SNAP Fitness Cost (From a member!)

I have no idea why gyms make it so hard to find the price of their gym online. “Ohhh it’s because we have different franchises so it’s different everywhere”- yeah right. The fact is, the gym industry picks on its’ target audience a lot. So let’s talk about the average SNAP Fitness cost to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off.

And yeah, the prices will be a bit different everywhere. But I went to an Anytime Fitness that tried charging me $80/month when the Anytime Fitness down the street was charging $30/month. So you know what? I’m sick of those predatory business practices trying to charge people 2-3x the price of what is the norm.

On average though, you should be expecting to pay $45/month for a SNAP Fitness membership if you aren’t in any of their special contracts or discounts. There is a $50 fee for the access card and some clubs have other sign-up fees. But overall, it should be roughly $45/month.

I’m a member of SNAP Fitness and I can tell you what the rates are. So here we go, let’s talk specifics.

SNAP Fitness Cost - proof I am a member from my $50/card
SNAP Fitness Cost – proof I am a member from my $50/card

The Standard SNAP Fitness Cost For The Average Person

Alright, let’s say you’re an average joe- like me! You aren’t trying to get any fancy packages or discounts from SNAP Fitness, you’re just trying to sign up for a membership and get in, then get out.

Here’s what the SNAP Fitness Cost is for the average joe:

  • ~$50 Membership Card Activation Fee (this allows you to get into SNAP Fitness 24/7)
  • ~$30-40 Activation Fee
    • The activation fee at my place was only like $15, but this really varies from location to location. So call/visit other SNAP Fitnesses in the area and see what deal you can get!
  • ~$45/month membership fees.
    • They have some discounts and bundles that do lower this fee, but overall, it will be around $45/month.

So regardless, your total fees for the first month will end up being something stupid like $120.

However, after that you should be set to really only pay $45/month.

Something Nice About SNAP Fitness is No Lock-In Contract

One of the most appealing things about SNAP Fitness to me is that when you sign up for a membership there is NO lock-in contract.

That means you can just cancel month-to-month with no problems at all. This was different than Anytime Fitness that requires you to sign a 6/12/18 month contract.

SNAP Fitness just lets you go month-to-month which is really nice. Because ultimately, yeah I like working out, but I never know if I’m going to move or have something come up.

For instance, I had to cancel my membership because I couldn’t make ends meet with it anymore. I love lifting, it’s one of my passions, but I had bills to pay and food to put on the table. Unfortunately, I had to cut SNAP Fitness out.

I was glad that SNAP Fitness didn’t lock me into any contract. That is also one of the reasons I refused to sign a 6/12/18 month contract with Anytime Fitness. It would really suck to tell your kids “sorry you can’t eat tonight, Anytime Fitness charged us”.

SNAP Fitness Cost For Families?

Something interesting I covered in my Anytime Fitness review was that their family plan was seriously lacking. The Anytime Fitness family plan really didn’t do much for anybody and was almost the same amount of money if you just did it individually.

However, SNAP Fitness it a little different.

From what I understand, SNAP Fitness has a great deal for families. Many people have reported having 4 different cards for as low as $80/month.

While again, this varies from location to location- if you have a family all looking for a gym, $80/month is actually kind of a steal for all of you. Just be careful, as they might charge $50/card for the activation fee which can net to $200.

Additionally, they do have a higher registration fee for families. Personally, my SNAP Fitness location DOES NOT offer a family plan, so I cannot personally comment on it.

However, some of my friends in the fitness community have said their SNAP Fitness has had good family plans.

So- it never hurts to ask. And like I said, if your location does not offer a family plan, don’t be afraid to call the SNAP Fitness 20 minutes down the road- as they can give you the family plan, and your card still works at ANY SNAP Fitness.

SNAP Fitness Cost For Dual Plan/Friends?

So I know many people actually can do “dual” plans. This is typically good for couples or dedicated work out partners.

In my experience, it doesn’t save that much money. At my SNAP Fitness, it only saves a total of $10 a month if you both split the bill. I mean, I guess it does add up over time, but trying to find a dedicated workout partner for that stuff isn’t always easy.

Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

SNAP Fitness Cost For 6/12/18 Month Contracts

So I mentioned earlier that SNAP Fitness is known for not requiring you to sign any 6/12/18 month contracts. Which is awesome!

However, let’s just say you are 100% sure you’re going to be going to that gym for a while or something. You hypothetically CAN sign a 6/12/18 month contract with SNAP Fitness and pay a reduced monthly fee.

If you do the math, it comes out to something like if you sign the 12-month contract, you save $100. That means you basically get 2 months free or are paying around $35/month, and not $45.

So again, if you are certain you can do that, it’s a great option for sure. Plus, if you’re able to pay all of it upfront it makes it easy as you won’t have to worry about another bill coming out of your paycheck every month.

SNAP Fitness Cost For Cancelling Your Membership

There is unfortunately a big SNAP Fitness cost if you’re cancelling your membership.

In my experience, the cancellation fee is $50, but you won’t get billed for next month.

Every contract is different, so ask your SNAP Fitness/look at your contract and see what it says.

Honestly though, it’s better than having to be locked into a membership for 6/12/18 months at a time.

SNAP Fitness Does Participate in Active and Fit Direct

Some insurance companies have Active and Fit Direct, which allows you to go to SNAP Fitness and other gyms for $25/month.

If you’re interested in this, read my post called Active and Fit Direct Review.

There Are Discounts for Military, Seniors, Employers

I haven’t heard much about this, and this seemingly has to be something you have to ask for- as it was never brought up to me in my discussion.

But many SNAP Fitnesses do offer discounts for military, seniors, employers, veterans, first responders, etc.

Again, this does vary from club-to-club, so call the different SNAP Fitnesses in your area and see what you can get ahold of!

‘MyZone’ App is NOT Included With Fees

I wrote in my SNAP Fitness Review that I really liked the MyZone app and how it had a leaderboard in the gym + a social network for your friends who are also working out.

Problem is? It’s not included with the fees. Now, SNAP Fitness has changed this a lot. As far as I know, you just have to pay for the MyZone equipment itself and not the app, but again, this can change randomly.

Just know if you are interested in the MyZone stuff, I would ask your club how much they charge for the equipment.

There IS A Refund Period

Something really nice if you’re worried about the high upfront SNAP Fitness Cost is inquiring about their refund program.

SNAP Fitness has this 30-day full refund period. Basically, on their website, it says ‘you must work out at the club at least twice a week for four weeks and attend a fitness evaluation with Club staff’ and if you are not satisfied everything will be refunded to you.

So if you’re unsure about signing up, you can have comfort that you will get that money back if you are not satisifed.

There Are Costs For Programs, Personal Training, Etc.

Now, SNAP Fitness does give some workout programs for free, but some you do have to pay for.

In the instance you pay for programs or personal training (which is a complete waste of money in my honest opinion, everything you ever need to know is in Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass) you cannot get that refunded.

So if I were you starting out, don’t drop a few bands on the programs and be frustrated when you don’t get your money back. Just be alert ahead of time that you won’t see that money ever again.

The Bottom Line

Overall, SNAP Fitness isn’t horribly expensive. And I can certaintly support their ideals behind not locking people into 6/12/18 month contracts.

Just be aware, there are activation fees, membership card fees, and cancelation fees. Plus, some clubs do have annual fees. And don’t get scammed into paying $150 a month or something.

My advice is: Call/Visit all the clubs around you and see what they offer and compare their prices individually. Be prepared to walk away, they are salesmen/saleswomen, and be ready to get the deal that best suits you.

Good luck!

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