Why Do Bodybuilders Have No Hair?

Why Do Bodybuilders Have No Hair?

Ever notice that most bodybuilders have a shaved head? What’s going on here? Why do bodybuilders have no hair? Well, the truth is some bodybuilders DO have hair. But, most shave their head to hide balding due to “performance enhancer” use and to draw more emphasis to their muscles on stage. Typically speaking, bodybuilders won’t … Read more

The BEST Bodybuilding Posing Routine

Bodybuilding is all about showing off your body. When you are on the stage being judged by the panel, it is your body that keeps you ahead of the competition. Once you are far enough in your bodybuilding journey you can begin thinking about learning bodybuilding poses. Read: Top 15 Bodybuilding Poses Bodybuilding poses are … Read more

Does Bodybuilding Make You Stronger?

Bodybuilders look HUGE and often have incredibly vascular muscle. But, does all that size mean anything? Does bodybuilding make you stronger? Yes! Bodybuilding makes you stronger. In order to build all the muscle a bodybuilder needs, they need to lift really heavy weights. While they aren’t as strong as a powerlifter, they are way stronger … Read more

Best Bodybuilding Posing Songs

It’s time. You’ve completed your bulk and cut cycle, you’re looking shredded as Zyzz, and you need the best bodybuilding posing songs to play while the judges stare in awe. Read: Best Bodybuilding Poses Perhaps, you’ll be in a bodybuilding documentary one day- who knows? Regardless, you want a track that hypes you up and … Read more

What Is Bodybuilding All About?

Not all weight training is the same! There are powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders, and even people that just focus on Olympic lifts. So, what is bodybuilding all about? Bodybuilding is all about ‘building’ the body into a sculpted and perfect physique. It’s NOT about being strong or even lifting heavy weights, it’s about having a body … Read more