The BEST Bodybuilding Posing Routine

Bodybuilding is all about showing off your body. When you are on the stage being judged by the panel, it is your body that keeps you ahead of the competition.

Once you are far enough in your bodybuilding journey you can begin thinking about learning bodybuilding poses.

Bodybuilding poses are poses designed to emphasize specific muscles of your body so the judges get a chance to notice them.

If you just stand on the stage waving hands it’s not gonna do anybody good!

A collection of bodybuilding poses is called a bodybuilding posing routine. Bodybuilders practice their routine multiple times so they can flaunt the maximum muscle in front of the judges.

Without further adue, let’s cover the best bodybuilding posing routine:

Here’s The BEST Bodybuilding Posing Routine

There are obviously a hundred different bodybuilding posing routines out there. Some are more aggressive than others.

Here we present a simple and well balanced posing routine that would be considered best for beginners. It can be used as a launchpad to get into more complex posing routines.

The steps are simple and easy to remember, moreover they are logical. Let’s get right into it.

#1 – Front Lat Spread

The front lat spread is your first step. It is good to start with a front step first. This is because your body shows the most muscle from the front, thus it is a good idea to start from the front.

The front lat spread is an awesome first spread because it allows you to show your lat width from the front. Lats keep a major importance in bodybuilding competitions so that is good. Moreover, the front lat spread also allows you to display chest thickness, shoulder width, front arm and forearm size, quadriceps mass and separation and calf development from the front. 

#2 – Front Double Biceps

Front double biceps is one of the most iconic yet simple bodybuilding poses. This is where the bodybuilder tightens their thighs but not too much, tightens their calves and takes their biceps in a curved position above their head.

This is a perfect pose to be followed by the front lat spread as it is also front and you don’t have to move much. It is easy to transition from front  lat spread to a front double biceps pose. The front double biceps is perfect for showing off your arm muscles. It especially gives you a chance to show off your bicep size and peak. 

#3 – Side Chest

The side chest pose comes with an option. You can either pose from your right or left. The pose is designed to show off chest size and thickness. It is the perfect chance to show off those check muscles. Pick the side that you feel more dominant with, that is usually considered the better option.

No matter which side you choose though, you should turn your body a little to allow ample view for the judges. Other than the side chest, this pose also allows you to flaunt your biceps and forearms from the side. It is also a golden chance to display your thigh separation and calf development. 

#4 – Rear Lat Spread

The rear lat spread takes its name from its counterpart, the front lat spread. We started our routine with the front lat spread and we’re now at rear lat spread. The rear lat spread pose does exactly what it sounds like.

It is designed to show off the lats from the back. It conveys the width of your lats from the rear. But don’t focus too much on the lats. Theis pose also lets you show off your arms from a back position. The arm thickness, biceps thickness and shoulder development are also seen from here.

Other things noticeable are thickness of your trapezius muscles, glute development and definition, hamstring size and separation and rear calf musculature.

#5 – Rear Double Biceps

Again, we pick a pose that is from the rear. This is because the bodybuilder is already in the rear position and it would be much easier to continue in the rear position as opposed to switching between back and front again and again.

The rear double biceps are mainly concerned with your biceps size and peak. It takes a look at your biceps from the behind. As the biceps are raised, back muscles engage naturally.

Thus, this pose also shows off your back muscles. From a judge’s perspective the rear double biceps hides much more. The pose shows glute and hamstring development clearly. There are several other muscle groups that are engaged and highlighted. 

#6 – Side Triceps

We again have a pose with a choice, you can choose to go from the right or the left. Try and go with your dominant side as that is considered the best option. The pose focuses on your triceps. It shows your lateral triceps head from the side of your choice. As with side based poses, you should rotate your body a little to allow the judges to have a good look.

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#7 – Abdominal and Thigh

This pose focuses on your abdominal group of muscles. That means your abs come into full view. Quadriceps and their definition is also seen from here. Since the pose is from the front it also shows your chest thickness, front arms and forearm size. Remember that flexing the abs is the most important part of the pose. 

#8 – Most Muscular

This is the final of the poses in our routine of poses. The most muscular does not focus on a particular group of muscles, instead, it tries to show all of them at once. Judges and the audience quite enjoy the most muscular.  You can just place your hands on the thigh or curl them in a crab like fashion. 


Bodybuilding posing routines are essential because they help the bodybuilder do stuff on the stage. Without a proper routine, even the best of the bodybuilder would be left confused.

The poses are intricately designed to flaunt muscle groups so that the impact on the judges can be maximum. With this best routine for beginners you can move to more complex routines.

Good luck!

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