10 Reasons You NEED Ammonia Inhalants

You just failed a deadlift set of 325lbs. All of your friends are giggling at you because you knew you could pull it. You deadlifted 320lbs the day before, what happened? It’s because you weren’t focused enough. Here are 10 Reasons You NEED Ammonia Inhalants.

No, I’m serious. Most of the time you’re in the gym and can’t hit that crazy lift, it’s because you weren’t focused enough.

And this is coming from someone who regularly smells ammonia inhalants. I’m not sponsored by any companies. I just believe everybody should use them.

And ammonia inhalants aren’t hard to get either. They’re around $8 on Amazon. Click that Amazon link and read the reviews about that product, they are absolutely hilarious!

Ammonia Inhalants Amazon Review
Ammonia Inhalants Amazon Review

And that’s not the only funny one.

Another funny Ammonia Inhalants Amazon Review
Another funny Ammonia Inhalants Amazon Review

That’s why you find so many people taking things like C4 Sport Pre-Workout. It helps them focus and hit those crazy lifts. Ammonia Inhalants are designed to give you that explosive energy and focus to pull that.

#10, Ammonia Inhalants Aren’t Only For Lifting!

Sure, vekhayn.com is a bodybuilding site. And, truth is, the majority of this post is going to talk and discuss about ammonia inhalant use for bodybuilding and fitness.

But, sniffing ammonia inhalants isn’t only for lifting. Smelling salts for studying is another way you can use these!

We will cover more in-depth about how these incredible things work later in this post. But, truth is: your focus and concentration isn’t just limited to the guym.

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels
Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

We’ve all been there. It’s finals week, you’ve been studying all night. You’re absolutely at your wit’s end!

You haven’t been able to eat, go out with friends, play video games, and even your gym time is probably limited.

Trust me, I know this. I want to become a medical doctor as I grow up, getting good grades is important to me. I can relate to you because grades are so important to me.

But that focus can take a hard toll. Studying for hours on end, no break, spinning your wheels, drinking endless coffee/soda/energy drinks.

Sniffing ammonia inhalants may be your best friend here.

They’ve been used to wake people up that are unconscious and help people that are sleepy keep driving ’til the next rest stop.

So, you can also use this to hack your studying.

Know you only got 30 minutes left but you feel so tired? Take a sniff of the ammonia inhalants.

Suddenly, those next 30 minutes might be the most focused of your study session.

It can bring you from complete drowsiness to full alertness, just as if you slept 8 hours like a baby.

#9 – Easy to Store

You don’t need some high-tech -200 degrees Fahrenheit super freezer to store these things.

You also don’t need to wear gloves or anything like that when handling these.

Ammonia inhalants are super easy to store.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

As long as you aren’t stuffing them inside of an oven or anything you’re fine.

So, don’t leave it in your car glovebox on a hot summer’s day or anything.

Just store them like you would food. Would you leave a box of goldfish crackers sitting in your car on a hot summer day? Of course not, they will be gross.

Plus, the bottle you just unscrew the cap on it to access the ammonia inhalants. You don’t need to get your hands messy or anything at the gym.

#8 – Ammonia Inhalants Are Incredibly Safe

First and foremost, there would be no reason to ever be sniffing ammonia inhalants if they weren’t safe.

Smelling salts isn’t something new either. It’s been around since the Roman Empire.

Also, it’s estimated 80% of NFL players smell ammonia inhalants. Or nicknamed “smelling salts”.

Addiction? Impossible. Sniffing ammonia inhalants is an incredibly tough thing to do in the first place. You can see most lifters try and avoid sniffing them at first, but force themselves to do it.

Well, Tommy, if they’re so horrible… why would I ever want to do it? And are smelling salts bad for you?

Same reason you’re going to the gym 5-6 days a week on a tough program like Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass.

It’s because you’re a disciplined person that knows it will improve them. These powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongmen, and more all know it is incredibly tough and honestly sucks to sniff the ammonia inhalants.

But, they know it’s going to help them in the long run. It will help them smash their max attempt and push through.

I know the ammonia salts are going to hit harder than a 2×4 wooden plank being swung at me by a methhead. But, I also know it’ll make me pull 400lbs on the deadlift and get stronger.

“Therefore, if an individual has no pre-existing medical conditions and feels that AIs do improve their performance then there are no reasons why they may not use them in low doses.”

The International Journal of Exercise Sciences

The International Journal of Exercises Sciences is telling us there isn’t anything bad about taking these salts.

