Top 25 Rich Piana Quotes

As many of you may know, Rich Piana has been my literal role model for the past few years. He has changed my life completely, and without him and god by my side, I don’t think I would be in the spot I’m in right now. To honor him, here are the top 25 Rich Piana quotes I love the most.

Warning! These Rich Piana quotes may inspire you to lift heavy weight, hit a new max on the bench press, eat a ton of food, and get a ton of muscle.

Also, these Rich Piana quotes aren’t always just about the gym, but life in general. Rich Piana wanted us all to live our best lives. He wanted us all to live the lives we want to live and live every day like it’s our last. So make him proud.

Rich Piana Quotes -
Rich Piana Quotes –
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#1 – “It will ALWAYS be about working your a** off and being consistent to be successful at anything in life! There is NO easy way!”

This is one of my favorite Rich Piana quotes and says everything you need to know about the guy.

He isn’t saying you need to be the best or just be lucky. He’s saying if you have any goal you want to reach if you give it 100% and NEVER GIVE UP you will get it. And there’s no shortcut or way to do it without giving it your all.

Once you start following this advice, everything in your life will change. Bring this advice to the gym even and see how much more your body grows when you really give it your all.


This is basically the thing he says all the time. Also, if you have Rich Piana apparel, you might notice it on the back of some of the shirts. This is also one of the most iconic Rich Piana quotes.

However, this isn’t just some stupid saying. At first, I didn’t really understand it. But as time went on and I got into the ‘Rich Piana mindset’- it all makes sense.

It’s basically saying that no matter what your dreams are, one day you will be able to have them. It might not be today, might not be tomorrow, but one day it will happen. You keep working hard and it will happen.

#3 – “You can never do enough. No matter who you are, you can always do more or become better. You HAVE to be driven. You CAN’T be comfortable.”

I have a love/hate relationship with this Rich Piana quote. I feel like it asks too much of people sometimes, but I still live by it.

Even when I think all my school work is done, or all my work is done- there’s always more you can do. Even in the gym or outside of the gym there’s more you can do.

Could you do another set? Eat another meal? Study for 30 more minutes? Go to a conference and learn about something you’re interested in? You’re never done, don’t be complacent.

#4 – “There is no such thing as overtraining, only undereating or undersleeping!”

This is one of my favorite Rich Piana quotes EVER. I hate the people that say overtraining is a real thing.

How is it possible that we evolved over millions of years to not be able to work out more than an hour a day? It’s just the stupidest thing ever. Do those people realize our ancestors would hunt animals down by outrunning them to exhaustion? They would chase the animals for 23 hours at a time. And they weren’t having extreme muscle loss or anything.

Point is, if you’re in the gym, you’re not doing too much. The only thing delaying your training is your lack of eating or lack of sleep. So get after it.

#5 – “Eat 8,000 calories a day, train for 3 hours a day, do an hour of cardio and your body is just going to GROW”

This is what I recommend to bodybuilders that are plateauing or really getting into the sport.

You eat a ton of food, do a ton of cardio, train really hard, and you will see more results than you ever have in your life.

People ask me all the time, Tommy- why am I not growing? I go daily for an hour and eat 2500 calories a day, what’s going on?

They need to up the training and up the food. Their body isn’t breaking down muscles the same anymore and it needs more energy to grow.

But the big point of this quote is that the more you put into something, the more you get out. If you’re studying for 2 hours a night and getting a B on your test, study for 6 hours and you’re going to see A’s on your test.




#7 – “Always been a bodybuilder at heart! All about the physique!”

I just love this one because it shows how important bodybuilding is to Rich Piana.

No, it’s not the most common out of these Rich Piana quotes, but it’s the one that means the most to me. If you really understand his struggle behind how bodybuilding was to him as a kid and how he wanted to impress his dad, you’ll really understand what this quote means.

Bodybuilding wasn’t just a side hobby for Rich, it was his whole life.

#8 – “I want to show you anythings possible. Take bodybuilding and convert it to your everyday life. ANYTHING is possible if you keep trying.”

This is one of the things I tell everybody.

If you lift weights every day, eat properly, and do it consistently- that’s great! Now, convert it to everything else in life.

Study regularly, pick up extra shifts, start a business, follow your dreams and passions.

There’s no reason you should be so dedicated to the gym that you can’t be dedicated anywhere else in life.

Take that energy and spirit you have for bodybuilding, and use it elsewhere too. Fix your marriage, dedicate time to your kids. Make it happen.

