5 “Hands Down” Best Weightlifting Chalk (Dry & Liquid)

You’re all amped up for that new personal record. But, you’re nervous. You’re sweating profusely, you can barely grip your ammonia inhalants that are going to help you hit that max. You reach down and the bar slips out of your hand. Embarrassment. Here are the 5 Best Weightlifting Chalk to get you that new max, and no embarrassment.

And, it’s super cheap so don’t worry about it. Really, it’s only like $4.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

How Does Weightlifting Chalk Work?

Have you ever tried to grab a door-handle with lotion on your hand? It just doesn’t work, does it?

Ever try to type on your phone while you’re sweating?

How about pickup the barbell when you’re sweating?

Many deadlift personal records get all screwed up because somebody sweats too much. The sweat will make it a million times harder to grip that bar and hit the max you’ve wanted so desperately.

When you’re on a tough program like Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass, you’ll constantly be sweating in the gym.

This is namely because when the bar is actively slipping in your hand, it’s game over for you. There is not a fat chance you are gonna PR. Sad.

So, usually, you will find magnesium carbonate chalk for sale. That’s because magnesium carbonate is SUPER good at absorbing moisture.

When that moisture is gone, suddenly you can grip the bar better.

Plus, it makes it easier to hit a new max, your grip becomes almost one less thing to worry about.

Top 5 Dry Weightlifting Chalk

We will cover wet vs dry weightlifting chalk later on in this article. All of these chalks will improve your hand grip and grip strength in the gym.

But for now, since most people will be choosing dry weightlifting chalk anyways, let’s get on with it!

#1 – SPRI Chalk Block

The SPRI Chalk Block is hands down the best weightlifting chalk out there.

First of all, it’s incredibly cheap. For $4 you can get basically enough chalk to last you the entire year.

Plus, it’s no BS. It’s just straight-up chalk, no obscene expensive packaging or anything. So you’re not wasting money on any branding or anything. You’re paying for the product.

SPRI Weightlifting Chalk
SPRI Weightlifting Chalk

Secondly, it’s great chalk. I bought it myself and used it for a long time. It lets me grip the bar way better, and helped me get a crucial personal record when I was just starting lifting.

All I would say is that you’ll need a ziploc bag or something to put this in.

I, unfortunately, opened the chalk at the gym and spilled a lot of it. (I did clean it up, I am not a bad person!) From there, I put it in a Ziploc bag.

The packaging is very minimal, so if you screw up the folding, you’ll have a big mess.

But for $4, you really can’t beat it.

#2 – Rogue Chalk

Rogue Chalk is considered the best chalk in the entire industry hands down. The reason it is #2 on the list is due to its’ higher price.

With better products, it becomes a higher premium. Many people say when you use the rogue chalk, it feels like your hands are glued to the bar.

All weightlifting chalk is the same, but rogue fitness definitely did something special with this weightlifting chalk.

Rogue Weightlifting Chalk
Rogue Weightlifting Chalk

What I love most about rogue chalk is its incredible packaging. Depending on your sizes the big package will come with individual blocks.

This means you will avoid the disaster of spilling a full pound of chalk everywhere. It’s packaged very neatly, and very nice.

Obviously though, I would never risk bringing chalk anywhere without a Ziploc bag to put it in.

But, for the other blocks, they will be packaged very nicely in your room until you need them again.

Most people say rogue chalk doesn’t get “runny” when your hands start sweating. This is great, this means you don’t have to “reapply” the chalk as often as other brands.

Rogue Chalk will run you around $13. I recommend it for sure!

#3 – 321 Strong Weightlifting Chalk Ball

One of the best sellers on Amazon for all types of athletic chalk is the 321strong chalk ball.

The reason the 321 strong weightlifting chalk ball is so good is because of its’ packaging. It comes incredibly well packaged in a small ball that you can easily tighten and loosen as needed.

This comes super useful if you’re into weightlifting that involves outside workouts, at-home workouts, bodyweight workouts, or even rock climbing.

This is because the chalk is way more portable and easy to put on than chalk in a box.

Also, it makes way less of a mess. If your gym doesn’t allow chalk, first, get a new gym. (maybe not the one with the lunk alarm).

The way the ball works is that you squeeze it and it slowly pours a small amount of chalk out.

This way, it’s very controlled and doesn’t spill anywhere. Plus, the small amount of chalk will be barely noticeable on the barbell. So, nobody will be complaining about your chalk habits.

It only comes in at around $9, which is a fairly reasonable price. But the packaging is what makes this priceless.

I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re in a gym that hates on chalk users!

#4 – Gladiator Gym Gear Weightlifting Chalk

Now, I was a little wary of this brand at first. It’s a very new company, but these days I feel like a lot of new companies in the world are trying super hard to prove themselves.

If you don’t trust me, read the reviews. This is a great all around fitness chalk.

People comment that the chalk is some of the highest quality they have ever used. It is almost comparable to the Rogue Chalk from earlier.

