Is Spaghetti Good for Bulking?

You’re gaining muscle, you’re hitting the gym hard, but now you gotta eat. So, now you’re sitting at some fancy restaurant with your girlfriend asking yourself, Is Spaghetti Good For Bulking? Well, the answer is: yes! Spaghetti is good for bulking. Spaghetti gives a ton of needed calories and carbohydrates to replenish your depleted muscles. … Read more

McDonalds and Bodybuilding (Best Foods to Gain or Lose Weight!)

I attribute a ton of my success in bodybuilding to McDonalds. I used to work there full-time and was able to take a lot of free food home every night. Need an awesome workout program? Checkout Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint to Mass. Made by, Arnold himself- so you know it works. Still to this day a … Read more