Do Bodybuilders Lift Heavy?

Bodybuilders are known for having a TON of muscle- but they are often overshadowed by their much stronger brothers, Powerlifters. You see, bodybuilding is a sport that is graded on aesthetics- NOT how much you can lift. So, this leads many of us wondering- do bodybuilders lift heavy? Well, yes! Bodybuilders DO lift heavy. While … Read more

Do Basketball Players Lift Weights?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the correlation between excellent basketball performance and weightlifting.  It is universally acknowledged that basketball is a physically demanding sport. Due to its tedious nature, a basketball player is expected to possess not only the skills needed for the game, but also strength, speed, and endurance. As strength is … Read more

5 “Hands Down” Best Weightlifting Chalk (Dry & Liquid)

You’re all amped up for that new personal record. But, you’re nervous. You’re sweating profusely, you can barely grip your ammonia inhalants that are going to help you hit that max. You reach down and the bar slips out of your hand. Embarrassment. Here are the 5 Best Weightlifting Chalk to get you that new … Read more

Can Epididymitis Be Caused By Heavy Lifting?

You’ve been bodybuilding for a few years now. It seems you have caught a case of epididymitis, and you’re starting to connect the dots to your new hobby. Can Epididymitis Be Caused By Heavy Lifting? What is Epididymitis? – And Can Epididymitis Be Caused By Heavy Lifting? Epididymitis is the inflammation of the coiled tube … Read more

5 Reasons Why Lifting Weights Does NOT Stunt Your Growth

Does Lifting Weights Stunt Your Growth? Including Overhead Press?

Who hasn’t heard it? Even if you’re not a bodybuilder or someone that lifts at all, I guarantee you’ve heard this phrase. “Lifting weights stunts your growth!”, “You need to wait until you’re at least 20”, “You don’t want to be short!”. So now here you are wondering, “does lifting weights stunt your growth”? Unfortunately, … Read more