Does Protein Powder Taste Good With Water?

Bodybuilders use protein powder ALL of the time. In fact, it’s the most consumed bodybuilding supplement next to creatine.

But, does protein powder taste good with water? No, protein powder unfortunately doesn’t taste good with water. In fact, it tastes really bad. Try and mix it with milk if you can- then it will taste really good.

Believe me, I made this mistake when I started bodybuilding too. You mix the protein powder with water and take a sip and it’s just disgusting- it makes you want to vomit and never try protein powder again. (Remember, protein powder is not necessary for muscle growth!)

Let’s talk about this a little more in-depth, and cover how you could potentially make it taste better.

Does Protein Powder Taste Good With Water?
Does Protein Powder Taste Good With Water?

Protein Powder Doesn’t Have Any Sweeteners To Minimize Calories

Protein powder is made with the goal that ANY bodybuilder- regardless if they are cutting or bulking can use it.

Furthermore, it’s made with the goal that it can be mixed into food or drinks or really anything without destroying it.

Protein Powder Can’t Have Sweeteners to Minimize Calories And Maximize Buyers

Protein powder can’t have sweeteners to minimize calories. Remember how I said that it’s made so any bodybuilder- regardless if they are cutting or bulking can use it?

If they added a ton of sweeteners or sugars to the protein powder, fitness freaks wouldn’t buy it for these main reasons:

  • The sweeteners/sugar would add a lot of calories, making it hard to lose weight when drinking the protein powder.
  • The sweeteners/sugar are unhealthy and a lot of fitness guys are super against putting that junk in your body.
  • It would spike your blood sugar, causing you to feel even hungrier.

Think about that. Most people going to the gym are just there to lose weight, not really put on tons of muscle and eat all the food in the world like most bodybuilders will.

If you’ve been going to the gym- you know what I’m talking about. People are trying to get toned or keep off that body fat. And that’s okay- but those people don’t want any junk in their body either. Most of them prefer organic and/or natural foods- not sweeteners that are bad for you.

Sweeteners Make It Hard To Mix The Protein Powder With Food or Shakes

So many people mix their protein powder into food or shakes.

For example, how many videos have you seen on TikTok or Instagram of people mixing their protein powder with a massive blended fruit shake?

Probably endless videos- right? These people toss bananas, berries, whatever into a blender with some protein powder and that’s a healthy meal for them.

If the sweeteners or flavor was overpowering- they wouldn’t be able to use that protein powder.

Now I know what you’re thinking- well Tommy, they can just buy the unflavored stuff! Well, that’s not entirely true.

Unflavored protein powder still has a taste, even potentially a nastier taste. Most people stick with the standard vanilla or chocolate flavors, and even when you mix it in- most of these protein powders aren’t overpowering and don’t take away from the main shake.

If the protein powder overpowered someone’s fruit smoothie they wouldn’t buy it.

People also mix this stuff into meals they make. (Which is a pretty good idea by the way, if you’re struggling to get your protein in).

The last thing people want is to have their homemade lasagna or something taste like Sweet Mint. And again, most people cooking will have the unflavored protein powders- but could you imagine your lasagna tasting SWEET?

That’s one of the biggest reasons most of these protein powders suck without water, because if they are mixed into anything else with sweeteners- they will ruin the food.

Mix Your Protein Powder With Milk!

Most protein powders are built with the idea you’ll be mixing it with something.

And most protein powders anticipate you’ll be mixing it with milk. That’s why some protein powders actually include the nutrition of the protein powder with milk added on their nutritional label.

Most protein powder companies when testing their product test the taste when it’s added to milk, NOT WATER.

Trust me, mix your protein powder with milk and it will be a gamechanger.

I know what you’re thinking- milk can be a ton of extra calories or you’re lactose intolerant. Don’t worry, I have solutions for all of that.

First, keep in mind- milk is actually a very healthy food for our bodies and is recommended by the government’s MyPlate food pyramid. It comes with a large amount of protein, high calcium, and other critical vitamins like Vitamin D.

Second, keep in mind you don’t have to add a whole gallon of milk to your protein shake. Most times when I made my protein shake I only added about a carton of milk or even less. For most people with lactose intolerance, that’s an acceptable amount of milk that won’t cause problems in the stomach.

If you’re concerned about the calories in milk, try Skim Milk. That low amount of milk will only be around 70-90 calories with high protein and will make your protein shake taste 1000x better.

If you’re lactose intolerant try Fairlife milk, as it doesn’t contain lactose. I’m lactose intolerant myself and drink a whole Fairlife jug everyday when I’m bulking with no problems. Plus, it’s higher protein- and tastes even better than normal milk with less sugar.

Conclusion of Does Protein Powder Taste Good With Water?

So, that was a lot to take in- here’s what you need to know:

  • No, protein powder does NOT taste good with water.
  • Protein powder is designed with the idea you WILL mix it with milk or food.
  • Protein powder is designed without sweeteners or sugar to reduce calories and junk in your body.
  • Protein powder is NOT nessecary to grow muscle.
  • Protein powder is best mixed with milk.
    • Milk is one of the best foods for you according to the United States MyPlate and current dietary recommendations.
    • Milk has high protein and low calories.
    • If you’re worried about milk or calorie content in milk, drink Skim Milk instead. It will reduce calories by 40% and remove fat.
    • If you’re lactose intolerant try purchasing Fairlife milk as it has no lactose but tastes like normal milk. Or try a lactose-free milk alternative.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions please comment below and I will respond as soon as possible!

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