Furthermore, they have it neatly packaged like the aforementioned 321 Strong Weightlifting Chalk ball.

So, if it’s the best of both worlds, why is it #4?

Well, I trust this new company, but it is still new. There is a chance they could change their production since I write this, or that they go under.

I recommend you take this risk if you’ve already tried a few different weightlifting chalks and want to try something new.

It also is one of the more expensive options, around $17.

#5 – Z Athletic Dry Weightlifting Chalk Balls

Z Athletic Dry Weightlifting Chalk Balls make #5 on the list. While they don’t have anything crazy good about them, they’re not a bad pick.

What makes them so unique is that you can choose multiple sizes that the chalk balls come in. This means you can get it in 1oz or 2 oz sizes.

Z Athletic Dry Weightlifting Chalk Balls
Z Athletic Dry Weightlifting Chalk Balls

This is incredibly useful if you’re into things like rock-climbing, outdoor strength-training, or you’re just super mobile in life. If you travel a lot or visit multiple gyms, this is perfect for you.

Picking the smaller sizes will ensure less of a mess if you do spill, and just less space the chalk will take up in your bag.

They are super cheap! Under $10! I highly recommend this weightlifting chalk.

Dry vs Liquid Weightlifting Chalk

Oftentimes if you’re trying to buy weightlifting chalk, you see “liquid chalk” and “dry chalk”. So, what’s the difference?

Truthfully, it’s debatable. Many say the liquid chalk gives them a better grip, but I disagree.

The main difference is how you apply them. For the dry chalk, you typically have to make a bigger mess, slap it on your hands, make a big dust cloud, etc.

The liquid chalk you just squeeze out of a bottle onto your hands.

How to apply liquid chalk

Squeezing the bottle onto your hands creates much less of a mess. And can be easier to disguise against people that hate chalk.

So, what are the cons?

Typically liquid chalk can give people a rash, has more chemicals and can take longer to “start working” if it’s colder out.

Since many of you know I live in Minnesota, oftentimes when I hit the gym at 4 AM it’s freezing out. The weight room will probably be sub 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The liquid chalk just isn’t effective then.

But, what I found interesting is this:

Many People Use Liquid and Dry Chalk Together

Many people say that if you use these two chalks together, it’s really good.

Also, many people that do rock-climbing or more outdoor use typically use them together. Although, using them together in the gym isn’t a bad idea either.

Here’s how it works:

The liquid chalk is said to give a better grip due to the alcohol drying out the hands.

Furthermore, it is said the liquid can get into more of the “cracks of your hands” and spread out further.

But, after a while, the liquid chalk almost loses its’ effectiveness. And it is strengthened by reapplying the normal chalk.

Also, if you have skin allergies or get rashes easy (like me, I have eczema), you probably will have to avoid the liquid chalk. The liquid chalk will irritate the skin greatly.

Using the two in conjunction can give you a crazy good grip.

So, let’s discuss the 5 best liquid weightlifting chalk you can purchase!

Top 5 Best Liquid Weightlifting Chalk

Now, you can buy the liquid weightlifting chalk alone or with the dry chalk.

The liquid weightlifting chalk will run you a tiny bit more money, but not much.

#1 – Fire Team Fit Liquid Weightlifting Chalk [THE BEST]

By all options out there, fire team fit liquid weightlifting chalk is THE BEST option hands down.

First of all, it’s really cheap at $10.

But, this weightlifting chalk goes ABOVE AND BEYOND.

Ever worry about getting sick at the gym? All those germs from the surfaces you’re touching? Fire Team Fit liquid weightlifting chalk is antibacterial.

Fire Team Fit Liquid Weightlifting Chalk
Fire Team Fit Liquid Weightlifting Chalk

They have hand-sanitizing properties to help kill bacteria as you weightlift.

If that’s not the “sickest” thing ever, I don’t know what is.

This chalk is said to dry faster than most other chalks.

Apparently, it is such a good chalk that someone ripped their palm skin out on a deadlift because their grip was so tight.

The only downside is that it appears to leave a little residue and be more noticeable than other liquid chalks.

If your gym owner gets angry at people using chalk, you may have to skip this one.

Lastly, the packaging is cool and it comes with a little keychain attachment. That way you can bring it with you anywhere for uses other than weightlifting.

#2 – Dry Hands Liquid Chalk

Dry Hands Liquid Chalk is going to be your best bet for liquid chalks.

For starters, it’s one of the relatively cheaper options only around $15.

I like Dry Hands due to its’ simple and clean packaging. It isn’t anything complicated, just a simple cap squirt bottle.

That means you aren’t wasting your hard-earned money on dumb branding or anything. Just a simple and to the point product.

Dry Hands Liquid Weightlifting Chalk
Dry Hands Liquid Weightlifting Chalk

Dry Hands also states it repels water and rain.

Many reviews have also stated that their liquid chalk is so good that it almost makes their hands dry instantly.

