Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement: Scientifically Proven?

Recently the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine was added to planet fitnesses across the world. You get to use it if you have a black card. But, is this machine real? Or fake?

Well, I spent hours of research trying to figure out this machine. In fact, I wanted to prove Planet Fitness wrong! Turns out, it’s scientifically proven. Let’s discuss everything about it.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Before and After Pictures

Well, honestly, I thought this whole thing was just a big sham. Another way for planet fitness to extort money off of its members.

Take a look at these planet fitness total body enhancement before and after pictures and tell me it’s fake.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Before and After Pictures, provided by Wunsch, Alexander, and Karsten Matuschka. at
Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Before and After Pictures, provided by Wunsch, Alexander, and Karsten Matuschka. at

Those are real images. On the left-hand side, there is a 64 year old female exposed to energizing light technology. We see a massive difference in her skin over 30 days. Her skin elasticity is radically different, in a good way.

Many of her wrinkles have gone away, and her skins look away better.

On the right-hand side, we see someone exposed to Red Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy is what the planet fitness total body enhancement machine uses.

Over 30 days we see the 41-year-old female have improvements to her skin.

While these improvements were not as exciting as the one on the left, they were there nonetheless.

We see many wrinkles go away and her skin looks less weathered. Overall, most of the fine lines went away.

Will Planet Fitness Add Other Light Therapies?

This may suggest planet fitness could add energizing light therapy in the future as another body enhancement machine.

Additionally, the image on the left may be skewed due to the woman’s older age. She, in general, has more wrinkles that can go away compared to the woman on the right.

These planet fitness total body enhancement before and after pictures are real. They were taken via a study trying to see the benefits of different light therapies. You can view this medical study and everything in it by clicking here.

So that is some of the visual benefits let’s talk about the other benefits the planet fitness total body enhancement box can give you.

What Exactly is Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement?

Well, the planet fitness total body enhancement machine is available in a popular gym called planet fitness.

You can only access this if you are a black card member, which is their highest membership.

It uses red light therapy to provide tons of benefits. While the planet fitness gym has these benefits listed, we will see if they’re real or not. So here’s what they say happens:

  • Full Body Exercise & Toning System
  • Powered Exercise & Vibra-Shape Technology
  • Helps work muscle groups: Legs, Arms, Abs, Glutes
  • Firms & Tones the Body
  • Helps Reduce Stress
  • Energizing 12 Minute Workout

However, some people even say there are more benefits to this machine. Many people such as “LovinDebs Fit50s” uploaded a video saying this machine helps weight loss and reduces inflammation!

In fact, I recommend watching her video because she documents in-depth what it is like going in that machine and gives advice for what she does.

Including how it’s burning fat and helping her towards her fitness goals!

LovinDebs Fit50s – Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Machine video talking about weight loss.

More information about the machine.

The machine uses red light wavelengths at 620-700nm on the spectrum.

The machine gives off a body vibration using a vibrating plate. It’s only 12 minutes and in a way can be compared to tanning beds.

However, they are radically different because this machine is way safer! We will cover that later in this article.

How Do You Use The Body Enhancement Machine At Planet Fitness

Using the planet fitness total body enhancement machine is actually really simple. “Positively Mommy” on YouTube made an excellent and short video explaining how to get it setup.

Positively Mommy explaining how to use the planet fitness total body enhancement machine.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Do You Wear Clothes?

This is a great question. Many people when they are getting into this scary machine wonder this.

In general, many people wonder: do you wear clothes during red light therapy?

Actually, what’s super interesting is that if you try to look this up, you get different answers everywhere. So I’m here to set the record straight:

For those asking: planet fitness total body enhancement do you wear clothes? The answer is no. Whatever you want to be treated should not be exposed to the light!

Generally, most people can just wear underwear inside the machine. Just bring a towel or something if you want to sit. Also, wear clothes to cover up things you don’t want the light to hit.

What Are The Benefits of Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness?

Let’s discuss some scientifically proven Benefits of Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness.

Really, the machine is just a fancy name for “Red light therapy”. So, if you want to do your own further research, search up red light therapy benefits.

Skin Treatment and Anti-Aging Benefits

As proven in the science article earlier, Red Light Therapy can have incredible skin treatment and anti-aging benefits.

This red light therapy provides a safe and non-intrusive way that provides skin treatment with people overall being satisfied with the changes.

Nobody is really upset about how their skin looks after, which is a good thing.

Increases Wound Healing and Skin Repair

According to a scientific study, “Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as an Effective Therapeutic Modality for Delayed Wound Healing” this Red Light Therapy can be effective for wound healing and skin repair.

