

How To Set Up The Rich Piana Alarm

Setting up the rich piana alarm is pretty easy.

I personally am PC savvy, so I just downloaded the file, transferred to Google Drive, and downloaded it from there.

But, the simpler way is just by using the download links provided in the description of the YouTube videos above. Make your choice on which alarm you want, then just follow the Google Drive download link from there.

Then go to your phone’s alarm settings, and select that MP3 file!

Then, get ready to have the best wake-up of your life.

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