MyFitnessPal App Review

Okay, basically every single person when you start out bodybuilding or start out doing any form of exercise is going to recommend you get MyFitnessPal. And there’s a good reason for that- it’s just hands down the best app when it comes to calorie counting, dieting, exercise tracking, and more. We’re going to cover why you NEED this app in this MyFitnessPal App Review.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s what you need to know: This is hands down the best app for tracking everything you eat, tracking your macros/calories, logging exercises/calories burned during exercises, and sharing your progress with friends that are also into fitness. All for free.

So, let’s jump into this MyFitnessPal App Review, and really show why it is the superior option.

MyFitnessPal App Review
MyFitnessPal App Review

Best Part of The MyFitnessPal App Review, IT’S FREE.

I see so so so so so so many “lose weight/calorie counting/diet” apps that cost money.

This is the BEST PART of the MyFitnessPal App Review, the app is free. You don’t need to pay anything to get the calorie counting, macro counting, exercise tracking, or social stuff.

The truth is, when it comes to people’s fitness and health, they are ALWAYS willing to pay more. And the companies that make these apps know that! So, many of them are able to charge absurd fees because they know people will pay for it.

And they aren’t wrong. People get incredibly self-conscious (Read: Muscle Dysmorphia Test) and will do anything to improve their body-image. Unfortuantely, for people like me (that had Anorexia) having an app like this is almost a requirement.

Thankfully, I can tell you with happiness in this MyFitnessPal App Review, the app is FREE. You don’t have to pay for the essential features. In fact, I’ve never spent one cent on the app.

There Are Some Features That You Need to Pay For

Some features in the MyFitnessPal app are only accessible via the MyFitnessPal premium.

As far as I know, for the things you need, you don’t need to pay for it. These features that you need to pay for are just extra stuff, more for like- ease of access.

Some things include: being able to track vitamin intake, quick add macros, removing ads, and some premium workout plans. (Which aren’t needed, considering Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass is the only workout program you’ll ever need)

Overall though, for the person who needs an app to track their calories and diet- MyFitnessPal is it.

Is MyFitnessPal Premium Worth The Money?

Honestly, I don’t think MyFitnessPal premium is worth it. There are few features you get with MyFitnessPal premium that you really need.

If you do see some features you like, or you want to support

MyFitnessPal Has BY FAR the BIGGEST Food Database

I’ve used a lot of different calorie counting apps, but by far, MyFitnessPal has the BIGGEST food database.

Why is this part important in this MyFitnessPal app review? Well, it’s actually more important thank you think.

If you’re taking this serious and logging every single food you eat throughout the day, you’re going to have to be manually adding a lot of food.

The truth is, it’s far easier and more convenient to just search up the food you’re eating and select it from a list.

The harder it is for you to add food to your calorie counter diary, the less likely you are to keep logging in your diary, and then you’re less likely to finish your fitness goals.

MyFitnessPal has The Biggest Userbase, Which Means New Foods Are Added All The Time

MyFitnessPal has the biggest userbase of any of these calorie counting apps. This means that new foods are added ALL the time.

Let’s be honest, it’s 2020. Food production is through the roof, new recipes are being discovered everyday, etc. This isn’t really a bad thing.

In the olden days, bodybuilders had to eat like 10 steaks a day just to gain weight. Nowadays, we can have all the greek yogurt and other foods we want, on-demand.

If you shop at places like Costco or Sam’s Club that genreally have more expensive brands/are less common- you might find yourself having to enter everything manually in another calorie counting map.

Meanwhile, the MyFitnessPal app user will have no problem searching the database that has just about every food in there.

Like I said, you really don’t want to be sitting there mindlessly manually entering in every single little food. It just takes too long, and makes you not want to use the app anymore.

Great Design and Interface

Again, how hard is it for calorie-counter apps to mess this up? Download other calorie counter apps and you’ll find yourself dreading the interface.

This was one of the biggest reasons I ended up writing the MyFitnessPal App Review. The great design and interface just trumped all the other apps.

MyFitnessPal App Review interface.
MyFitnessPal App Review interface.

When you use MyFitnessPal, it’s VERY clear on the front page of the app how many calories you have left to consume, how many you’ve eaten, and how many calories you’ve burned from exercise.

Plus, you can easily just tap those numbers to add more food or add exercise without having to go through a complicated menu system.

Unfortunately, other apps have a hard time figuring this out. I’m glad that MyFitnessPal has always had a very easy interface to work with.

VERY Beginner Friendly

I wasn’t born into a big bodybuilding family or ANYTHING. In fact, when I started bodybuilding- I HAD NO FRIENDS. I WAS SOLO. I had to figure out everything on my own! Of course, my friends at /r/bodybuilding were immensely helpful, but there was nobody there to coach me or help me with anything 24/7.

MyFitnessPal is INCREDIBLY beginner-friendly. For someone like me that had never stepped foot in a gym or ever calorie-counted before, MyFitnessPal made it incredibly easy to understand the process and stick with it.

One of the biggest reasons I endorse the app in this MyFitnessPal app review is because the app has so many motivational things throughout it. They have constant reminders to stick with your goals, constant articles to read about new healthy foods, new diets, reasons that health is important, etc.

Point is, once you’re in- the app makes it hard to quit your fitness goals.

Makes Weight Loss Easier

While most of you are just looking for a calorie counting app, you might be interested in this MyFitnessPal review as a way to find an app that will actually guide you and help make weight loss easier.

MyFitnessPal makes it incredibly easy to find your TDEE, which is the number of calories you will have to eat under/above to lose weight or gain weight.

Instead of using a complicated calendar and having to remember the number, MyFitnesspal AUTOMATICALLY calculates it for you and UPDATES it EVERY DAY.

Whenever you gain weight/lose weight it will update that number so you can stay ahead of your gains. This will reduce the chance of you gaining fat and even losing muscle.


MyFitnessPal saves all of your stuff on the cloud. So you don’t have to worry about things if you’re tracking food across multiple devices or are upgrading your phone.

Plus, that’s less storage space you have to worry about!

MyFitnessPal App Downsides

There are a few downsides to the MyFitnessPal App. Although, there’s not many:

  • The app can be slow at sometimes.
  • The app can swallow some of your battery if you don’t close it after using it.
  • App can be glitchy sometimes.
  • The search feature can break time to time.


Is MyFitnessPal A Good Way To Lose Weight?

Yes, MyFitnessPal is a good way to lose weight! With a simple way to log your food, count calories, and help guide you in your food choices every day- MyFitnessPal is a great way to lose weight.

And if you’re interested in gaining weight, it’s a great app too.

Is MyFitnessPal Accurate With Calories?

MyFitnessPal is for the majority of the time, very accurate with the calories. While the submissions are user-entered, MyFitnessPal has a ‘checkmark’ signaling when they know an entry is 100% accurate.

For the most part, you will find accuracy- but sometimes can be a little off.

Is MyFitnessPal Still The Best?

Yes, MyFitnessPal is still the best calorie-counting app out there. With the biggest database of food out there and an incredible interface- you’ll have no problems reaching your fitness goals.

Does MyFitnessPal Really Work?

Yes, MyFitnessPal does really work! If you eat under the calorie number, you will lose weight. And if you need to gain weight, you can just eat above the calorie number.

What Is The Best Free Food Tracking app?

The best free food tracking app is MyFitnessPal by far. Plus, it has the biggest database and handles everything for you!

Conclusion of The MyFitnessPal App Review

Overall, I highly recommend this app. While I brought up a few downsides in this MyFitnessPal App Review. The overall app is solid and I recommend it at my first choice for anybody trying to count calories.

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