The study cites that it can help wound healing and the body’s ability to repair tissues.

However, the problem is that it’s not as effective as other methods in modern medicine.

So while it works, it’s not as good as something your doctor can give you.

Slow-Healing Wounds

Got diabetic foot ulcers? Apparently, red light therapy can help boost the healing of that. Along with many other slow-healing wounds.

Any of those wounds that are super slow healing just suck to have. And if you have the membership, why not try it?

There’s apparently no harmful effects of red light therapy. So 12 minutes in may speed up days of pain.

Helps Joint Health

As this is a bodybuilding blog, I personally have felt the effects of the heavy lifting on all of my joints.

Across many different studies, red light therapy was found to “stimulate collagen production” in joints.

Additionally, less joint pain was noticed after hopping in one of these bad boys.

So, it may be worth a shot, especially if you just hit a squat max.

Helps Those With Alopecia Grow Hair

Have alopecia or patchy hair loss? This may help you!

According to a medical study in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, “Patients in laser scanner group had better results and showed a higher increase in terminal hair density compared with laser hat group”.

This is crazy! Everybody these days begs for their hair to grow back. And that’s not a bad thing.

The problem is, there aren’t a lot of ways to help get that hair back or fix baldness.

Yet, the planet fitness total body enhancement machine may just be your best bet for having a little more hair on your scalp!

Helps Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pains

Trust me, I write thousands of words a week for this blog. I’ve also been video-gaming for a decade.

But truth be told, weight-lifting really aggravates my carpal tunnel syndrome.

So if what they’re saying is true, I can get short-term relief from my constant wrist pain/numbness? Sign me up!

Reverse Aging Effects and Makes Your Skin Look Better

We already mentioned this before in the article, but seriously, we need to cover it again.

Everybody always talks about how they want to look young. 12 minutes a day to take 5-10 years off how you look?

I’m surprised the planet fitness total body enhancement machine isn’t more popular! Says It Reduces Pain

That’s right, NASA itself endorses red light therapy.

NASA did a study examining pain relief using these different wavelength technologies in cancer patients. 96% of these patients found pain reduction and relief.

If you’ve read my About Me page, you’d know I studied in an oncology lab when I was a little kid. I learned a lot and knowing that this technology can take away some of the incredible pain these patients experience is great.

Truth is, cancer sucks, and if this new technology can help reduce the pain, imagine what it may be able to do in a few decades!

What Do Users of The Machine Say?

We just covered a whole bunch of benefits proven by science above, but what do users of the machine say about it?

Many people on Reddit say things like, “I noticed some redness in my face afterwards, but also I did feel reasonably relaxed afterwards, so that was nice”.

However, a bigger thread by /u/immersive-matthew discusses how they had incredible sleep problems after using the machine.

They went into detail about how they would have sleepless nights, and when they stopped using the machine it went away. Then when they used it again, another sleepless night.

People in the comments suggested they were just really good at receiving the light, but if you have any side effects, stop using it.

What Do Experts in Light Therapy Say?

There are many experts in light therapy that claim the benefits of this machine. While some of them have the science to help prove what they say, be wary of their message. states that it enhances muscle recovery and increases your performance in the gym! So 12 minutes means you’ll kill a workout? Not a bad deal in my book.

Burning Fat? Yes or No?

Many people have said that the light “punctures” fat cells in the body supporting fat loss.

The creators of beauty angel have said their range of wavelength is NOT suitable for burning fat cells. However, they stated in a medical study using their wavelengths vs a control-group, the one under red light therapy lost more fat.

So maybe there’s something about burning fat we scientifically don’t know about? Or maybe it’s just a chance.

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) Production?

Some research has come out stating that the machine is able to stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production in the body.

This grants more cellular energy to fuel your workout. While the case isn’t clear yet, it may be worth a shot to try it out!

Total Body Enhancement Pros and Cons

Let’s cover some of the total body enhancement pros and cons. I made it into a quick bullet point list.


  • Scientifically proven to boost your skin health.
  • Only 12 minutes of your time.
  • A great way to just chill out.
  • It can reverse hair loss.
  • Reduces pain and reduces inflammation.
  • It helps joint health.
  • It helps wounds heal. (even paper cuts!)
  • If you already have the black card membership, there’s not a reason to not use it.


  • You need a black card membership for it.
  • The benefits are little. While there are benefits, for most of the benefits there are better ways to obtain them via your local doctor’s office.
  • Not everybody can use it. (covered later in the article)
  • Some people experience bad side effects from the machine.

The Machine’s Secret Name – The Beauty Angel

If you’re wondering what the planet fitness total body enhancement machine is actually called, you’re in for a surprise. The Beauty Angel is the beautiful name gifted to this machine.