If you don’t have anything medically wrong with you, this isn’t going to add to the list.

#7 – Ammonia Inhalants/Sniffing Salts is Legal and Allowed in Powerlifting Competitions

First of all, ammonia inhalants are completely legal in the United States.

This is a common misconception. While things like anabolic steroids (tren, anabol) are illegal, ammonia inhalants aren’t illegal.

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels
Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

This is because ammonia inhalants aren’t anything that really screw with your body.

Other than giving you insane concentration for about a minute, it doesn’t change your body chemistry or anything.

Powerlifting Competitions

The only sport ammonia inhalants/sniffing salts is banned from is boxing.

But, they’re not banned because they’re harmful or anything. It’s because they thought if a boxer was unconscious after getting knocked out, he could smell salts and get back in the match right away.

They reasoned that if someone got knocked out in a match, they need to go to a hospital, not back in the ring!

But in things like powerlifting, ice hockey, and other sports ammonia inhalants are used.

I will mention this again, 80% of NFL players use ammonia inhalants. Why aren’t you?

But truth is, when people need to perform in the heat of the moment at powerlifting competitions, they rely on sniffing salts to achieve that.

At that moment to test themselves and prove themselves, they need something that can guarantee lead them to success.

Kody Sanders using Ammonia Inhalants before his lift.
Kody Sanders using Ammonia Inhalants before his lift.

#6 – Smelling Salts Directly Triggers Your Body’s Alert System

Smelling salts isn’t just something that is a “mental” thing. Sniffing Ammonia Inhalants/smelling salts directly triggers your body’s alert system.

It works like this:

When you take that deep sniff of pandora’s box, it directly irritates the “nasal mucosa”.

The nasal mucosa is responsible for defending your body from allergens and germs.

Photo by Vlad Dediu from Pexels
Photo by Vlad Dediu from Pexels

The salts affect your nasal mucosa response, directly triggering a response to your body called a “noxious reflex”.

This causes the muscles that control breathing to instantly change after you have that crazy inhalation reflex. Your body wants to reject that smell immediately.

Now that your breathing is working faster, you start to inhale more oxygen, then…

This noxious response immediately triggers your heart rate to beat faster. Secondly, it will alert you instantly. You’ll be screaming louder than the planet fitness lunk alarm.

With this increased heart rate and focus. You’ll be able to grip that bar for dear life and explode your muscles.

You’ll reach a new personal record in seconds.

#5 – Ammonia Inhalants Are Scientifically Proven Give Explosive Energy in The Gym

Sniffing ammonia inhalants isn’t broscience. If you don’t believe me, believe the scientists.

Across multiple studies, it is confirmed that ammonia inhalants give explosive energy and focus in the gym.

For instance, this recent study from 2018 proved that sniffing ammonia inhalants can increase your performance. In fact stating that in sports that require tons of “force production”, it will be super helpful.

So, simplified, sports like powerlifting, these ammonia salts will be incredibly helpful.

Photo by Mridul Pradeep from Pexels
Photo by Mridul Pradeep from Pexels

Tommy, what about the study saying there isn’t a significant improvement in athletes smelling salts?

Truth is with this study, is that in a way, it’s kind of true? Smelling salts aren’t going to make your deadlift go up by 34,585,323 pounds overnight.

It’s very likely that smelling these salts can help you get that concentration and will to pull that weight in the heat of the moment.

This can help you get a new max that you would’ve not achieved without the salts.

What this study is saying is this: Your squat won’t go up by 50 pounds. But, it can definitely have a tiny advantage, such as being able to bench press that new max.

#4 – Kody Sanders Powerlifter Uses Ammonia Inhalants To Routinely Deadlift 650lbs Everyday

Being a powerlifter, you need to stay on your game.

Kody Sanders Powerlifter uses ammonia inhalants to routinely deadlift 650 lbs, 580lbs on the squat, and bench press 400lbs every day.

I thought I was big after finally deadlifting 350 lbs, but he nearly doubles that every day without hesitation.

How does he do that? By sniffing ammonia inhalants. Before his sets, he will take a deep sniff of ammonia inhalants giving him incredible energy to pull.

Kody just started a new powerlifting website describing exactly what gear you need to get started. Check it out!

Often times me and Kody Sanders lift. He’s seen me through it all.

From my journey with anorexia, all the way to doing the Rich Piana 8 Hour Arm Workout, he’s seen it all. (and he’s helped me through 2 breakups so far, he’s a real G).

