The Godfather Of Bodybuilding, Charles Glass

When you look at all those legends on the bodybuilding stage, you might be wondering who trained them? Who is the godfather of bodybuilding? Today, we will be talking about the godfather of bodybuilding: Charles Glass- and his true impact on the entire sport and how he molded it.

The Godfather of Bodybuilding Charles Glass
The Godfather of Bodybuilding Charles Glass

Who Is The Godfather of Bodybuilding?

So, who exactly is the godfather of bodybuilding? The godfather of bodybuilding is Charles Glass.

Godfather by definition ‘a man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization.’

This is different than The Father of Bodybuilding, Eugen Sandow. Who is said to have almost created the sport.

Charles Glass was the man who pioneered bodybuilding into what it is today, he influenced nearly every single bodybuilder you see on stage anywhere.

What Did Charles Glass Do?

Charles Glass is quite literally the godfather of bodybuilding, and you’ll see in the way he trains everybody just how special his methods are.

Simply put, Charles Glass isn’t just focused on simple ‘BIG MUSCLE OVERLOAD TOUGH GUY STRONG!!!’ ideals in the gym- but he’s focused on the actual muscle growth that wins bodybuilding competitions.

According to one NYTimes article, Mr.Glass ‘makes essential tweaks to that, emphasizing form over maximum overload’.

When you go to a bodybuilding competition, the judges actually judge you on just your muscle- not how strong you are. In fact, I covered this heavily in my post discussing why bodybuilders need a tan to actually get a good score at a bodybuilding competition.

Charles Glass has been in the industry since ‘bodybuilding’ became big. He knows all the tricks and gimmicks that led to people like Flex Wheeler getting trophies and placing well at Mt.Olympia consistently.

Why is This Important?

Simply put, if you want to show off how strong you are, try a powerlifting competition. Because there’s no part of lifting at a bodybuilding competition.

Sure, you need to lift weights to grow muscle, but the truth is: being the strongest person on stage does NOT necessarily equate to being the winner.

The judges are very harsh and are quick to spot the bodybuilders that sat there pummeling the machine aggressively and just slamming heavy weight to ‘get mass’. They carefully examine the tiniest striations and outlines of your muscles to the fullest extent.

Again, it’s not the strongest guy that wins these competitions. It’s the guy that truly understands how to grow the muscle on like a 100 dimension game of chess. These bodybuilders aren’t just coming in to randomly lift heavy things, they are coming in with this bigger understanding of growing specific parts of a muscle.

That’s why in many bodybuilding programs (such as The Arnold Blueprint to Mass) you will find exercises like side lateral raises and rear delt raises.

These exercises target very small and isolated muscles that don’t make a big impact on strength but make a big impact when people look at your body.

Charles Glass Knows This Better Than Anybody

Simply put, many people in the bodybuilding industry have spent their time understanding how to grow muscles and get an incredible physique that will get a great score at Mt.Olympia.

However, Charles Glass knows this better than anybody out there.

We need to remember that back when bodybuilding became popular, they didn’t have a ton of science to understand muscle growth or anything like that. In fact, that’s why that whole “bodybuilders eating raw eggs” thing happened, they didn’t know it was actually WORSE for muscle growth, but again, they didn’t really have any science to know!

Charles Glass Is Playing 4D Chess When Building His Muscles

I love the saying ‘playing 4D chess’. It’s the idea that you are on another plane of understanding things and you are so incredibly smart that there is no way you can lose the game of chess.

It’s the same thing with Charles Glass. He’s playing 4D Chess with bodybuilding! He is the godfather of bodybuilding for good reason, the way he works out is incredible.

He FORCES a mind-muscle connection, there is NO excuse. Every time he is working out he is constantly wondering if his body knows what his muscles are doing, and if not- he fixes it. Without that mind-muscle connection, you’re going to fall short and not workout your muscle properly.

Moreover, Charles Glass knows every muscle in and out. I will cover this later on in the article more in-depth, but in his ‘Build a 3D Back’ workout video, you will see. The godfather of bodybuilding himself shows his clients exactly how to target every single part of the back (something I personally struggle with) and it’s honestly incredible.

Like, it’s just common knowledge for him. For most bodybuilders, myself included, I frequently have to go on google or look in Arnold’s Encyclopedia for advice on growing the muscle. For the godfather of bodybuilding, it’s literally instinct for him to know all of this.