As a religious man, I like it. But, in general, that name is beautiful. In fact, why did they have to call it the planet fitness total body enhancement machine? The Beauty Angel sounds a thousand times better.

The machine at planet fitness is called the “Beauty Angel RVT 30”. So if you see that model name, you now know why!

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Before or After Workout?

This is a really good question. Do you use the planet fitness total body enhancement before or after a workout?

Truth is, there are benefits to both.

If you use the machine before your workout you can be more energized, have a little warm-up stretch, and get it out of the way for your daily workout.

If you use it after your workout, it’s a great way to relax after your exercise, helps boost muscle growth, and reduce inflammation in your joints + muscles.

Personally, I choose to use it after my workout. My workouts go super hard because I use Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass, so I am usually just covered in sweat and need to cool down before driving home. It provides a nice way to just cool down and relax.

Eye Protection?

Many people wonder if you need eye protection for the machine. The answer is blurred. Truth is, you don’t need eye protection, but I highly recommend it.

Many planet fitness locations require you to wear eye protection even if the gym’s rules don’t make you. It’s just one less risk if you’re wearing eye protection. Most places sell eye protection for the machine.

Side Effects

There aren’t any medically recognized big side effects for using the planet fitness total body enhancement machine.

However, some people have reported:

  • sleeping problems
  • vertigo/nausea
  • dizziness
  • weird mood/anxiety after

Overall, you should be fine after using this. There are generally no side effects, but if you feel any side effects, stop using it.

Tanning Beds vs Red Light Therapy

There have been a lot of misconceptions across the internet. Red Light Therapy is very different than tanning beds and in fact, is way safer.

Tanning beds use UV light, the same stuff the sun gives off. When you’re blasting this against your skin, your chances for skin cancer go way up.

That’s why you really don’t see tanning beds in use anymore, people generally don’t like getting cancer.

However, red light therapy such as the planet fitness total body enhancement machine uses is way safer. This is because it produces wavelengths that are harmless to you and have no known side effects.

That’s one of the good things about this machine. You can use it without the fear of getting cancer or anything bad for you. In fact, NASA uses it on cancer patients to reduce their pain.

Who Can’t Use Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement?

While the planet fitness total body enhancement is awesome, not everybody can use it. Here are some restrictions on it.

  • Pregnant women.
  • People who weigh over 300lbs.
  • Pacemaker users.
  • People that generally have problems with light such as epilepsy.
  • Individuals that have had recent surgery.
  • People on medications that make them more prone to pass out or other effects.

If you’re on a lot of medication, please consult your doctor before using this.

Total Body Enhancement Programs

There are four total body enhancement programs. The VibraShape platform that provides body vibration in the machine is super easy to use.

Just press the button that looks like feet when you’re in the machine. It then picks four different modes to get your workout started. These total body enhancement programs all have different benefits:

  • Level 1:
    • “Feel great” program. It improves flexibility and relaxes muscle with smooth vibrations.
  • Level 2:
    • Supposed to enhance muscle tone via heavier vibrations.
  • Level 3:
    • Strengthens muscles with high-intensity vibrations.
  • Level 4:
    • Mixed cycle targeting all muscles.

While there’s no science for the vibration part, sometimes it can just be relaxing to have some vibration on your muscles. It’s sort of like a massage.

Total Body Enhancement Bodybuilding

Since we love bodybuilding over at Vekhayn, it’s important to talk about how we can use this for bodybuilding.

Using our knowledge gained in this article, we can use the planet fitness total body enhancement machine to boost our bodybuilding careers.

I would simply use it after every workout. This will especially help you if you’re an endomorph bodybuilder. This will give you a cooldown time after your workout.

This 12 minute window will allow you to get that protein shake in immediately and cool down. This machine will relieve some of your joint pain and inflammation, allowing your body to regrow your muscles better.


So all in all, the planet fitness total body enhancement machine may not be so bad after all.

While it isn’t a fountain of youth, it has many scientifically proven benefits that can help anybody that’s using it.

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  1. …”.While there is no science for the vibration part.”…. What???? PLEASE do more research in the medical literature. Starting with the Mayo clinic, and on to NASA, positive effects for the use of therapeutic whole body vibration treatment are well documented. It’s this red light therapy that seems novel.

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      I appreciate you writing in, and I will certainly revise the article to give more up-to-date and in-depth information to my readers. This article is a good reminder to us all that science is always evolving, and something that had no science a few years ago now has a lot more research discussing it and this can change the way we do things in 2022, compared to the 2019 publication of this article.

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