Endomorph Bodybuilders [DELETE]

Endomorph Bodybuilders probably get it the worst. Did you know on average the population is made up of “51.6% endomorphic mesomorphs?” That is a stunning number, and you may be one of them and not even know it.

Endomorph bodybuilders are classified as those who struggle to struggle to lose weight and gain weight easily. On top of all of this, their bodies resist fat loss, so even when they lose weight it’s usually not fat.

This can make it incredibly tough for endomorph bodybuilders to even love the sport. While some find creatine useful, sometimes that isn’t enough. Luckily, we will be delving deep into the best ways for endomorph bodybuilders to:

  • Maximize Fat Loss
  • Lose Weight Naturally, Safely, and Consistently
  • Use workouts that support their body type
  • Identify if they are an endomorph
  • Make easy lifestyle changes to support their endomorph lifestyle
A barbell on the gym floor. Weight training is very important for endomorph bodybuilders.
A barbell on the gym floor. Weight training is very important for endomorph bodybuilders.

How Do I Know If I Am One of the Millions of Endomorph Bodybuilders?

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive way to tell if you are an endomorph bodybuilder.

Luckily for you, you can determine if you are one easily without any expensive tests.

Usually, for you to determine if you are an endomorph bodybuilder you will need to have experience with bodybuilding. By this I mean, you usually need to have around 6 months – 1 year of dieting/lifting experience before you can determine this.

This is mainly because to fall inside the endomorph range, you must exhibit certain characteristics. Let’s discuss these traits more in-depth.

Troubles Losing Weight

This is more than just simply not losing weight fast enough. This means that you have a hard time finding a number of calories to eat under every day.

I personally find myself in a way as an endomorph because of this. I have no problem gaining weight, but finding a number of calories I can actually lose weight at is hard for me.

For instance, I can bulk at 3250 calories, but will not lose weight until I eat under 1700 calories. This sucks! While I am not an endomorph, I have to eat so little to actually lose weight.

Also, this means that if you lose weight, a lot of it may be shown by muscle loss and not fat loss. Sometimes, people will lose a lot of muscle by not eating enough protein and eating too little.

You should not be in a deficit bigger than 600 calories or you will lose lots of muscle! Additionally, if you aren’t eating protein, your body will be forced to break down your muscles for protein.

This is essentially saying, even when you have a high protein diet, low-calorie restriction, you still show lots of muscle loss.

Weight loss is a very scary thing for endomorph bodybuilders and can be incredibly tough.

Trouble Building Muscle Instead of Fat

Another characteristic of endomorph bodybuilders is trouble building muscle instead of fat. For instance, let’s say you gained 4 lbs over a 4-month bulk.

That should pretty much all be muscle then, right?

A man with an incredible physique.

Unfortunately for the endomorph, probably not. The endomorph may see a significant percentage of that turn into fat instead of muscle. This delays building muscle, because now all you’ve done is gain fat.

This is a big problem for endomorph bodybuilders, your body likes to store fat. Obviously, most people want to ideally see no fat gain and only like building muscle. However, even if your caloric intake is perfect you can still see a big fat gain.

Larger Bone Structure

This is one of the biggest tell-tale ways to identify if you are one among many endomorph bodybuilders, a larger bone structure.

According to a post on glamour.com, most people aren’t big-boned. However, endomorph bodybuilders typically suffer from bigger bones and wider waists.

You can identify this larger bone structure by looking at your body. This is all normal, everybody has different body types. However, in general, if you are way taller or just, in general, have really wide hips you can fall into this category.

Proper Workout Routine for Endomorph Bodybuilders

Now that we’ve discussed how to identify if you are an endomorph bodybuilder, how can we maximize our workout routine to fix those problems?

We know that endomorph bodybuilders suffer from increased fat gain, increased muscle loss, and in general a harder time putting on muscle. So, let’s look at some things we can fix in any workout program to help the endomorph out!

Remember, no matter your workout program, there are different body types for everyone. Figuring out your body type and using it for your advantage can lead to incredible results in the weight room.

Endomorph Bodybuilders MUST Increase The Frequency At The Gym

Endomorph Bodybuilders MUST, and again, MUST increase the frequency at the gym.

Simply put, 3 days a week is not enough for the endomorph.

Remember how we talked about endomorph bodybuilders having a hard time gaining muscle and losing fat? By increasing the frequency at the gym, we can help minimize these effects.

Increasing the days you go to the gym can significantly help you if you fall into one of these dreaded body types.

A man doing a compound lift at the gym.
A man doing a compound lift at the gym.

This is simply because the more you workout: the more of your muscle is broken down, your body requires more energy and other health benefits that are great for you.

However, the biggest thing is what most call “the afterburn”. The day after you work out, your body burns more energy throughout the day because it needs more oxygen to operate.

