Best Nasus Skins

I have absolutely fallen in love with The Curator of The Sands. What is there not to love about the dawg that scales infinitely with DCANE?

Plus, nothing is better than laning against someone that constantly mastery flashes and emotes and just farming until you one-shot them.

I mean, max level Wither and 500 stacks makes a lot of those annoying mastery flashers shut up real quick.

And then, nothing is better than just crushing their top lane and taking 5 turrets and their nexus all in one fell swoop and securing the win for your bot lane that has a combined 2 kills and 17 deaths.

So, here are the best Nasus skins to make sure you are moving with style on the rift.

The BEST Nasus Skins, Ranked!
The BEST Nasus Skins, Ranked!

#1 – Infernal Nasus

  • Price: 1820 RP
  • Most favored Nasus skin out there.
  • Snoop Dogg

Infernal Nasus is hands down the best Nasus skin out there. Look, personally, it’s not my favorite- but it is basically everybody else’s favorite skin.

It’s hard to not love considering the iconic Snoop Dogg dance that Nasus does with the boombox.

This skin is incredible. It’s basically Nasus turned into fire. Everything turns from the typical blue to this chaotic but beautiful red hue. It’s almost like ‘hell’.

When Nasus ults, he gains three heads and charges through with this raging infernal chaos surrounding him.

My favorite, and what most people like, is the awesome voice lines.

Ever play World of Warcraft or Hearthstone? Does Ragnaros sound familiar to you? Or- “BY FIRE BE PURGED!”?

Most people can recognize that famous saying. And I’ll be honest, nothing is better than ulting in a big 1v3 and hearing Nasus roar, “BY FIRE BE PURGED” as you slam down a Q and instantly turn their ADC’s screen gray.

Now, if you’ve been around the League world a bit, you may recognize that this skin also became very popular due to the famous Cotton Eye Joe Nasus vid- I’ll let you watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.

The only drawback to this skin is that the ‘Q’ animation is somewhat funky. That’s personally why I don’t like it, I really like skins that feel smooth and buttery.

But, don’t worry. The animation is somewhat funky but it is still very playable. This really only applies if you’re SUPER PICKY about how smooth a skin’s animation is. (see: riven players)

#2 – Lunar Guardian

  • Price: 1350 RP
  • The best bang for your buck Nasus skin. Complete overhaul of Nasus.
  • ‘Super-Saiyan’ Nasus

Lunar Guardian Nasus is hands down the second-best Nasus skin. It ranks #2 on our best Nasus skins list for good reason!

Firstly, lunar guardian Nasus has incredible chromas that really make this guy look awesome.

If you’ve read my yorick skins review, you’d know that I really dislike yellow.

Because of that, the chromas really make the skin appealing to me. They turn Nasus from yellow to a red demon that terrorizes the map. It’s very similar to the Infernal Nasus skin.

Furthermore, his skin feels so smooth. Everybody on the Nasus Mains subreddit agrees that the animations are just smoother on lunar guardian.

Not only that- but ulting on this skin is literally akin to going Super Saiyan.

Lunar guardian Nasus is also ranked the best Nasus skin for the incredible voiceover. It is a deep and haunting voiceover that turns Nasus into a demigod.

Furthermore, the entire skin is redone. Nasus’ E animation is changed and shows a big scary Egyptian dog on the map, and his champion radiates blinding sun energy everywhere.

From the incredibly holy and chambering voice over to the incredible animations and GFX, you have to buy this skin.

Plus, you get an upgraded recall animation where you create this wall of seems to be heaven with a picture of you (Nasus) guarding it. It’s pretty intense.

This skin is worth every penny and really is considered the ‘best’ skin for Nasus out there.

I mean, from just your all of your abilities having a sweet new look to ulting and exploding with yellow heavenly flares as you smash down everything in your path and go super saiyan- this skin is perfect everywhere.

Personally, if I had the choice- I would make this skin #1 on this list. But, the infernal nasus skin is just so iconic.

My point is- both the Lunar Guardian Nasus and Infernal Nasus just are hands down the best skins you can buy on this dude. You won’t regret either. The Lunar Guardian skin was released more recently, so it is a bit more modern.

I think this is the best skin to buy on Nasus if you’re really trying to get the best ‘bang for your buck’. You just get everything redone in this skin.

#3 – Worldbreaker

  • Price: 720 RP
  • Good skin with pretty hues.
  • Worldbreaker skin line.
  • Not too flashy but not too shabby.

Worldbreaker is the 3rd best Nasus skin on this list. It was a hard toss up between Archduke and Worldbreaker, but the archduke skin is more of a ‘joke’ skin than a ‘serious’ skin.

It’s hard to explain, but archduke Nasus fills more of a ‘niche’ of league players. The skin is more of a ‘joke’ skin- it’s similar to Meowrick on Yorick- you usually won’t pick it unless you’re looking specifically for a funny skin.

But, the Archduke Nasus skin is not as bad as Meowrick, and is actually pretty alright- but we will discuss that in its section respectively.

