Are Diamond Push Ups Good For Chest?

Diamond push ups are always touted as a ‘harder push up’ and a way to really push yourself. Most people commonly refer to diamond push ups as a good way to build triceps- and they’re right. Recently, however, some fitness websites have come out claiming that diamond push ups are better for your chest than … Read more

12 Best Chest Exercises Without Equipment

Everybody wants a big chest! But we can’t always get to the gym- and sometimes we need some good chest exercises without equipment. So, I reached out to some fellow experts in the industry and got a list of the BEST chest exercises without equipment. No fluff, I’m not putting any ‘lame’ chest exercises in … Read more

Are Chest Flys Bad? The Truth!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the most famous bodybuilder and the man with the best chest in bodybuilding says his massive chest growth came from doing Chest Flys. There’s a good reason he puts so many Chest Flys in his famous bodybuilding program, The Arnold Blueprint to Mass. But, a ton of people have recently come out saying … Read more