This aids in not only weight loss if you want to start a cutting cycle, but does something incredible when you’re bulking. Due to this higher caloric requirement, your body will naturally put on less fat, and this will lead to building muscle.

Additionally, for those that are big eaters (like myself) it makes it harder for you to store fat with the reduced total caloric intake the day after.

Sample Workout Routines for Endomorph Bodybuilders

Simply put, up the frequency. Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass is an excellent program by Mount Olympia himself that appeals to the endomorph.

You can take any program you have, and fix it for your body type. Just go another day and continue where you left off. For instance, if you’re on an A/B/C split, just go A/B/C/A, then after your rest days, go to B/C/A/B.

Endomorph Bodybuilders Must Focus on Compound Lifts

Compound lifts are the bread and butter of any good workout program. However, sometimes there are days in a program that don’t have these heavy compound lifts.

Endomorph bodybuilders benefit heavily from compound lifts. These compound lifts activate massive groups of muscles in your body. When these muscles are all activated, your muscle-building hormones increase.

This all helps to counteract the increased fat gain endomorph bodybuilders fear during a bulk, or when trying to gain fat/gain weight. These muscle-building hormones will help build lean muscles.

Weight Training Exercises Recommended for Endomorph Bodybuilders

When it comes to weight training, certain compound exercises are recommended for endomorph bodybuilders.

If your program has a day where there isn’t really a compound lift, add one or replace a block with a different compound exercise.

For instance, if your arm day is just in general bicep/tricep/shoulder exercises, throw in the Overhead Press. Pull-ups/chin-ups work great here too!

If it’s a leg day, toss in the squat or deadlift. Those are both powerful weight training exercises that will help you not store fat.

Finally, if it is a chest day, the good reliable bench press will always come out as king. The incline bench press is perfect as well.

Endomorph Bodybuilder Need To Utilize High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts

During your training session, you should always be going hard. However, you need to now utilize High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your training session to help you out.

Everybody wants to build lean muscle and lose fat. Luckily for Endomorph bodybuilders, High-Intensity Interval Training is your best friend.

The great thing about HIIT workouts is that they don’t need any expensive equipment and you can do them anywhere. A quick google search can find you some crazy cool HIIT workouts to do, right now!

I recommend this basic 10 HIIT Workouts You Can Do at Home from MenJournal. These basic workouts are GREAT for beginners!

Once you get the hang of High-Intensity Interval Training workouts, it’s time to up your game. For endomorph bodybuilders, 30 minutes of HIIT training is recommended 1-2 times a week.

This HIIT training will send your metabolism reeling over the next few days, help to minimize fat gain, and it will boost your cardiovascular health. Having better cardiovascular health will benefit you in the long run with weight lifting, allowing you to lift heavier weights.

Endomorph Bodybuilders Need To Reduce Carbohydrate Intake in their Diet Plan

If you’re an endomorph bodybuilder, you likely already have a diet plan.

In general, endomorph bodybuilders have high insulin and carbohydrate sensitivity. This means, yes, the carbs probably will have to go or get reduced.

Now I’m going, to be honest, I love carbs as much as the next guy. But after I tried the keto diet for a while, you can eventually kick the habit. Unfortunately, carbs aren’t that great for you and are usually found in bad sugary foods.

If you’re looking to build lean muscle and not gain fat, consider restricting your carbohydrates and sugar. It definitely doesn’t have to be a severe cutback, but even 40-50g of carbohydrates reduced can have a huge impact.

Plus, you’ll probably see other incredible health benefits from reducing sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Healthy Fats such as Olive Oil

If you need to lower carbohydrates, increasing fat and protein is bound to happen. Consider sourcing from healthy fats such as olive oil to help your calories stay higher.

Additionally, make sure you eat a good amount of protein with every meal. Your endomorph body will thank you for it later with an increase in building muscle.

Lifestyle Changes

In general, endomorph bodybuilders have a really tough time bodybuilding. However, some of these changes need to happen outside of the gym as well.

Naturally, endomorph bodybuilders have a tendency to want to sit and relax somewhere. This is the wrong thing to do, they need to stay active and moving to keep burning fat throughout the day.

Get up and move around every now and then. Try to not sit in one place for way too long.

Staying Active While Watching TV/Playing Video Games

Something I always do is try to stay active even when watching TV or playing video games.

If I ever died in a game, I would hit a few pushups on the floor next to me. If I was watching TV, I would pause it ever now and then and walk around the house.

TV, we all like to relax, especially the endomorph bodybuilder whose body naturally forces them too.
TV, we all like to relax, especially the endomorph bodybuilder whose body naturally forces them too.

