Hevy App Review

You go to the gym every day and do a couple of exercises for the body part that you’ve planned to work out that day.

Go home, drink your post-workout whey protein, get some sleep, and repeat. If what you’ve read sounds familiar, that was the beginning of my fitness journey.

I couldn’t figure out why I’m not seeing results.

I’ve learned to lower my expectations as a natural bodybuilder but even then I couldn’t even get the minimal results that would’ve motivated me to keep going.

This resulted in skipped workouts and eventually losing interest in fitness. And then I came across this app called Hevy. Hevy helped me get the results I wanted and kept me going to the gym every day, (except for rest days of course)!

Hevy App Review, Here's Hevy's Logo
Hevy App Review, Here’s Hevy’s Logo

#1 – It Shows You The Importance of Tracking Workouts

I started researching the reasons for the lack of results in my fitness journey, I even got my bloodwork done to make sure my hormones are not the culprits causing this.

I found out that one of the most important things that everyone must include in their workout plan is a concept called progressive overload.

To progressively overload, one has to know what was done during the previous workout so that the intensity can be increased, either by increasing the weight or by increasing the volume.

This resulted in me recording every workout in a book and it was my workout log. After every set, the weight and number of reps done was noted in the logbook.

Notes were written if a spotter’s help was needed to complete certain reps. This helped me to always train harder than last time either by increasing the weight by a couple of pounds or increasing the volume by 1-2 reps.

#2 – Hevy is The Perfect Workout Log

After a while, it gets difficult and boring to go to the gym with a book and a pen. It feels mentally tiring to write down notes and numbers when you’ve just finished a heavy bench press set and are enjoying the sweet release of endorphins.

This is where Hevy comes in. Its UI makes it so much easier to track your workouts with a few taps. You can add your workout routine to the app, but it gets better.

Everything on a routine can be customized, even custom exercises can be added if you can’t find on Hevy’s huge database, even the fancy single-leg hip thrust your favorite YouTuber did.

Sets in each exercise can be further categorized into working set, warm-up sets, supersets, and drop sets. Setting up your workout routine might take a while because I suggest you do your own research and find a program that suits you but once it’s done (we recommend Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint to Mass), everything is a breeze.

All you have to do to 100x your workout efficiency is open the app and start a routine. After every set, record your reps and weight and add notes too (e.g I used a spotter’s assistance for the last 2 reps.)

Hevy shows you your numbers for the previous session so that you can increase reps, weight, or even add an additional set.

#3 – Motivation and tracking

As I’ve said earlier, seeing results from the progressive overload is enough motivation already but there’s more. Hevy can help you keep going to the gym day after day without giving up.

There is a social feature where you and your friends can follow each other, view each other’s workout and motivate each other. Did someone fail to post their workout? Give them a call and ask what’s up. Get them back into the gym.

Another way Hevy keeps you in the gym is by showing you your progress. Long after the period of newbie gains has gone and it’s hard to notice visual changes in your body, the actual number gains will help keep you going.

When the scale refuses to budge during a recomposition diet, your strength gains that will be indicated by the increase in the intensity of each workout will let you know what you’re on the right path.

With the pro version, you can track measurements of almost all major muscle groups. This will help you see gains every week or month even if you’re an advanced lifter.

#4 – Why Hevy Is The Best Workout Tracker

Hevy has the best interface in the market. If you open the app when you feel like skipping a day, it’ll show you and your friend’s previous workouts which will instantly make you miss the gym.

I follow a couple of my friends and they call me if I ever miss a workout. Hevy has everything you can track about your workout built into it. This includes body measurements and workout tracking.

Hevy also has a shallow learning curve, which means you can figure out how the app works pretty easily without the help of any tutorials.

You can track your body measurements too. Even though the free version has two measurements, the paid version is completely worth it. The developers are constantly updating and keeping the app bug-free.

It’ll be one of the best money spent on your fitness journey. The paid version also comes with a few features such as unlimited routines and unlimited custom exercises.


So, to conclude, workout tracking is essential for every bodybuilder to make maximum use of progressive overload, and without progressive overload, you can’t stay in the bodybuilding game long term.

Hevy is the best tool out there to achieve this. It makes workout tracking so much easier and enjoyable too with its social features.

Get all your friends on the app, watch everyone progress with you, motivate each other to break plateaus and reach the physique goals you’ve always dreamt of.

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