Does Protein Powder Taste Good With Water?

Bodybuilders use protein powder ALL of the time. In fact, it’s the most consumed bodybuilding supplement next to creatine. But, does protein powder taste good with water? No, protein powder unfortunately doesn’t taste good with water. In fact, it tastes really bad. Try and mix it with milk if you can- then it will taste … Read more

Why Does Protein Powder Smell Bad?

Protein powder and creatine are the most used supplements in bodybuilding. Yet- creatine doesn’t have such an awful smell to it like protein powder does. So, why does protein powder smell bad? Well, protein powder smells so bad because it’s raw protein, a food that generally has a potent smell alone. Also, most protein powders … Read more

Why Does Protein Powder Taste So Bad?

If you’ve ever hit the gym, chances are- you’ve had some protein powder in your life. As we all know, protein is required to grow muscle, so many people use protein powder as a convenient source to gain muscle. But, why does protein powder taste SO BAD? Well, protein powder tries to minimize calories and … Read more