After a while, this starts to become a habit, and you’ll do it automatically. Now it is almost impossible for me to lay down for too long of a time, it just feels uncomfortable. If I end up watching TV, my body will feel sluggish if I haven’t moved in a while.

Not to mention the extra 100 calories a day your body will be burning if you do this consistently enough, but you’ll feel better. It almost in a way recharges your brain and energy.

Common Questions Endomorph Bodybuilders Have

Being an endomorph bodybuilder can be tough and confusing. So I have prepared tons of answers to questions you probably have!

Can Endomorph Bodybuilders Get Abs or a Six-Pack?

This is an excellent question! Many endomorph bodybuilders fear they can never get abs or a six-pack.

Endomorph bodybuilders are able to get abs/a six-pack! They just need to be very careful about their caloric intake and activity levels. If they eat too many carbs and sit sedentarily, those abs may go away quick.

How Do Endomorph Bodybuilders Gain Muscle?

While we covered in general lifting earlier, let us simplify this.

Endomorph Bodybuilders gain muscle by focusing on heavy compound lifts and ensuring their diet is incredibly high protein. They cannot cut corners here. Sticking with accessories or tons of carbs will see endomorph bodybuilders storing fat.

Can Endomorph Bodybuilders Get Ripped?

Of course, endomorph bodybuilders can get ripped! Sticking to a strong diet plan, High-Intensity Interval Training workouts, and compound lifts will get them ripped.

Anybody can get ripped, but the ways aforementioned help this body type the most.

This brings out the most muscle-building hormones and reduces fat building hormones. This is an easy way to get shredded for summer.

What Foods Should Endomorphs Avoid?

Endomorph Bodybuilders should, in general, try to avoid carbs. While for most it is not possible to limit carbohydrates, just the reduction helps.

You’ll notice by replacing those carbohydrates with protein and fats you will not only feel better but look better.

Can Endomorph Bodybuilders be Tall?

While there is always a rule to the exception, usually endomorph bodybuilders are not tall. Think of a short but built football linesmen or a heavyweight wrestler. Those are the types that are endomorphs. While they can be, usually taller people fall into one of the other body types.

Do Endomorph Bodybuilders Need More Cardio?

In general, yes.

Endomorph bodybuilders need more cardio to stop their bodies from storing fat. Stick with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or cardio 30 minutes a day every few days.

In case you’re wondering if cardio kills your gains, it doesn’t.

An Endomorph Bodybuilder using High Intensity Interval Training and Cardio to stop from storing fat.
An Endomorph Bodybuilder using High Intensity Interval Training and Cardio to stop from storing fat.

Do Endomorphs Have Low Testosterone?

This is a crazy good question. Actually, again, a really good question.

Endomorph bodybuilders generally have lower testosterone. The more fat someone has on their body, the lower the testosterone they have. Fat naturally reduces testosterone production in the body.

If an endomorph is able to lose more fat and keep their body fat percentage lower, they will be at normal testosterone levels.

Being an Endomorph Bodybuilder is Great!

I know this article may have hurt to read. I get it, being an endomorph bodybuilder is tough.

However, being apart of the endomorph bodybuilders actually has its upsides. Let us cover some.

Endomorph Bodybuilders Weight Loss Success Stories

There are many endormoph bodybuilders weight loes success stories.

The truth is, just ’cause you’re an endomorph doesn’t mean you have to live a life of pain.

Many endomorph bodybuilders lose weight and gain muscle, including many people on forums online. Such as these people here.

So go out and get it, you can do it king.

Endomorph Bodybuilders Are The Strongest

Yep, you heard it right.

Endomorph Bodybuilders are the strongest out of the body types. They find much more success in compound lifts such as the squat, bench press, and deadlift than any other body types.

The way endomorph bodybuilders are structured usually gives them an advantage in pushing the most amount of weight.

Endomorph Bodybuilders Recover Faster

Another great advantage of endomorph bodybuilders is the ability to recover faster. Endomorph bodybuilders love relaxing and sleeping, and so do their muscles recovering. Endomorph bodybuilders can use this to their advantage to put on muscle incredibly fast.

If you don’t know how important sleep is to building muscle, read this short post 3 Reasons Sleep is Important for Gaining Muscle.

Famous Endomorph Bodybuilders

Many say that if you’re an endomorph, tough luck. However, there have been many famous endomorph bodybuilders with INCREDIBLE physiques.

Here are some famous endomorph bodybuilder names, featuring Steve Davis and Dave Draper. Dave Draper and Steve Davis were both pro endomorph bodybuilders.

They competed at high-level competitions and even brought home the dub.

Steve Davis was one of many famous endomorph bodybuilders that competed at Mt.Olympia and IFBBB.

Steve Davis

Steve Davis was an IFBB winner at 200 lbs. This massive rock, Steve Davis was apart of bodybuilding’s golden age.

