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Here is the long-awaited Convict Conditioning Review. Convict conditioning is a program that stood out to me as unique.

I have been bodybuilding for nearly three years now and have a great physique. However, my new coworker who had just gotten out of prison had an above-average physique he obtained without the use of any barbell.

I just didn’t understand how he looked like he had been lifting for 1-2 years without even touching a barbell or stepping foot in a gym. So, I asked him.

He told me that he’s got, “prison strength”. And that, “I learned that s*** there, every f****** day I got up and was bored out of my d*** mind I would be workin’ out”.

But to me, I’ve always been told not using a barbell is almost useless, but he has definitely strong.

So I looked into it and discovered Convict Conditioning. And from what I’ve seen, this is an amazing program and I’m going to cover everything you need to know about it.

Convict Conditioning Review
Convict Conditioning Review

What is Convict Conditioning?

So convict conditioning is kind of what its’ name sounds like, conditioning (the act of trying to improve ones’ physical health) that people convicted and serving time in prisons/jails usually do.

For this convict conditioning review, I am going to assume you haven’t been incarcerated. However…

This means you don’t need any equipment to really do these exercises. It assumes you’re in prison and don’t have access to any of it. This is a full bodyweight exercise routine, but if you want a barbell oriented program:

The author, Paul Wade was locked away for nearly two decades!

I agree with Paul Wade’s ideology, he says that people try to look like the ancient Greeks/Romans with using specific compound barbell movements.

Paul wade is commonly referred to as Coach Wade.

Meanwhile, the ancient Romans/greeks did all of it without any barbell and online programs. So, how did they do it?

Paul Wade then shares a ton of simple bodyweight exercise progression schemes to get that incredible strength.

Convict Conditioning Results

I like to post real results of programs, that way we can determine if the program is good or not.

There’s no point in trying a program if millions have tried it and it hasn’t produced any goals.

Red Delta Project and His Convict Conditioning Review

My favorite of all convict conditioning results is Matt at the Red Delta Project.

I say he’s my favorite because while he included pictures, he shares how most importantly he has changed entirely after starting the program.

He talks about how the in-depth “be your own coach” mindset helped him out.

I think that’s super important. If you start my favorite program, Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass, but never push yourself, or just half-butt every workout, you will NEVER see results!

Being able to harness your mind’s ability to change your workouts is what is important.

While he saw incredible physical progress, nothing is better than how his entire mindset changed.

Convict Conditioning Review by Spangler

What I love most about Spangler’s Convict Conditioning Review is that he made a YouTube video about it.

And in that YouTube video, he explains how to do all of the moves, and he even shows him doing them!

You’re also able to see the visual difference yourself. You can see the convict conditioning results easily.

Tallwater’s Convict Conditioning Review

Tallwater’s convict conditioning review is so good, I almost didn’t make this blog post because of it.

He goes super in-depth about everything. And I mean everything, he has images of every exercise and more. I highly recommend you watch it and listen to what he says about the program.

Convict Conditioning Workout

So what’s the actual convict conditioning workout? This would be a terrible convict conditioning review without the workout listed.

So what I love about this, is that there’s no crazy amount of different exercises. It’s 6 simple exercises, yes that is right, 6.

The way this program is oriented is that you progress through 6 different variations of different exercises.

So for example, you start by doing wall push-ups. The idea is that even somebody who has never exercised can do this.

Then as you pass the tests, you progress up. So eventually you work up to one-handed push-up after doing things like knee assisted push-ups.

Let’s cover some of these big lifts.

Here’s a convict conditioning pdf with these exercises listed.


The first lift in this program is the push-up.

You start off push-ups. While it may sound dumb, the push-up is one of the best lifts you can do. Even from elementary school, you’ve been taught to do this crazy exercise.

Push-ups will mainly build your chest, triceps, and shoulders. But, it can build a ton of other tiny muscles.

In a way, a push up is kind of like a bench press. And it’s very similar.

In the book, you start at Wall Push-ups and eventually progress to do 100 of the one arm pushups.


Leg Raises

Leg raises? How is this supposed to help you?

Well actually, not only are leg raises an exercise that tests your mental strength, but they grow your abs massively.

On top of having shredded abs, you will have a ton of lower body strength you’ve never thought you’d ever have.

If you’re a “fighter” guy, you’ll start to see how strong your lower body can be in a fight.

Even when it comes to thinks like climbing or just waking up in the morning, you will have a ton of untapped strength you never thought you had.