The Godfather of Bodybuilding Trained The Biggest Bodybuilders We All Know and Love

So here’s the thing. I can tell you how great this guy is and all of his methods, but that doesn’t always equate to results- right?

Fortunately, the godfather of bodybuilding has proven to the world many different times that his work is priceless.

Trained Flex Wheeler

I wrote an extensive article about Flex Wheeler’s Leg Amputation a while ago. I highly recommend you read it as I go in-depth about what a great guy Flex Wheeler is. Truthfully, he’s funny and just an awesome guy to be around. (Imagine a ripped cop chasing you down screaming ‘YEAHHH BUDDDYYYY, LIGHT WEIGHT’)

Jokes aside, Flex Wheeler had an incredible physique and is still known as one of the most ‘jacked’ or ‘aesthetically pleasing’ bodybuilders to ever grace this earth.

Who trained Flex Wheeler? None other than the godfather of bodybuilding himself, Charles Glass.

Trained Steve Cook

Steve Cook was also trained by Charles Glass, the godfather of bodybuilding. Steve cook is a trainer for the biggest loser, a show about losing weight and staying in shape.

So, if Charles Glass trained Steve Cook, who then trains other people with that knowledge- hasn’t Charles Glass trained like millions of people watching the TV show at home? Inadvertently?

Steve Cook, who was trained by Charles Glass- The Godfather of Bodybuilding

Okay, that hurts to think about. Point is- Steve Cook is one of the most known bodybuilders in the world because of his reality TV debut.

And the guy that trained him? And empowered him to train others? None other than the Godfather of Bodybuilding, Charles Glass.

Dwayne Johnson (Also known as The Rock)

If you don’t trust Charles Glass enough, even Dwayne Johnson (the rock!) is one of his clients.

Honestly, I might sound biased here, but The Rock is one of my favorite celebrities and has been a huge mentor for me growing up throughout life.

He’s honestly a really down-to-earth guy, and has a well- above average physique, to say the least.

Charles Glass is an Incredibly Chill Dude

I’ll say this, there are so many personal trainers or bodybuilders that are just incredibly mean and rude to people.

Why? I have no idea. People spend a few years in the gym and think they’re better than everybody. (by the way, if you have this mindset, KNOCK IT OFF.)

Charles Glass is INCREDIBLY CHILL. Like, there is NO agression or rudeness in this guy whatsoever.

If you’re in the gym with him, you’re going to have an AWESOME time. He smiles, laughs, has great conversations with people, doesn’t stare people down, and respects everybody.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been in the gym and I’ve had those “roid-raged” 20-year-olds that have been on a cycle for 5 years and still look smaller than ol’ natty Tommy (me). These ‘fiends’ love to scream at anybody using one of the 10 machines they are using somehow simultaneously and not sharing with the gym.

Charles Glass? For him being a Mt.Olympia contestant, master mentor, and having enough accomplishments to be crowned the Godfather of Bodybuilding- he’s incredibly chill.

Charles Glass is The Bodybuilder YOU Should Be

I’m saying this for all of you reading: just because you’re a bodybuilder DOES NOT mean you can be angry and rude to other people.

Charles Glass is literally this KING of bodybuilding, the godfather, the sensei of bodybuilding- and you don’t see him going around cussing people out.

And you know what, he is approachable, kind, nice, and a genuinely awesome guy to train with.

So if you’re looking for a mentor, be like Charles Glass. Work on yourself and be kind to others!

Charles Glass Has Many Free Videos Online

Ever since the pandemic started, Charles Glass took an interest in posting videos on his YouTube channel. I mean, considering his job as a personal trainer at The Mecca was taken away by the lockdowns, I’d assume this was his way of earning money once more.

Regardless, these videos are free and demonstrates his fundamental understanding of bodybuilding to a tee.

Here’s my favorite: How To Build a 3D Back

Charles Glass The Godfather of Bodybuilding, Build a 3D Back

Conclusion of The Godfather of Bodybuilding

Overall, the godfather of bodybuilding ends up being Charles Glass. And once you get to know the guy, there is nobody else you’d really want to be mentored by.

From his incredible understanding of how to grow muscles, treat other people with respect, and his decades worth of experience- Charles Glass rightfully deserves to be, the godfather of bodybuilding.

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