Top 10 Endomorph Celebrities To Inspire You

You may be one of the lucky (or unlucky) endomorph bodybuilders in the world. You’re probably looking for some serious inspiration right now, probably from some endomorph celebrities.

The fact is, there are tons of endomorph celebrities that are successful in all sports, including bodybuilding.

I think many people have bad self-confidence related to their bodies. In fact, I used to be anorexic and it affected me horribly. I hope this list can help inspire you to make a change in the world and follow your passions.

It helped me immensely as an endomorph, and I hope I can help you too.

Here are the Top 10 Endomorph Celebrities.

#10 – Chris Pratt – Least Expected of The Endomorph Celebrities

Chris Pratt is an endomorph celebrity! Chris Pratt has featured in many movies, most notably Guardians of The Galaxy. (If you haven’t seen the movie, you NEED to watch it.)

There is a crazy video for the body transformations he has to make for every movie. Usually, he has more of overweight body shape when not in filming.

Chriss Pratt and his progression as one of many endomorph celebrities

to lose weight.

He’s definitely dad bodding it out here. He loves eating and has an easy time putting on fat, characteristics of an endomorph bodybuilder.

This was a celebrity I never expected. However, when I watched Guardians of The Galaxy when it came out I loved it and definitely loved his physique during the movie.

Use Chris Pratt as your motivation here. He regularly gets fat and gets rid of it in less than a month. He says in the video, don’t do this all in a month, and he’s right.

You have months to do this slowly without the hunger pangs, but if he can do it. So can you!

Throughout the movie, he was doing incredible fight scenes, showing off incredible cardiovascular health and flexing those muscles in the process.

I remember he was part of the reason I got into bodybuilding. I remember going home wondering what I could do to try and get the body he had.

Now I can say thankfully, I have his body. You can use him as inspiration too!

Yep, that’s right, Chris Pratt is one of many endomorph celebrities.

#9 – Beyoncé – One of the most well known Endomorph Celebrities

All the endomorph celebrities, all the endomorph celebrities, put your hands up!

That’s right, the girl behind Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) is on our top one list for endomorph celebrities.

You don’t always have to be overweight or out of shape to be an endomorph bodybuilder.

Take Beyoncé as a perfect example of this. She isn’t very heavy, in fact, she probably doesn’t weigh much above standard weight for her height.

However, she is an endomorph bodybuilder. She has the characteristics of all other endomorph celebrities, curves and looks “big-boned”.

Beyoncé never let the fact that she’s an endomorph hold her back, so why should you?

She confidently performed in her music video without any body negativity and even promoted dating in the video. Use that as your motivation, if she can do it, so can you!

#8 – Shakira – Most Expected of The Endomorph Celebrities

Shakira is one of the endomorph celebrities we probably saw coming on this list.

After he debut song “Hips Don’t Lie”, it should be obvious she exhibits all the characteristics of an endomorph.

Shakira released a song in 2006 called “Hips don’t lie” essentially talking about how her hips dance to a song.

With that, she flaunts her hips throughout the song with “interesting” dance moves to say the least.

In another one of Shakira’s music videos, “Can’t Remember to Forget You” she also uses incredibly suggestive dancing to certain body parts.

Honestly, not sure if my website will still be ranked by google after I embedded that music video.

While I think the song goes super hard, I think if you watch the music video you can catch the hint why she’s considered one of the endomorph celebrities.

While Shakira receives a lot of flak for her music videos today, she did make millions and millions of dollars off of it. If Shakira is such a confident endomorph, you can be too!

Interestingly enough, the 2020 Superbowl comes up in just a few weeks of the time I post this.

Shakira is doing a crazy 6-day workout routine for her performance there. You can read all about her crazy workout here, it is definitely worth the read.

#7 – Marilyn Monroe – The First of Many Endomorph Celebrities

Marilyn Monroe was super important to my mom as she grew up. My mom is an endomorph, and so am I.

Marilyn Monroe was revolutionary, as she was one of the first models to overcome not only a rough childhood but immense insecurities regarding her acting.

She overcame unarguably the toughest things people can experience in life. Her mother tried to kill her when she was just a baby.

Marilyn Monroe, in my eyes one of the most important endomorph celebrities to ever live.
Marilyn Monroe, in my eyes one of the most important endomorph celebrities to ever live.

She still managed to push through it and become a model. She inspired millions with the endomorph body type to not be scared of their bodies.

In my eyes, she is one of the most important endomorph celebrities because of just her broad impact on people, especially in the ’60s. I would even go as far as to say she was one of the reasons bodybuilding started.

Marilyn Monroe helped so many young people that thought their lives would be forever haunted by child abuse and body problems.

Even if she did not live very long, her impact was on millions, including my own mother.

#6 – Batman (Ben Affleck)

Okay, who hasn’t heard of Batman?

Ben Affleck, the main character behind batman is an endomorph bodybuilder.

In fact, rumors say he gained 20 lbs of muscle alone to play batman.

Not even going to lie, with the batsuit on, his physique looks incredible. The way his traps fill his outfit is incredible.

