The 20 BEST Bodybuilding Programs (2022)

Choosing a good workout program to start your bodybuilding journey is hard. It’s hard to know which programs to trust- and which programs are real. It’s also kind of hard to find good bodybuilding programs, it seems that the best ones are hidden. In this aritcle, we’re revealing them. In this article: 500+ Hours of … Read more

Why Do Bodybuilders Have No Hair?

Why Do Bodybuilders Have No Hair?

Ever notice that most bodybuilders have a shaved head? What’s going on here? Why do bodybuilders have no hair? Well, the truth is some bodybuilders DO have hair. But, most shave their head to hide balding due to “performance enhancer” use and to draw more emphasis to their muscles on stage. Typically speaking, bodybuilders won’t … Read more

What is Dirty Bulking? – The SECRET To Getting Big

What is Dirty Bulking?

I’m going to start out by saying the truth- dirty bulking is definitely NOT the horrors everybody on the internet says it is. Every single fitness person is out there saying dirty bulking does absolutely nothing but put on fat, ruin your gains, and destroy your health. The Perfect Program To Get MASSIVE Muscle On … Read more