Are Muscles Attractive On A Girl?

I have a ton of friends, and as someone who constantly lifts I always get the questions from my women friends, “Tommy, but if I get muscly no guy will like me- I’ll look gross- so why would I ever lift?”.

And I always tell all of them- that is completely wrong! Men like muscular girls!

While my opinion is meaningless, what science says isn’t. In fact, I think you’ll be surprised.

So, let’s look at the science- are muscles attractive on a girl?

Yes, according to a scientific study done in 2018, men have become very attracted to women with muscle. In fact, when comparing two women of the same size, the muscular one was always rated more attractive. But, if you don’t have all that muscle- don’t worry, it’s not a deal-breaker. The point is, muscular women are seen as attractive too!

Let’s cover this a bit more in-depth, and look at the scientific studies behind it.

Are Muscles Attractive On A Girl? Yes!
Are Muscles Attractive On A Girl? Yes!

The Science Is In, Muscular Women Are Attractive

As I said above, my opinion is kinda worthless. And it’s somewhat biased considering I’m a bodybuilder myself.

So, we need to look at the science behind it all!

In January 2018, a study was published by Frances Bozsik at the University of Missouri – Kansas City titled, “Thin Is In? Think Again: The Rising Importance of Muscularity in the Thin Ideal Female Body”.

This scientific study specifically wanted to see if muscularity in women was something that caused attraction to increase or decrease.

Basically, the study was done like this:

First, they tried to control as much as possible to make sure the study wasn’t being influenced by something else. While it is impossible to control it 100%, they did a great job.

They made all of the clothing black, removed faces from the pictures so it wouldn’t influence the rating of the body, and made the background the same for everybody.

They found 7 different pictures of muscular women for the actual pictures and edited a copy of that woman without the muscles. Then, put them side to side.

So, essentially, they had an original (muscular) photo of the woman, and next to her was a picture of the same woman without the muscles- albeit still thin.

Here’s What The Study Found

The study found something big. Long gone are the days of the old studies claiming that men didn’t like muscular women- the study found that muscular women are now seen as incredibly attractive in this generation.

Here’s what the study said:

“However, when participants had a choice between the two
images in the image pair, there was a clear preference for the
figure that was not only thin, but also muscular”.

So, remember how they took an image and made one normal and one non-muscular? The participants rated the muscular one as the more attractive one time and time again. This shows that even if they had the option of the woman without muscles, they think that’s less attractive than her muscular version.

The study then went on to highlight how this has seemingly changed over time (although my opinion is that muscular women have always been attractive, but it’s been a stigma to say otherwise):

“First, our results indicated that Miss USA
competition winners became more muscular and thinner
over the past 15 years.

Overall, these results suggest a shift in the thin ideal female figure—namely, that this figure now includes the appearance of physical fitness via

Further, the present results suggest that women
are internalizing these media. That is, although they continue
to find a thin female figure to be attractive, they prefer the
appearance of a thin and toned female body”.

Basically, the author is saying that over the past decade and a half, the big winners of the ‘Miss USA Competition’ (who most people would say is the most attractive girl in the country) have been getting way more muscular over the years- and it’s winning them competitions.

It’s showing that the general population of the United States is finding more muscular women attractive.

Furthermore, the media is starting to suggest this too. And let’s be honest, the media has a lot more influence than most people think.

So, If You’re a Woman with Muscle, You Have Nothing to Worry About

So many of my friends that are women just love working out- but are always worried the muscularity will make potential partners run!

The science is in: if you’re a woman with muscle, you have nothing to worry about!

So keep on enjoying the gym. But, we have something more important to talk about.

Remember, Always Choose a Partner Who Loves You For Your Personality

Look, I’ll tell you from personal experience. Being with a partner who only loves you for your body is horrible.

Make sure you find a partner that loves you for your personality. And your athletic body can be a bonus for them. But, if they don’t love you for who YOU are, there are so many fish in the sea it’s not worth even wasting your time with them.

The Verdict Is In – Muscular Women Are Attractive

So, the verdict is in. Muscular women are attractive, and not just in the media- but scientifically, muscular women are attractive. So, if you have some muscle- flaunt it, and don’t be scared to show it off!

But remember, always pick a partner that loves you for your personality first.

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