Is Planet Fitness Good For Beginners?

Everybody has seen the ads for Planet Fitness, a gym that’s cheap, accessible, and good! But, is Planet Fitness Good for beginners? Yes, Planet Fitness is good for beginners! It’s a cheap gym that has many locations- so it’s easily accessible no matter your schedule. It has very beginner cardio and resistance machines, which allow … Read more

Planet Fitness Can A Guest Use Hydromassage?

Planet Fitness is known for their hydromassage. It’s this awesome water massage bed that gives like lowkey like a really good massage, honestly a better massage than you’ll find at most places. Everybody is always trying to use the hydromassage, and it’s one of my favorites too. Read: Everything You Need to Know About the … Read more

Planet Fitness vs Anytime Fitness – Which is better?

Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness are actually gyms that are very different than each other. I know the pain of signing up for gyms. They often have useless sign up fees, weird contracts, weird rules, etcetera. The last thing you want to do is pick a gym that you don’t like, because then you have … Read more