How Much Sleep Do Bodybuilders Need?

The field of bodybuilding demands constant attention and is constantly evolving. Because of this, we are always putting our focus in the wrong areas. Often times, we look at the new products on the market like protein powder, multivitamins, or supplements- when we need to be focusing on the basics! Sleep is the foundation of … Read more

What Muscle Grows The Fastest?

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires patience. But on your journey to becoming the biggest guy in the world, you may be wondering- what muscle grows the fastest? The muscle that grows the fastest is the quadriceps and chest. Truthfully, it is genetically different for most people. However, most people notice that their quadriceps and … Read more

5 Reasons Why Lifting Weights Does NOT Stunt Your Growth

Does Lifting Weights Stunt Your Growth? Including Overhead Press?

Who hasn’t heard it? Even if you’re not a bodybuilder or someone that lifts at all, I guarantee you’ve heard this phrase. “Lifting weights stunts your growth!”, “You need to wait until you’re at least 20”, “You don’t want to be short!”. So now here you are wondering, “does lifting weights stunt your growth”? Unfortunately, … Read more