Worldbreaker Nasus is a good “mid-range” skin. The skin is certainly a cool upgrade from the base Nasus skin, but it doesn’t have any of the crazy flair Lunar Guardian or Infernal Nasus does.

First of all, Nasus retains the blue theme, although it is a much darker blue. I really like how the colors look and blend, it looks really pretty on the Rift. But, he also gets this awesome-looking ‘Worldbreaker’ outfit.

The idea of the world breaker skins is actually quite interesting.

Nasus is the ‘fourth titan’ to hold the power of the world in his hands.

His staff resembles that, as his normal cane turns into this world creating/ending ‘rotor’. I don’t know, but it’s cool.

His main body also changes into a ‘titan’- resembling base Nasus with a ton of armor.

Other than that though- not much on the skin changes. Most of the abilities largely remain the same and there’s not much else to the skin.

This skin is only 750 RP, so it’s far cheaper than the other skins. Although, it was released when I started playing League back in 2016- so it’s kind of modern.

You have to realize this was released far before Lunar Guardian stole the show, so this skin used to be a big deal.

While I can’t say I recommend you buy it instead of Lunar Guardian or Infernal (unless you really like the Worldbreaker series), if you get it in a chest or a my shop and you like the look of it- it’s certainly not a bad skin for a few bucks.

#N/A – Pharaoh Nasus

  • Price: 520 RP
  • Nasus is a Pharaoh of Egypt
  • You either LOVE or HATE this skin.

This skin is unranked on our list. And you may be thinking, “what does that even mean?”.

Well, Pharaoh Nasus is a skin that you either LOVE or HATE. There’s no in-between. It fits a very specific niche of people.

I can’t in good faith put a number on this skin because the people that wear it swear by the fact that it’s the best skin in the whole game, and the people that don’t like it think it is dog water.

(I may be biased in the fact I LOVE the skin, but whatever)

So, the idea is that Shurima is Egypt. And if you don’t follow Egyptian mythology, you should. (Read this fiction book about it, you’ll get hooked- by the same guy who made Percy Jackson)

Anyways, the idea is the Pharoh is the ‘president/emperor’ of Egypt and the Gods are on his side. Everything about it is so cool, like how they built Pyramids and stuff just to honor their Pharaohs- it’s all crazy cool stuff.

The best part is that when Nasus ults, he is like a Pharoh and using his godlike energy given to him by perhaps Ra, Osiris, and Horus and changes his Pharoh outfit from the traditional yellow and blue to a scary black and yellow suit.

Like I said, if you’re super into the Egyptian mythology stuff, you will fall in LOVE with the skin.

Riot did a good job of incorporating a lot of the mythology into the game in such a simple skin. But, if you don’t really care for the Egyptian stuff, you’ll probably just think the skin is useless.

#4 – Space Groove Nasus

  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Goofy skin, space groove theme.
  • All animations and stuff overhauled, good skin.

Space Groove Nasus is, personally, a skinlike that I don’t like. But, I think they did a good job on executing it on Nasus.

The whole idea is that a puppy is in a mech suit controlling Nasus, which is kind of funny.

This skin is really oriented towards the people that like the whole space groove-themed skins they’ve been doing.

Color-wise, Nasus gets a dark green-light green hue change. It doesn’t look bad, and he gets upgraded animations, voiceovers, and a new recall.

I like how the E animation is kind of like a retro-style vinyl record disc that spins.

But, I dislike that it is kind of hard to clearly see a lot of the animations or colors on the skin.

Most of the animations are pretty transparent compared to other skins on this list, so I feel like during team fights it can get kind of confusing seeing exactly what Nasus is doing.

Regardless, this skin has a complete overhaul for anything. This skin is best suited for people that like the space groove theme, or would like to play as a puppy in a mech suit.

It’s certainly not a bad skin, but if you’re looking for something more aggressive, I’d look elsewhere.

This skin also has a TON of chromas, so if you don’t exactly like the green theme, you can change it. It’s nice how the chromas change the color of his cane too, so you’re not just changing how Nasus himself looks.

#5 – Archduke

  • Price: 750 RP
  • Skin features Nasus as an Arch duke, PIMP CANE.
  • Nasus dresses fancy, but otherwise- meh.

Archduke is a funny nasus skin. It’s kind of one of those ‘joke’ skins- but it’s actually pretty well designed for what it’s worth.

Archduke Nasus is an ‘Archduke’. Which, I didn’t really know what that was- but apparently the story goes that Nasus was bullied by his peers when he was younger and now he is above them all. Interesting.

He is dressed in a snazzy fit with a nice blue overcoat. He looks incredibly fancy. The cool thing is that Archduke Nasus has a ‘pimp cane’- which a lot of people find funny.

Aside from that, there isn’t much else about this skin. No other particle effects or anything.

I don’t really think the skin is worth the buy compared to the other skins, unless you really like the skin and how it looks with the suit. If you don’t have a specific reason to buy it- I’d skip it.

#6 – K9

  • Price: Legacy, only obtainable through chests/my shop.
  • Nasus becomes a K9, which is a dog police officers use to chase criminals.
  • Good skin for those interested in law enforcement.