This one is also rated across multiple things other than weightlifting.

While we want weightlifting chalk, sometimes it comes useful when you’re climbing out with your buddies at a national park.

Plus, many reviews on Amazon back Dry Hands Liquid Chalk as great chalk for barbells. Most say it is unnoticeable that they used chalk, so the gym owners won’t get mad at them.

#3 – Midas Liquid Weightlifting Chalk

Midas Liquid weightlifting chalk is a perfect liquid choice.

First of all, it is one of the best sellers on Amazon, if that tells you anything.

Secondly, it’s relatively cheap around the $10 price point.

What I love most about this chalk is that it is really high-quality chalk at a low price. Plus it is antibacterial.

In a way, it’s a budget option compared to #1. As it is really cheap for the amount of liquid chalk you get.

Many rock-climbers recommend this and say they often do not have to reapply this chalk often.

If you’re sick of carrying around chalk everywhere, give this one a shot!

#4 – Friction Labs Secret Stuff Chalk

The reason I picked friction labs secret stuff weightlifting chalk is simple.

It comes with two versions, one with alcohol and one without alcohol.

If you lift long enough, you are bound to get injured at some point. It doesn’t have to be a broken arm or anything, but it could be a simple cut on the hand.

Alcohol hurts like a 500-ton semi-truck crashing into your living room if it touches any cut on your hand.

This is namely because in a way its ‘sanitizing’ the area.

With that knowledge, you can buy an alcohol-free version of the chalk if you have a cut open hand or if your skin is irritated by it.

Plus, the alcohol-free version seems to be incredibly effective compared to other liquid chalks without it.

While I personally have not tried the alcohol-free version, many reviews say the liquid chalk is basically the same as the alcohol version.

This is something many companies screw up on. But since they offer both, it seems they care a lot about their customers.

It’s not the cheapest around $20, but sometimes that premium is worth it.

#5 – SPRI Liquid Chalk

If you remember from above, I recommended the SPRI dry chalk. SPRI is a good brand that is reputable and used by thousands every day.

The reason they place so low is because there’s nothing “special” about their chalk. That doesn’t mean they are a bad brand however.

SPRI liquid chalk is incredibly reliable and used by many for weightlifting, gymnastics, and more.

Some people don’t like it, some people love it. Truth is, it’s your standard run of the mill liquid chalk.

It’s basically if you’re just looking for some liquid chalk to get the job done. You venture into the other brands depending on how effective your chalk currently is and other small factors.

Buying this chalk is like buying a honda civic. There’s nothing too “special” about the car, but it’s going to be reliable and get you to work and back every day.

Sure, you aren’t street racing with it or anything, but it works, right?

Same thing with this chalk. It’s not incredible, it doesn’t have superhuman strength ability, but it’s chalk that is bottom-line going to work for you.

I highly recommend it if you’re just looking for liquid weightlifting chalk that gets the job done.

FAQ about Weightlifting Chalk

Many people have tons of questions about weightlifting chalk and I can’t blame them. There’s so many variables to it, and no weightlifting chalk I’ve ever bought has had an “instruction manual” with it.

So here are some commonly asked questions, that I am here to answer for you!

Weight Lifting Chalk Alternatives

If you’re looking for weight lifting chalk alternatives, I got a few.

Unfortunately, if you look this up, most people just say “get liquid chalk”. Well, that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for!

The best weight lifting chalk alternatives are this: Certain Dri. Certain Dri is a prescription-grade antiperspirant that I have been using to fix my incredible sweat.

I sweat like a pig on a farm. Certain Dri helps stop that sweating. Just apply it on your hands overnight with the roll-on function. I wrote a whole detailed post about it here if you want to learn more.

Certain Dri Bottle, Drysol Alternative
A bottle of Certain Dri, the best Drysol alternative.

It will stop the sweat from even leaving your hands. That way you won’t get all clammy at the gym.

But it is definitely a life saver for me.

How To Carry Gym Chalk

So, many weightlifting chalks or “gym chalks” are going to come in bags/bottles/boxes.


Let me tell you. I have my own brand that I sell called Vekhayn. Just a simple small logo of my website on it that I love to wear.

I also have a gym bag with the logo. The last thing YOU want in your full black gym duffel bag is a whole bunch of white spilled chalk.

It’s basically impossible to clean out. It will ruin everything.

Take my advice now. If this is the one thing you listen to me about in this blog post, it’s this.

PUT YOUR CHALK IN A ZIPLOC BAG. THEN PUT A BIGGER ZIPLOC BAG OVER IT. It doesn’t have to be Ziploc, just resealable.

This isn’t something you want to play around with. Reopening two Ziploc bags is a million times better than trying to wash chalk out of your duffel bag.

Take it from me, please.


Between dry and liquid weightlifting chalk, both will make a considerable improvement in your lifting.

I recommend trying both and even trying them together to really maximize your lifting.

Please let me know if you have a preferred chalk type in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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