Right before this lift, Kody was sniffing ammonia inhalants. You can see the explosive energy he uses to then pull 545×4 over and over throughout the day.

Kody Sanders Uses Ammonia Inhalants in His Powerlifting Meets

When it’s time for him to prove himself to USA Powerlifting, he always sniffs ammonia inhalants before pulling the lift.

And personally, I would definitely be nervous on that stage. All of these people judging your lift, staring at you, the lights on you, you probably haven’t had a good warm-up, and all the other crazy stuff.

Not only are you nervous from everybody looking at you, but nervous you might screw up your lift.

These smelling salts help Kody focus and pull that weight like it’s a feather!

Kody’s Messages to His Fans

Your progress won’t always be forward, sometimes you’ll be hitting the gym consistently but your numbers won’t be going up and you won’t feel like you’re making progress. But, the most important thing is to keep going. Stay consistent. Any lifting sport takes time to see results, whether it be bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, or just lifting to better yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And don’t be afraid to step back and have some fun at the gym for a few weeks, sticking to a strict program can and will burn you out.

Kody Sanders, USA Powerlifter.

#3 – Even Novice Lifters Can Take Advantage of Ammonia Inhalants

Look, while I’ve been lifting seriously for a few years. I do not consider myself a big guy like Rich Piana. I mean seriously, do you know how big rich piana’s arms were?

Truth is, I’m still kind of a novice to lifting. Obviously, I do my research and a lot of people call me ‘above-average’ for physique, but I still think I got time to grow.

Truth is, most of us here are average lifters. We’re all in this long-term game to get an amazing physique, and maybe one day go onto the stage.

It’s what I want to do, bodybuilding is truly my passion.

Novice lifters like me can take advantage of ammonia inhalants.

When I first took a sniff, offered to me by none other than Kody Sanders (man I should really pay him back for all his stuff I use), instantly I felt the difference.

The smell shook me to my core. I instantly revolted and charged towards the pull-up bar.

I had some weight on with a belt and just started hammering out reps.

Mind you, this was a few hours into this workout. And I was not in the best mood (just broke up with my girlfriend roughly 3 hours earlier to that), and it still woke me up.

After all that tiredness, inability to focus, it charged me forward. I grabbed the pull-up bar, and with Rich Piana’s theme song blasting in my ear, I started hitting rep after rep.

You don’t have to be absolutely massive or anything to take advantage of ammonia inhalants. They work for everybody! Even in sports unrelated to bodybuilding.

#2 – Training Arousal Curve Theory – How Sniffing Ammonia Inhalants Triggers Fight or Flight

Hyping yourself up for a lift can be incredibly difficult.

You need to make sure you’re A) hyped up enough, and B) not hyped too much.

If you’re not hyped up at all, you will have poor concentration and focus, failing the lift.

If you are hyped up too much, you will likewise have the same effect. You will be so focused in the hype you can’t even get the strength to hit your max.

This is where sniffing ammonia inhalants come in. They trigger your fight or flight response, and this introduces the “training arousal curve theory”.

In English, the training arousal curve theory is the idea of finding that right balance to get the perfect amount of hype, then, therefore, producing immaculate focus.

The training arousal curve theory is also known as the “Yerkes-Dodson” law. It has been subject to tons of controversy ever since it was introduced.

If you look at the graph listed above, you can see the training arousal curve theory in action.

If you have a low arousal/interest your performance will be weak.

As it increases, you gain more performance. When you reach the “high” arousal/interest state, the performance is impacted.

This is because you may get more anxiety, lose focus, forget what you’re doing, or more.

So, how does this relate to Ammonia Inhalants?

Ammonia inhalants can be used to “hack” the arousal curve theory. You are taking the “Yerkes-Dodson” theory and using it to your advantage when you sniff ammonia inhalants.

When you start reaching that point of low concentration, that quick sniff can hack your fight or flight response.

Using your nose and lungs in combination with the ammonium carbonate can place you exactly where you need to be on the graph.

This allows you to explode on your next set, and growing more muscle.

Using this incredible hack, you can almost be hitting every set with 90-100% efficiency. This method can help you ignore fatigue and other things affecting your gym performance.

It’s just like how a massage can help you relax better, these salts are helping you focus better.

#1 – Sniffing Ammonia Inhalants Isn’t Addictive

People are worried about addiction. Especially in today’s day and age. Look around you, people vaping, smoking, playing video games all day, even reading social media all day.

Addiction has spread to all of us. The last thing anybody wants to do, is get addicted to another workout supplement.

