The 20 BEST Bodybuilding Programs (2022)

Choosing a good workout program to start your bodybuilding journey is hard. It’s hard to know which programs to trust- and which programs are real. It’s also kind of hard to find good bodybuilding programs, it seems that the best ones are hidden. In this aritcle, we’re revealing them. In this article: 500+ Hours of … Read more

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Worth It? (The Truth!)

Adjustable dumbbells are a newer invention in the weight lifting world. Basically, they make are combining a whole bunch of dumbbells into one single dumbbell. So, instead of having a massive dumbbell rack, you just have two dumbbells that can change weights. Everybody has been talking bout adjustable dumbbells lately, and since they are a … Read more

11 Best Exercises For Broad Shoulders

Who doesn’t want some broad shoulders? I’m telling you guys, shoulders and forearms are the secret muscles that will cause you to look big. You can work your chest and biceps all you want, but shoulders and triceps really make your entire frame increase and make you look really big- even if you’re really small. … Read more