Planet Fitness Can A Guest Use Hydromassage?

Planet Fitness is known for their hydromassage. It’s this awesome water massage bed that gives like lowkey like a really good massage, honestly a better massage than you’ll find at most places.

Everybody is always trying to use the hydromassage, and it’s one of my favorites too.

But, at Planet Fitness can a guest use hydromassage?

Unfortunately, no. Guests are not allowed to use the hydromassage bed according to Alec, a staff member at Planet Fitness. Alec said that sometimes during special promotions guests are allowed to use the hydromassage, but otherwise- no. You can’t really just hop on either, as you need to sign in with the staff before you use the hydromassage.

But, let’s explain why.

Planet Fitness logo, can a guest use the hydromassage? The answer is, no.
Planet Fitness logo, can a guest use the hydromassage? The answer is, no.

By Policy, Guests CANNOT Use The Hydromassage

Now, just for starters, Planet FItness policy is that guests cannot use the hydromassage.

So, this isn’t really just like a ‘taboo’ to not use the hydromassage, but it’s the Planet Fitness rules.

This means if the staff don’t follow the rules, they could potentially lose their job.

The Problem Is- You Can’t Just Get on The Hydromassage

So, you can’t just get on the hydromassage. I know like at my local Anytime Fitness, the hydromassage is in the open, you can just get on-swipe your card and it will start going off.

But, at Planet Fitness- it just isn’t the same.

At most clubs (like 99%) you need to actually check in with the Planet Fitness staff and sign your name on a sheet for the hydromassage.

So, you can’t really sneak by. And if you’re wondering if a guest can get into planet fitness without their member (like, you have their key pass) it probably won’t happen.

And usually, the hydromassage is in a locked room that the staff have to open.

Sometimes They Have Promotions

Alec, a staff member at Planet Fitness, said that sometimes they let guests on the hydromassage if they have promtoions going on.

For instance, some gyms will have a promotion where they will let guests use the hydromassage during their recruiting weeks, or sometimes they will be promoting some of the amenities at the gym.

Regardless, just stay up to date with your local club’s promotions and you might just get a chance to use it.

Or, you may even get to use the total body enhancement!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line? No, a guest cannot use the hydromassage. Sometimes, there are promotions- but in most cases, you ,unfortunately, won’t be able to use it.

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