You start off by doing easy knee tucks and progress up to hanging leg raises. (which are for lack of better terms…hell).


The pull-up is a compound lift that is a staple in most bodybuilding/powerlifting programs.

While pull-ups work your biceps, upper back, and forearms
(grip strength): the big muscle they target are your lats.

The lats (latissimus dorsi) is one of the biggest muscles in your body, and allows you to have a “barn door back”.

I made the mistake of not working out my back for the first few years and paid for it gravely. My small back compared to every other muscle on my body being massive just ruined my physique.

You can now catch me bumping out tons of pull-ups. (and now the navy recruiters love me).

In this program, you start off by doing vertical pulls which is basically the lat pulldown the machine.

Eventually, you get up to one-armed pull-ups. (Which are super tough!).

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels, someone doing pull-ups during the convict conditioning review.
Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels, someone doing pull-ups during the convict conditioning review.


Squats: boy oh boy, I don’t know a lot of people that genuinely like squatting for fun.

Squatting is a TOUGH compound movement that activates EVERY MUSCLE IN YOUR BODY.

I squat 300lbs for 1 rep and let me tell you, it’s not that fun.

For this convict conditioning review, I’m going to lay it out honestly. If you skip the squats, there’s no way you’re going to grow. Yes, they suck. But future you will thank you for it.

The program starts with shoulder stand squats, then progresses all the way to one leg squats.

It’s crazy, it really is.

Photo by Leon Martinez from Pexels doing squats for the convict conditioning review.
Photo by Leon Martinez from Pexels doing squats for the convict conditioning review.


While personally I am an advocate against bridges because I feel like they aren’t worth the effort, for many new beginners they are crucial.

Bridges teach you incredible balance, coordination, and mental perseverance. On top of that, they work out your butt muscles a lot.

What people don’t know is how much strength is actually in your rear muscles. They do some of the most lifting and balance for your body, don’t skimp on them!

Handstand Push-Ups

I know handstand push-ups sound hard. But there are fewer things in life more satisfying than doing a handstand push-up.

When I did my first, it was just like a world of difference. I felt like a different man.

Obviously, you aren’t going to be asked to perform a handstand push-up instantly.

You start at wall headstands for 2 minutes, which is fairly easy if you actually try to do it.

Over the progression course of convict conditioning, you will be all set to show off this new party trick.

Is Convict Conditioning Effective?

There’s a lot of people that wonder, “is convict conditioning effective?” I mean it’s asked on forums EVERYWHERE.

It is a tough question to answer honestly. But I feel like my convict conditioning review wouldn’t be complete without it.

In my eyes: yes, convict condition is effective.

Too many people overanalyze the programs and try to base it off of the pure amount of muscle you’ve put on, or how you look.

But to me, convict conditioning isn’t a program that’s trying to promise that it gives its’ users an Arnold Schwarzenegger look.

It tells them, “Hey, I can get you pretty buff, and get tons of strength you never thought you had. Plus you’ll get a whole mental overhaul”.

I think convict conditioning is very effective because:

  • Your mental view of exercise changes. It makes you more motivated and determined to get it done.
  • It gives you incredible muscular endurance. Especially when you start hitting sets of 50.
  • It’s a great strength training program oriented around body weight training. You don’t need any equipment and can do it ANYWHERE.

Weight Training vs Convict Conditioning

I included this part because I think too many people are not drawing a line between weight training and convict conditioning.

Yes, this is just a convict conditioning review, but I want to clear this air on this.

Convict conditioning is supposed to give you a ton of strength and overall build your body. It’s a simple exercise and progressing strategy to get buff without equipment.

Weight training is usually for getting muscle, looking better, or being super strong in certain areas like overhead press.

Convict Conditioning is separate from that. It’s about personal strength, overall fitness, and a better mindset towards your health. It’s not about hitting a big bench press or having 32-inch arms.

I think that’s where people get confused. I think it is a GREAT idea to do Convict Conditioning and combine it with another program. It will help you out so much in the long run.

While convict conditioning can grow muscle, it’s not about getting on Mt.Olympia. But using this to complement a program such as Arnold’s Blueprint will make you unstoppable.


The truth is, this convict conditioning review was meant to be negative at first. But after trying the program and researching it more, I had to make a positive review.

The idea of the program is simply misunderstood, but when people take this program for what it is really worth, then you will reap dividends.

You can buy the program for cheap online, or in a book store near you.

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