Ben Affleck, aka batman. One of the most famous endomorph celebrities.
Ben Affleck, aka batman. One of the most famous endomorph celebrities.

So there you have it. Your favorite superhero doesn’t let his body type hold him back from fighting crime and looking incredible. You can too! Get in the gym and start grinding.

#5 – Jonah Will – The WOLF of Wall Street

This one shouldn’t be too surprising, but he’s worth a mention!

Jonah Hill has been in so many movies I couldn’t even list them. He’s a really funny guy and I always enjoy seeing him on the big screen.

Jonah Hill, one of the funniest endomorph celebrities. Photo credit to Harald Krichel
Jonah Hill, one of the funniest endomorph celebrities. Photo credit to Harald Krichel

Jonah Hill hasn’t done any crazy transformations or anything, but he teaches endomorphs something else.

Jonah Hill has incredible body positivity. He’s never crying or whining about his size, and he not only lives with it but praises it. He’s one of those actors that just doesn’t let it affect him, and uses it as part of his comedy.

The main takeaway is that he is a very successful actor that makes millions a year from his movies. He is one of the funniest endomorph celebrities ever. He didn’t let his endomorph body stop him, neither should you!

However, I wouldn’t take his advice from the Wolf of Wall Street.

#4 – Jennifer Lopez

This is one of the least expected endomorph celebrities out there!

Jennifer Lopez while at a low body weight is actually an endomorph. This is because of the characteristics of her body shape.

The truth is, even at low body weight, many of the endomorph characteristics will be there.

Jennifer Lopez is an incredibly successful endomorph. Releasing one of my favorite songs, “On the Floor”.

On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez. She never let her endomorph body hold her back.

Additionally, many picture Jennifer Lopez as inspiration for their workout goals. Many fitness trainers think she has an incredible physique.

So if Jennifer Lopez is idolized by millions, and has made incredible music, let this inspire you. Don’t let your body hold you back!

#3 – Jennifer Hudson – Most Realistic of Endomorph Celebrities

I put Jennifer Hudson so high at this list for a big reason. Jennifer Hudson is probably the most realistic mentor for most of us.

Many of these celebrities are huge beyond belief, but Jennifer Hudson isn’t.

In fact, she rose to fame by slowly auditioning at places like American Idol and lives a relativity modest-famous life right now. She isn’t a billionaire or anything but has featured in a few movies and songs.

I think she’s super inspirational for the fact that she is basically just like the most of us, average people.

Jennifer Hudson, an American Idol star that relates close to most of us.
Jennifer Hudson, an American Idol star that relates close to most of us.

Jennifer Hudson didn’t grow up in some billionaire family, she just tried her hardest, and did it! She is inspirational for me

#2 – Zac Efron

Zac Efron is probably one of the most attractive male models in the world.

I remember back in my High School days women would obsess over him. And as a guy, he isn’t that bad looking.

Zac Efron, an incredibly attractive male endomorph celebrity.
Zac Efron, an incredibly attractive male endomorph celebrity.

I think Zac Efron should be ranked so high because he played a significant role in Baywatch.

Zac Efron’s ripped endomorph body in Baywatch.

I mean seriously, look at him! For an endomorph bodybuilder, he looks incredible.

He made an incredible transformation from high school musical and continues to impress even serious bodybuilders like me.

Zac also shows us in the video his incredible athletic ability. The thing is, he is one of many endomorph celebrities, but he will not let it stop him!

He does an incredible obstacle course, shows off his crazy body, and more for Baywatch.

This can be you. If Zac Efron can star in a movie where he’s shirtless the entire thing, and do crazy obstacle courses, so can you. He doesn’t let it hold him back from being incredibly successful. Get out there, and show off!

# 1 – Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy makes #1 on this list for endomorph celebrities due to his appearance in Black Hawk Down.

Tom Hardy and his role in “Black Hawk Down” which would make him become one of the most famous endomorph celebrities ever.

Tom Hardy appears in this movie about being apart of the special forces when things go incredibly wrong.

He showcases in this movie through intense athletic ability and determination, that endomorphs can get it done too.

With intense shooting scenes, fight scenes, and more you can see Tom Hardy still pushing through the entire movie.

If the actor chosen for a military special ops mission is an endomorph, that means your body type can’t stop you. Do what you set your mind too!

A Recap

All of these endomorph celebrities are more than just “rich people”. They’re inspirational and life-changing.

Many people with endomorph body types feel incredibly limited or restrained because of their bodies.

While endomorphs have some advantages, overall, many feel like it’s the worst body type of them all.

I hope this article was incredibly useful and inspirational for you.

There are tons of celebrities on this list that actively change the world, even when they have endomorph bodies.

Many of them even make music videos where they have incredible body confidence.

Take all this information down, and use it. Life is an incredible gift, don’t let your body type hold you back at all.

Endomorph Celebrities and You

Have any of you been inspired by endomorph celebrities in your life? I would love to know!

Please leave a comment below telling me about anybody in your life that has inspired you (regardless if they’re endomorph or not).

Thank you for reading. Also, get out there and make your dreams happen!

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