You’re able to force yourself to the gym, you can force yourself off the TV and get that essay done.

This is one of the most impactful Rich Piana quotes out there, because I think it’s an eye-opener for most people. Most people will do everything to make sure they can get to the gym, but fail in other parts of life.

So, remember, you’ve been doing it for the gym for years. There’s no reason you can’t give that energy to law school or medical school.

#9 – “I don’t care if you’re 125 lbs or 300 lbs, you’re all the same people. You’re not better than anyone else. Check that ego at the front desk.”


Ian and I were working out at 2 AM and this guy started screaming at us at the top of his lungs to impress his girlfriend. Don’t worry, Ian and I brutally embarrassed him in front of her. (ian and me are actual chads)

But why did he do that? Because he thought he was better than us just because he had a tiny bit more muscle than us.

You aren’t better than anybody because you have more muscle. You aren’t.

Look at what happened to him. He got shut down by a kid 4 years younger than him and his girlfriend didn’t talk to him for the rest of the day.

But what does he do to other people at the gym that aren’t like me? I stood up to him and did not back down. And that scares me, there are people in the gym that aren’t able to stick up for themselves, what is he doing to them?

Hear me out, just because you’ve been lifting doesn’t make you better than anyone in there. We are all the same people, treat each other with respect.

#10 – “Negative sh** happens to us all the time. You gotta turn it into a positive. Whatever it is, you can flip it, and make it a good thing, ya know?”

I felt this. This was one of the Rich Piana quotes I didn’t know I needed until well, I needed it.

My life was going pretty well for about a solid 1.5 years. I’ve had horrible times in the past, but then suddenly life took a big swing at me. And by big swing, I mean dropped a 50 TON sack of bricks over my head until I was basically unconscious.

But this quote helped me a lot. It made me think about what life and God was trying to teach me. I turned all the horrible things that had happened in my life into lessons, a learning experience, a test of my strength.

I don’t want to overshare, but it’s probably close to one of the most traumatic things you can experience.

And throughout the massive anxiety + PTSD attacks I had, I still went to the gym. I forced myself to. I forced myself to eat.

And you know what? I’m glad it happened. It taught me that no matter how stressful things get in my life, I can still do the things I love no matter what.

#11 – “It doesn’t take a scientist to understand this. You get out what you put in. So stop making excuses and get out there and do whatever it takes to reach your goals.”

Exactly as it says. Don’t put 10% of your effort in and expect to make $100,000 overnight. Give it your all, and stop making excuses to cover yourself.

Hold yourself accountable!

Rich Piana Quotes -
Rich Piana Quotes –

#12 – “It’s not a physicality, it’s a mentality. Do you have the mental strength to make your dreams come true?”

This is true. Going to school and following your passions most of the time isn’t how tired you are. It’s all about your mind.

My PE teacher used to say this all the time, “When you do the mile run, you feel like you want to give up, but that’s just your mind. Your muscles can actually run for hours without ever stopping”

And while I didn’t believe him at the time, he turned out to be completely right. It’s the mentality, not the muscles!

Rich Piana Quotes -
Rich Piana Quotes –

#13 – “This is the mentality of a bodybuilder. We get obsessed with reaching the goal, and we take it too far”

One of the most classic Rich Piana quotes. It’s referenced all the time in videos about Rich Piana’s death or Rich Piana’s funeral.

But it’s the truth. Oftentimes we are so obsessed with getting our bodies sculpted we go too far and injure ourselves.

Or even in other things in life, we study so much we don’t sleep, we just give it our all.

#14 – “You’re turning your body into a machine, make it grow”

People look at bodybuilding like “oh I have a frail little body please grow”.

No! Turn your body into a machine and make it grow muscle 24/7. Make your body GROW. It’s what your body wants to do!

#15 – “The protein shakes throughout the day are like an IV drip of protein to the blood”

I love this one. As someone in the medical field I love the analogy of drinking protein shakes throughout the day like an IV to your bloodstream.

#16 – “I’m so tired of hearing excuses from everybody. There’s this fallacy in bodybuilding that you can train too much, it’s all wrong!”

I hate the overtraining thing. Stop making excuses so you can only workout for one hour. Get the work done.

#17 – “There’s no such thing as ‘too busy’. What? Too busy to fulfill your goals? Too busy to live your dreams?”

This is one of my favorite Rich Piana quotes to share around because it’s so so so so so true.