K9 Nasus is one of the oldest skins in the game. It’s one of the legacy skins, so you can’t buy it, you have to get it from a chest.

It’s pretty straightforward. K9 units in the United States are ‘canines’ – dogs that attack and catch criminals.

So, it kinda made sense considering Nasus is this ‘mad dog’.

Nasus wears Riot gear and his cane turns into a baton or nightclub.

But, since this skin is so old- there’s not much else to it. No animations or nothing.

(Although some people like the simplicity of this skin…)

If the skin gets refreshed, I could see a lot of potential. (Red and blue lights when he ults is something I wish he would add)

It’s a cool skin if you’re into the law enforcement stuff, so if you like that kind of niche I’d recommend getting it (if you unlock it from a chest/my shop).

But, because the skin is so old and lacks so much- I wouldn’t recommend trying to get it unless you are into that niche.

It has a lot more potential, but when it was created- the game engine couldn’t handle all of that. So, here’s to hoping that they refresh it.

#7 – Battlecast

  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Controversial skin as many Nasus players feel like it was rushed and is a worse version of Infernal Nasus.
  • Still cool, has an awesome ultimate where Nasus’ axe burns with fire.

This ranking may surprise a lot of people, but I had to say it.

You guys might be thinking, Tommy, Battlecast Nasus just released a few months ago- how is it this low on the list?

Well, a lot of people speculate Battlecast Nasus was released because Riot felt bad about the other Nasus skins they released that had very low popularity.

And to be honest, Battlecast Nasus was just rushed and needs work. They literally reused animations from Darius’ dreadnova skin (the least liked Darius skin by the way) and just slapped it to Nasus. Furthermore, while his E is different, it’s just weird and doesn’t really fit with how it looks on other skins. (The center is basically invisible, only the outside is visible)

While the skin itself isn’t bad, it certainly doesn’t look like it was released in 2021, it looks like a skin out of 2014 at best.

I, and many other Nasus mains just strongly dislike this skin.

Sure, it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be. But, it’s just hard to really say where this skin fits in. It’s kind of a weaker version of Infernal Nasus and reuses animations from other champion’s skins which is just weird in my opinion.

Look, Nasus turning into this crazy inferno mech is super cool. And, I will give the skin a compliment- it looks really sick when Nasus ults and uses his Q, because his entire axe turns on fire.

But it still just looks like a knockoff Infernal Nasus at the end of the day. And, still, I find it hard to prefer over Infernal or Lunar.

And look, I always tell my readers I stay 100 with you guys- I don’t lie. This skin may be new, but I don’t think it’s worth wasting your RP on when you can get the Infernal Nasus skin that is just so much better.

#8 – Galactic

  • Price: 520 RP
  • Is an old skin.
  • Isn’t anything flashy, but if you like the galactic space theme, go ahead.

Galactic Nasus is a pretty simple but old skin. It was released basically eons ago, so there aren’t any special effects on the skin.

It’s just kind of like a space-themed Nasus skin, but I’d even say the ‘joke Space Groove’ skin is better for that. Galactic Nasus just has some simple space armor on with a space-themed staff that is in grey with a blue dog on it.

Otherwise, there’s not much else to it. It’s pretty simple and cheap.

I wouldn’t really buy it compared to the other skins, but if you think he looks cool- it’s really cheap so- what’s the harm?

#9 – Base

The base skin on Nasus is actually really good.

The point is, the rest of these skins are almost worse than the base skin unless you have a specific reason to buy them.

Thankfully, Nasus isn’t a champion that has a bad base skin. So you can feasibly stay with the base skin and not worry about being embarrassed on the rift.

#10 – Dreadknight Nasus

  • Price: 975 RP
  • Turns Nasus into a dreadknight, so he wears a little bit of armor and has an axe.
  • Overpriced skin.

This one is simple and also incredibly overpriced.

The skin isn’t bad and it isn’t good. If you get it for free out of a chest or something, sure you may like it, you may not.

There isn’t a lot going on with this skin. And it’s strange that most people prefer how the skin looked BEFORE they reworked it. (It did look much scarier!)

Basically, the skin features Nasus with a huge knight shoulder armor piece and an axe instead of a cane. He looks similar to a knight, hence the name ‘dreadknight’.

Look, I wouldn’t spend your RP on this unless you really like the skin after looking at it. It isn’t bad, and it’s one of those skins that you don’t necessarily mind getting from a chest, but you wouldn’t actively try and buy it.

I did put this skin lower than the base skin as most people voice their opinion by saying this skin is worse than that.


So, the best Nasus skins list is in.

Basically: Infernal, Lunar Guardian, and Worldbreaker are your main ‘go-to’ skins. There are a ton of ‘niche’ Nasus skins like Space Groove or Archduke that suits the more ‘hyped’ player of the game. And in general, I feel like Nasus is one of those champions that everybody can find a skin they enjoy with.

Tell me what your favorite Nasus skin is in the comments below!

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