Top 8 Chest Fly Machine Benefits

Everybody has seen the chest fly machine or ‘pec dec’ in the gym. It’s one of the MOST popular machines ever invented in the gym, and nearly every single gym you go to will have one.

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But, let me tell you- the chest fly machine has incredible benefits that will make you add it to any chest day. There’s a good reason that it’s on nearly every serious bodybuilding program.

So, let’s get into it, and cover the Top 8 Chest Fly Machine Benefits.

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What Is Chest Fly Machine?

Chest fly machines are designed to help you sculpt those luscious pectoral muscles.

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female – everyone loves their pecs!

There’s a good reason why every Monday is national bench press day. Chest muscles are some of the most sought after muscles because of the way it completes a physique.

The chest fly machine is way different than a normal bench press. But, chest fly machines are one of the BEST ways to build pectoral muscles- even better than standard bench presses. But, we will cover that down below.

There’s a reason that the ‘chest fly machine’ or ‘pec deck’ is in almost every single gym out there. It’s really that good of a machine. So, let’s cover some chest fly machine benefits.

Benefits of The Chest Fly Machine

Now that you know what a chest fly machine is, it’s time to learn some amazing benefits of this simple exercise! Here are eight benefits of the chest fly that will help you sculpt those pecs into bedroom-ready perfection!

#1 – Hands Down The BEST Way To Grow Your Pecs

Everybody bench presses to grow their chest, but that’s actually the wrong way to go about it.

Rich Piana, one of the biggest and most famous bodybuilders in the world (with nearly 24-inch arms) always told his fans if they wanted to build chest, to do chest cables/chest flyes for 20 reps as slow as possible until those pecs are SCREAMING in pain. He said that this would put on pecs faster than ANYTHING else.

And he’s right. If you start using the chest fly machine regularly, you’ll notice a huge difference in how your chest looks within just a few weeks.

Your chest will literally EXPLODE in size when you use the chest fly machine. It basically breaks down every single fiber in your chest and forces a ton of chest growth.

#2 – Increases Your Lung Capacity

Many people don’t think about how vital their lungs are until they’re gasping for air after climbing five flights of stairs.

However, deep breathing is essential to our health and well-being, which is why it’s great to do exercises like the chest fly!

This particular exercise does wonder for increasing your lung capacity by expanding your diaphragm muscle. And the more oxygen you have in your body, the better!

Think about it this way- the more oxygen you have, the more energy you can output when lifting. That means you can hit PRs better, lift longer, and stay energized overall.

And this doesn’t just benefit your life in the gym, it benefits your life OUTSIDE of the gym too!

#3 – Increases Your Lung Power

In addition to expanding your diaphragm muscle, chest fly machines can also help increase your lung power.

Many think that the only way to improve your lung capacity is by running a mile every day – but this isn’t exactly right.

If you do too much aerobic exercise, it can reduce your lung capacity over time. The best way to strengthen and expand your lungs is by incorporating weightlifting exercises like the chest fly into your workout regimen.

Then you’ll not only look good on the outside – you will feel fantastic on the inside as well.

When I used to be in one of the best Band and Choir ensembles in the state, we would actually do specific diaphragm exercises that exercised the muscle so we could sing/play our instruments better. This stuff seriously makes a difference.

#4 – Burns Calories Like Nobody’s Business

Speaking of feeling fantastic on the inside, for people who are constantly searching for the hottest new way to lose weight, this is one of the best benefits of the chest fly machine.

This particular exercise burns more calories than almost any other workout, so you’ll be well on your way to being slimmer and feeling lighter in no time flat.

The best thing about using this machine is that muscle building burns calories over the next few days. Instead of cardio where you burn maybe 100-200 calories at once, you will be burning hundreds of calories over the next few days. This is because it takes a ton of energy to rebuild muscle.

#5 – Reduces stress

Sometimes, it can feel like the world is crashing down on us. No matter what happens in our lives, stress seems to build up over time. And nothing relieves stress better than working out. Not only does exercising release endorphins into your body, but it also reduces cortisol levels.

I don’t know a great way to say this, but the chest fly machine is one of the best machines for relieving stress. It just activates the whole upper part of your body and I feel like you’re really able to get your ‘rage’ out on this exercise every single rep.

#6 – Increases Your Forearm Strength

Most people don’t know this about their bodies, but their forearms can handle way more weight than they think.

Unfortunately, many people try to lift weights with weak forearm muscles, and this actually causes a lot of big problems in the gym.

If you have weak forearm muscles, you will usually end up having a hard time bench pressing and deadlifting. Plus, having weaker forearm muscles leads to more injuries overall in the gym since you have worse form.

But if you build up enough forearm strength, it’ll make working out much easier. While this won’t single-handedly build your forearms, combining it with other forearm exercises will multiply the growth you see.

#7 – Relieves Lower-Back Pain

If you’ve ever had a sharp pain in your lower back, you know how debilitating it can be.

You try to work with a sore back, but all you want is for the pain to go away! One of the best ways to fix a sore lower back (and prevent future back pain) is with exercise.

This particular exercise helps stretch and strengthen your spine at the same time, which means that when you’re done with your workout, not only will your pectoral muscles feel fantastic – so will your lumbar muscles. 

#8 – Improves Posture

If you have ever slouched in your office chair, you know how horrible it is for your spine.

The more time you spend slumped over in your chair, the more damage you will be doing to your back in the long run.

That’s why exercises like chest fly machines are so important. Performing this exercise will train your muscles to stand tall and proud with your shoulders rolled back and a strong core.

Additionally, when you have stronger chest and shoulder muscles, your body automatically has better posture because it has to support that weight.

It almost feels uncomfortable to have bad posture when you have a stronger chest/shoulder.

Good posture will become the new norm when you exercise your upper body properly.

Conclusion of Chest Fly Machine Benefits

The Chest Fly Machine is one of the best machines to add to your workout. The benefits are nearly endless and you’ll basically never regret using this machine.

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