Can A Planet Fitness Guest Go Without A Member?

So, your buddy is chill and all and usually brings you with him to his Planet Fitness workouts.

But, suddenly something came up and he can’t go. Are you still able to go without him?

Can a planet fitness guest go without a member?

Unfortunately, no. A guest cannot go without a member according to policy. The main problem is that when you sign in, it shows a photo ID of you, and the staff member may kick you out and ban your friend if they notice what’s going on. For your friend’s sake, I wouldn’t risk it. But, if the staff are super chill, you might be able to slide by.

Let’s cover this a bit more in-depth.

Can a planet fitness guest go without a member? The answer is no :/
Can a planet fitness guest go without a member? The answer is no :/

Big Problem, There’s Usually Always a Staff Member at the Entrance

Planet Fitness is super big on keeping their staff active and working. At many other gyms, the staff members are usually in an office watching cameras or wandering around the gym.

This is different at Planet Fitness because they usually have a staff member that’s right at the door.

Again, other gyms typically are not set up like this.

But, you may be wondering: Tommy, so what if there’s a staff member at the door? I’m just swiping the keycard.

Now, we move onto the next problem.

When You Scan The Card, a Photo ID Pops Up.

So, I’d say most gyms will take a Photo ID of their members for insurance and safety reasons- but some don’t.

But regardless, if any gym does take your Photo ID, it’s usually not really looked at by anybody. Sure, if you check-in, your name might pop up on their computer system or something- but most of the time the staff aren’t by the door or even looking.

However, at Planet Fitness- you need to remember that somebody is always usually at the front entrance.

That means when you sign in, your photo ID pops up right away.

And also, most Planet Fitness gyms require you to check in with the person at the front desk, so you can’t really ‘avoid’ them per se.

So, this Planet Fitness member will see that the photo does NOT match up at all with you, and at that point, you may be kicked out and your friend’s membership may be terminated.

It Depends On How Chill the Staff Is

Ultimately, it just depends on how chill the staff is.

For instance, my buddy who works at a Planet Fitness in North Carolina usually doesn’t mind as long as he knows they aren’t a guest that causes trouble. He won’t even mention it and let them move through.

But, I also know of a ton of Planet Fitness gyms in my area that are super strict and have kicked my friends out for trying to use their friend’s pass. Usually, the person who owns the card gets banned from Planet Fitness globally.

My Advice? Be a Good Guest Everytime You Come So You’re Less Likely to Get Booted

I’ll say this: the staff has a lot of leeway of choosing to let you in or not.

If you’re always trouble when you’re at Planet Fitness, there’s no way those staff will let you in.

If you’re a chill person and really good, they usually won’t mind.

So, rerack your weights, keep to your own business, clean up after yourself, and be kind to the staff.

While this doesn’t guarantee anything, it will make it a lot more likely they ignore you’re using your friend’s pass if they know you’re a good gym goer.

The Bottom Line of Can A Planet Fitness Guest Go Without A Member?

So, Can A Planet Fitness Guest Go Without A Member? No, but if the staff are chill, yes.

You’re going to have to deal with getting past a Photo ID system, which is basically impossible unless the staff will let you slide. So be a good gym goer, and the staff might return the favor to you.

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