Anytime Fitness Cost (Exact Numbers and Plans!)

In the pursuit of gyms, I managed to find out the tons of different packages that Anytime Fitness offers its’ customers. Unfortunately, the prices really aren’t public- and I’m not sure why. Truthfully, the pricing will vary location-to-location, but I went to many different Anytime Fitness gyms to find the true Anytime Fitness cost.

If you don’t have time to read the full article, here’s what you need to know: Prices will average at around $40/month, there are some student/first responder packages, the anytime fitness pass works everywhere (so shop around for the best prices/deals!), and they do participate in Active and Fit Direct. (which will save you hundreds!)

So let’s get into it, and examine the REAL anytime fitness cost.

Anytime Fitness Cost will vary location to location.
Anytime Fitness Cost will vary location to location.

The Anytime Fitness Cost Varies Location to Location (Franchises)

The first thing you need to know is that the Anytime Fitness cost varies location to location. This is because Anytime Fitnesses are franchises, so they’re usually independently owned.

This means it’s not a uniform corporate price, and the gym owner can set their prices accordingly.

This is a good and a bad thing.

One gym near me charged $80 a month, and the other charged $40 a month. Without going to both and haggling a bit, I would’ve been paying nearly double!

This also means you could find a gym owner that only charges like $30/month. In my instance, my friends all got a deal where they only have to pay $30 a month for their Anytime Fitness membership. (although, they have a restricted membership where they cannot use the hydromassage)

So my advice to you: visit many different Anytime Fitnesses in your area and try to find the best deal.

Since the key fob works at every single location, pick the location that charges you the least, and you’ll still be able to go to that expensive gym without having to pay their fee.

That’s kind of hard to explain, so I’ll try to explain it better. If you pay $30/month at one Anytime Fitness, and you go to a completely different Anytime Fitness that normally charges $80/month- it will still let you in, but you don’t have to pay the fee there. So you save money, but you will still have the same access to the gym.

Official Anytime Fitness Cost From Corporate

So, I managed to get ahold of the official anytime fitness cost from corporate. Here are how their ‘standard’ plans work.

Do keep in mind that these can change, especially with the pandemic right now, this can be different. I do know that at the time of writing this, they are working on adding a new way to pay bi-weekly (so you pay twice a month instead of once a month) to make the gym membership a little easier to pay for people with lower incomes. (ie: you can pay $20 every payday instead of $40 at the end of the month).

The Corporate Plans

Please note these aren’t ‘official’ and Anytime Fitness does not list these prices publicly. And again, it can vary location to location, but at the time of writing this, this is what Anytime Fitness instructs their franchises to offer to customers.

  • ~$35/month if signed with an 18-month contract.
  • $40/month if signed with a 12-month contract.
  • $50/month if signed with a 6-month contract.

Unfortunately, those plans aren’t pretty. While the anytime fitness cost itself is low, the 18-month contracts aren’t great. Especially considering most SNAP Fitnesses don’t require you to sign a contract that is 18 months or whatever but are similarly priced, I don’t recommend going with those plans.

So if I don’t recommend those plans? What should you do? Well, Anytime Fitness does have a few ‘special plans’ that you should inquire into.

Student Plan Anytime Fitness Cost

Many Anytime Fitnesses have a student plan, which is actually like incredible.

It charges you around $30/month, you get 24/7 access, access to all gyms- but you can’t use the hydromassage/tanning bed/whatever other special machines they have.

So this is like the ‘barebones’ package. It works if you’re a bodybuilder like me that just wants to focus on the weights, but not any of the other stuff.

Sure, a hydromassage and some of the classes aren’t bad. But I really am just there to pick up some heavyweight and focus on building muscle- not much else.

In this case, the student plan works out really well. $30/month with a no commitment contract certaintly aint bad for a 24/7 gym. In fact, I would say that’s fairly hard to beat.

Be careful though, not all Anytime Fitness locations offer this- and you do have to be a student. (high school/college)

First Responder/Medical Discount

Anytime Fitness does offer a first responder/medical discount! It’s different, but you can usually take the anytime fitness cost for any plan and subtract roughly $5-7 from it.

The weird thing is there’s not really an ‘exact’ deduction they take, it’s some weird percentage? But it ends up taking like $5 a month off or so.

If you’re a first responder or anything medical/Heroes like that- definitely ask, and it can save you a ton of money on the membership.

Active and Fit Direct Plan

The cheapest way to get into Anytime Fitness is buy utilizing the Active and Fit Direct Plan.

If you haven’t read my Active and Fit Direct review post, go and do that right now. Your insurance company may offer you a gym membership for as low as $25/month and you’ll get access to gyms across the whole country.

It worked out well for me, I didn’t have to sign any commitment contract or anything and a steal of a gym membership deal.

Family Plan

Anytime Fitness does actually have a few different dual/family plans. In my experience the family plan ends up charging around the same for each person though., so it’s not really worth it.

My friend who did the family plan was charged $30/person/monthly under 18, and $45/person/monthly for each person above 18.

So…while there is a family/dual plan. You’re not really saving much.

There is an ‘Annual Fee’

As far as I know there is an annual fee to most of the Anytime Fitness locations.

I’ve seen some people online claim it is nearly $400/year, but at my location, they claimed it was only $40 every year. Ask your gym about what the annual fee is and see if it’s something you’re comfortable with.

It seems this is a fee that varies location to location, so be careful.

Don’t Get Scammed!

The average Anytime Fitness cost for any membership is going to be like $40/month. Don’t get scammed by anything way more than that.

Earlier I mentioned that one Anytime Fitness was trying to charge me $80/month for an 18-month contract. What??????????????????

Look, I run my own business. I know that them trying to force people into contracts like that for absurd rates is just treating your customers like idiots.

Don’t just settle at one rate for Anytime Fitness (unless it’s really cheap/you’re good with that deal) and visit many other gyms in the area to see the cheapest rates.


Anytime Fitness will really depend on each individual location, so I highly recommend calling ahead of time or visiting multiple areas to get a good deal.

It saved me from paying $80/month at an Anytime Fitness scamming their members. And my buddies were able to score a sweet $30/month deal without any 18-month contract.

So ask around and make sure you aren’t getting scammed.

But overall, Anytime Fitness is a pretty good gym, I have no complaints so far. Let me know what deal you got in the comments!

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