Everybody always says that they’re too busy for bodybuilding. What? How are you too busy?

If this is something you want, you need to make time for it. I’m sure you can make time in your day. Just turn off the TV, or move some things around. Are you too busy to go follow your hobbies too?

Rich Piana Quotes -
Rich Piana Quotes –


I honestly feel like shouting this to a ton of my friends that skip workouts or leave early.

It’s hard work if you want muscle. There’s no easy way. Even if you shoot up, you still have to workout to get that muscle.

And even in things like school or starting a company, there is one secret to getting it started: hard work. There is just NO easy way.

#19 – “Don’t think working out 1 hour a day makes you a hard bodybuilder”

Hahaha I love this one a lot.

How many of you have been seriously lifting for years and you see a 105lb guy walk in, do 3 sets of curls for 5 reps, then walk out and post all over his social media about it?

I posted a joke about this in my 50 Funny Gym Quotes.

But seriously, even when I started bodybuilding I worked out for 2 hours a day minimum. Rich Piana is aiming at all those people that barely put in any effort at the gym, don’t care, and then call themselves bodybuilders.

Now, he’s not saying if you’re actually busting your back working out you’re not a bodybuilder. He’s calling out the fake ones that are just doing it to look cool and don’t want to put in that hard work.

#20 – “They say you’re overtraining as an excuse so they don’t have to work as hard!”


Ian and I tell Preston that we’re going to be at the gym from 2PM-5PM. Preston says: “you’re overtraining!!!” and Preston only stays for 1 hour.

Well, Ian benches 350lbs, Preston only benches 225. See a difference? Preston doesn’t want to work as hard, and with that, he gets worse results!

#21 – “When your mind starts going down, you’re bringing your body down with it!”

This is something I am super guilty of.

Sometimes I go to the gym when my body is fully recovered and energetic, and I still have a horrible workout. Why? My mindset.

Sometimes I’ll roll into the gym with a horrible mindset, just not excited for the gym, regretting going there, etc. That will kill your whole workout instantly.

Keep your mindset energized, watch some motivational videos, whatever you have to do to stay in the game. Have that mentality to get after it and crush the gym, leave all that sweat out in the gym! Let’s get it!

#22 – “If you say that’s impossible, well you’re the people that can’t do it/won’t do it because you already have a negative mindset. You haven’t even given it a chance!”

I love this quote. If there’s one of these Rich Piana quotes that you should memorize, it’s this one.

Never go into something just saying it’s impossible, because you’ve already given up.

If you want to go to medical school or law school, don’t say it’s impossible and give up before you go. That negative mindset is never going to amount to anything.

Give it a chance, sit down and think about how you could do it, and just give it your all!

#23 – “Most people lack in the eating department. They don’t eat enough to grow from their workouts”

This is strangely enough something I see all the time in the gym.

People coming in and lifting for years and not growing from their workouts. Sure, their body slowly changes in body composition so they end up having less fat and a tiny bit more muscle, but not much.

Then they get really mad because ultimately it’s like they are spinning wheels and not growing muscle at all and never come back to the gym.

Part of the reason is that instagram influencers push stupid supplements to grow and don’t tell their followers to eat real food and grow muscle.

But the truth is simple. If you’re not growing after your workouts, it’s the eating department. If you’re really training hard and busting your back, it’s the fact you’re not eating enough.

#24 – “Spending 8 hours in a gym is not everybody’s thing. But I love it”

Hahaha I love this one so much that I literally recreated it and did Rich Piana’s famous 8 Hour Arm Workout.

#25 – “I listen to my body for my workouts. I do what feels the strongest”

This is something I actually recommend to a lot of new lifters.

While it’s always a good idea to follow the split of your program (like Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass Chest/Arms/Legs split) accordingly, sometimes there’s just times you need to switch it up.

For instance, if you go into your leg day squatting only 50% of your 1RM all day because you had a really hard day at work before, you’re better off just saving it for tomorrow and working on your chest instead that day.

Or let’s say you work at UPS and you’re sore from having a really busy holiday day at work, it might be better for you to work your legs instead of your arms.

Overall, it won’t matter as long as you’re doing everything consistently and don’t do this too often. But it’s best to play to your body’s strengths.

Conclusion of The Best Rich Piana Quotes

What is left is what he gave us. Rich Piana wanted the best for all of us and seriously was one of the only honest and real guys out there in the bodybuilding world.

Let’s never forget him and live our lives to the best everyday. We’ll miss you forever, Rich.

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