Fortunately, it’s basically impossible to get addicted to sniffing ammonia inhalants. Truth is, it’s a tough process to even bring yourself to pickup the bottle.

Yes, an addiction still could hypothetically happen, but it is tough. I sniffed the bottle multiple times throughout my first day, and never had any addiction to it.

I use them sparingly, and only when I am trying to hit a new max. Though, some people may use them more frequently.

Regardless, as Jujimufu’s website says:

Jujimufu website says sniffing ammonia inhalants is like a snake biting your brain.

Jujimufu lays it out simple. It feels like a snake is biting your brain if you take a super deep sniff.

While this sounds crazy, slowly “wafting” it under your nose is what you want to do. And this will be less horrible.

This is a tool to hack your fight or flight response. There is basically no way you can get addicted to these.

No sniffing ammonia inhalants is not addictive. As jujimufu’s website says, “No it f***ing hurts! It does NOT feel good”.

There is no way you can get addicted to these. Sure, it may make you feel incredibly alert, but it doesn’t have that “crash”.

When you sniff the ammonia inhalants, it doesn’t make you want them again. It doesn’t give any headaches, fatigue, etc.

They are perfectly safe to sniff, and are not addictive.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of questions about ammonia inhalants.

They are still something that you will only find more advanced lifters using, so it’s normal to have questions about the product.

How To Use Smelling Salts?

People may be confused how to use smelling salts when they first buy it.

First of all, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT take a super DEEP BIG SNIFF. That will probably make you regret your life choices.

Open the bottle, and slowly bring it by your nose. You almost in a way have to “woft” it under your nose.

Get used to the smell a little bit and let the ammonia hit your nose.

Depending on how charged your bottle is, you may have to sniff a little bit.

Since my buddy Kody uses it a lot, the bottle isn’t always at 100% efficiency, so you might find me taking a very light sniff.

Do NOT take a big sniff, take a light sniff. At that point, screw the cap on and get that bottle out of the way.

Now go and perform your lift!

Smelling Salts Soccer?

Yes! Using smelling salts in soccer is common and recommended. If you’re still tired before heading back onto the field, feel free to take a light sniff.

It will help you stay more focused on the game, and perhaps even get that incredible goal from across the field.

This will help reduce that fatigue and get you back in the game right away.

Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia

The aromatic spirits of ammonia is a combination of ammonium carbonate and ammonia.

These can be used to wake somebody up that has fainted or is unconscious.

Plus they can be used to supercharge focus.

Best Ammonia For Lifting?

Now that you’ve decided you want to sniff ammonia inhalants, you’re probably wondering what the best ammonia is for lifting.

Here are my personal recommendations, with insight from powerlifter Kody Sanders too.

#1 – Nose Turk

Nose Turk has to be the hands down best ammonia for lifting.

Nose Turk is like a swift punch to the face that leaves you pissed off but it doesn’t linger.

Kody Sanders

Nose Turk is the most widely used ammonia inhalants. When you hear someone talking about smelling salts, it’s likely nose turk they’re talking about.

Nose Turk also has less of the “ammonia” smell right away. It comes later, so you can focus on the lift before the horrible smell hits like a train.

#2 – AHHH! by Jujimufu

AHHH! by Jujimufu is the second on this list. It has a weaker punch, but it stings and lingers longer.

I personally have used this one multiple times. Kody Sanders says it makes it harder to focus on long sets.

For me, however, it worked better, as the ammonia smell helped me focus better as it lingered way longer. It’s hard to explain, but it took my mind off of any distractions while I was lifting.

Single Use Capsules vs Bottles

So there’s a big debate between bottles and single use capsules.

Practically, the Dynarex ammonia inhalants are the most commonly used single-use capsules.

They work like this. You take them out of a small single-use package, then put them inbetween your teeth.

When you’re ready to use the single use capsule ammonia inhalant, just crack down and it will release the ammonia.

The pro to this is that the strength of the ammonia is usually very consistent.

Often times, when you use the bottles you need to recharge the bottle by shaking it or not using it for a while.

So to recap:

The single-use capsules have more consistent strength than the bottles. But try to consider the cost. The bottled form will be way cheaper than a ton of the single-use ones.

Also, ironically it’s easier to carry the bottle than the capsules.


Fact is, ammonia inhalants are going to be a great way to change your gym life forever.

Getting you that focus will not only help put on tons of muscle but get those numbers up on all compound lifts.

So, go buy some, I know you want to!

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