Steve Davis was an endomorph that had suffered from many of the same problems in his career. He started at 285 lbs and worked his way down to 200.

He used advantages Endomorph Bodybuilders had and competed at multiple Mt.Olympia and Mr.Universe contests.

Iron In My Hands, a book written by Dave Draper, one of many famous endomorph bodybuilders.

Dave Draper

Dave draper is another inspiring and incredible bodybuilder.

He wrote the book, Iron In My Hands, which has 80,000 words talking about weight-lifting.

If you’re an endomorph bodybuilder, seriously consider checking this out. You can see the key characteristics of endomorph bodybuilders in Dave Draper’s book cover on the right.


Being an endomorph bodybuilder has its challenges. But, with a proper workout routine, diet, and motivation, you can be on Mount Olympia and be a greek god amongst men.

So keep your head up, push that barbell, and get a smile on your face. You might just have the best body type after all!


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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say this a very detailed post. You talk a bit about doing compound lifts to help with adding muscle, so my question is, what do you think about doing bodyweight exercises? As an endomorph do we need a gym membership to lift or can we do this with a bodyweight program? I would much rather workout at home and have found some other post that discusses this (https://thetonedwoman.com/) but would appreciate your input as well. Thanks and keep up the posts!

    • Bodyweight exercises can be a fantastic substitute, the key is to make sure those bodyweight exercises challenge you and make you sweat!

      As your blog states, “any workout is better than no work-out” and that is the same in this scenario. Many endomorph bodybuilders can see incredible results via the bodyweight exercises listed at your well-written blog.

      Thank you for your input and thank you for sharing your excellent guides.

    • Yes you can do homeworkouts but make sure yor are doing compound lifts homeworkout is less effective in d sence such that there are no much of equipments available in home and in gym its relatively easy and you ll find more motivation in gyms and exchange of knowledge

  2. Awesome post! I have an endomorph body type and been doing weights for a while now and finding that reduced carbs helps and nutrition and compound lifts are best and good rest. Thanks for the support

    • Hello Michael! I am very glad to have provided a great post for you. You’re right, reducing the carbs often helps especially with compound lifts.

      I’m glad to hear another endomorph chime in here! Have a great rest of your day and stay safe during this pandemic.

  3. LOL, Steve Davis’ an endomorph? In what Universe? He’s tall and has aesthetic, triangular silhouette, typical for mesomorph. The second guy is also tall enough to not look like dwarf (but he was on steroids and IMHO didn’t look nice).
    I’m 37 yo, 5’7” 160 lbs, wide hips, small chest, short legs and long arms. I was trying to change my body and training/dieting three times a week for over two years with very weak results. Small muscle gains and still presented fat tissue, especially on the belly. I’m afraid it was waste of time and money, which I don’t have enough to throw it out. Currently, in my country, the most of the gyms are closed cause of pandemic, so I don’t workout and I seriously thinking is it worth to return to the gym when it will be possible.

    • Hello Onyx,

      Thank you for commenting, I love talking with my readers. I get what you’re saying, Steve Davis doesn’t really look like an endomorph now. But, you may be surprised to find out that he weighed nearly 300 lbs when he competed! When he was competing he leaned more towards the endomorph body type and didn’t have the triangular silhouette that you mentioned. Regardless, body types can be hard to identify and you’re not wrong at all for suspecting he may be a mesomorph.

      I noticed you said you had some problems with changing your body while training/dieting for the past 2 years. I’d argue it’s still very possible to get in good shape at your age group, if you don’t believe me or my uncle who is shredded at 45- you have to believe Jim Stoppani who is 53, does science based research, and looks absolutely shredded. I wrote about a few of his programs here if you’re interested in possibly trying them.

      Regardless, I’m interested in learning more and helping you on your journey if you’re interested. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you’d like and I can try and help out where I can.

      • It would be nice to have a body that doesn’t make you sick when you look in the mirror. But I am a bit sceptical about any possibility to change that. I’ve never seen anyone with my “genetics” (height, body type, wide hips, small clavicles, issues with thick fat tissue, etc.) that looks good and aesthetic. Every single short one guy I’ve seen has a nice and proportional silhouette, typical for mesomorph rather than endomorph.
        It’s good to underline that I am a common guy with a full-time job and less time (and money) in the week for the gym than guys on social media. It was hard to find time for the gym three times per week and now this is almost impossible because of the lockdown.

          • When I started training, I used to count calories and macros. I took measurements of my BMR, body composition, etc. on the TANITA every few months. In the beginning, my body mass dropped about 5 kilos, but my belly fat tissue was still there. Even in high school, 20 years ago and 15 kilos fewer, it was there.

            PS, maybe e-mail contact will not be that bad.

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