The Rich Piana Funeral that has been kept a secret…

Rich Piana affected us all, and he is my favorite bodybuilder to date. After his tragic cause of death, you’re now here wondering about The Rich Piana Funeral. Let’s cover it all in depth, and learn all about Rich Piana’s final journey.

Rich Piana
Rich Piana

The Rich Piana Funeral – Where It All Began

First things first, Rich Piana’s travel to the afterlife started August 10th, 2017.

Rich Piana suffered a heart attack in front of his girlfriend. He quickly hit the ground and she started CPR soon after. After that, emergency medical services came into his house and he was brought to the hospital. This is all starting to look like the rich piana funeral has to be planned soon.

In the hospital, Rich Piana did not have anything promising going on. Soon after on August 25th, 2017, he officially died. After he passed away the Rich Piana Funeral was now to take place… right?

The Rich Piana Funeral – Wait, was there one?

This is the most surprisingly part of the ideal. As far as anyone is aware, there was no Rich Piana funeral. You would think for a guy with over 1 million instagram followers and such a large fanbase, there would be one, right?

The Funeral That Never Happened

There has been no evidence ever released that a rich piana funeral procession ever took place. I was personally shocked by this. Rich Piana had some of the most dedicated fanbase ever, and I am one of those fans that still keeps his legacy going today.

I personally wish I could’ve been there and seen his final moments. Rich Piana has been such an impactful character on my life. Teaching me lessons daily with his “you can get whatever you set your mind out to do”.

If you’ve read my About Me page, you will know I want to be a medical doctor. Moreover, becoming a doctor is incredibly difficult. Rich Piana inspires me even when I get a B+ in grades and think it’s over, that I can still do it. Also, he reminds me every single day to get after it, and that I can do whatever I want in my life.

The Rich Piana Funeral process left an unmarked grave for a while, but why?
The Rich Piana Funeral process left an unmarked grave for a while, but why?

Is It Possible Rich Piana Had a Funeral?

The truth is, Rich Piana may have had a funeral. However, it is very unlikely. There has been no proof a funeral ever took place, and more likely than not it was more of a people visited him in his last hours and moved on.

This was especially controversial after it came out that Rich Piana’s mother was on welfare.

Even though Rich Piana was rich, funerals can be expensive, especially if his mother was to foot the bill. Furthermore, with Rich Piana being in a coma so long his family members had weeks to visit him in his final hours. All of these agree with the idea that Rich Piana likely did not have a funeral.

Rich Piana’s Girlfriend’s Comments

Rich Piana’s girlfriend Chanel Jansen did release an interview from Generation Iron 2 talking about his death. It’s a very emotional interview that talks a lot about Rich Piana and his last few days.

She talks about how she sung to Rich Piana before he died. Also, she discussed how she told the nurse to let her know if there is any change in his status. She also exclaims in tears how scared she was of him dying. I was greatly affected by this interview, and can tell this affected Chanel really deep down.

The Rich Piana Funeral – Burial

My favorite bodybuilder, Rich Piana, was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Rich Piana was buried in an unmarked grave which spoke large controversy across the bodybuilding community.

Rich Piana’s Burial with NO HEADSTONE? What Were They Trying to Hide?

A video published by MrYorkieLover discusses how he goes to visit his grave and finds it unmarked. Also, he states that him and his friend ask the info desk about it and are told a headstone has not been ordered.

For Rich Piana’s fans, we all know Rich Piana and his family would like a gravestone. And the bodybuilding community and Rich Piana’s fanbase roared at this.

The Most Controversial Rich Piana Funeral Facebook Post

Shortly after Rich Piana’s family was forced to release a statement on facebook about the burial headstone.

MrYorkieLover excellently reads the facebook post explaining this strange phenomenon at first. Essentially, Rich Piana’s dad wanted to make a custom headstone for his son, and apparently Rich’s mother was blocking the request to put a headstone order through.

After a big fight, Jane Piana reveals that she and Rich Piana’s dad footed the bill and chose to ignore the mother’s ignorance. While we are not sure why Rich Piana’s mom did not pay for the headstone, some again speculate that she could not afford it.

Rich Piana’s Gravestone

After that headed controversy took place, the rich piana funeral continued with a proper gravestone.

The Rich Piana Funeral - Richard Eugene Piana's tombstone from
The Rich Piana Funeral – Richard Eugene Piana’s tombstone from

He has many headstones around his place of burial. That is just one stating his birthday to death date. There is also a large motivational gravestone next to it.

The Rich Piana Funeral and his beautiful gravestone representing the way he inspired the world.
The Rich Piana Funeral and his beautiful gravestone representing the way he inspired the world.

Rich Piana’s big gravestone is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Also, it highlights how he changed the world by inspiring everybody to get up and get after their dreams. Additionally, this almost made me tear up, as Rich Piana has had such a big impact on my life.

While some disliked Rich Piana and even accused him of racism, he always had a positive message to chase after what you want. Finally, he promised me and many others, no matter what you want: if you try your hardest to get it, you will.

Rich Piana’s Obituary

Across the internet Rich Piana has multiple obituaries published.’s Obituary for The Rich Piana Funeral has a simple obituary for Rich Piana. It briefly states how he had taken steroids and many drugs and died for it. However, it also states how he had a tough discipline and self-improvement regiment. Finally, it states how Rich Piana featured in some TV shows and had a big instagram following.

I do like how reminds the reader that Rich Piana advised against the use of steroids for his fans. And, how much he genuinely cared for them.’s Obituary has a very small obituary for Rich Piana. It briefly states he was a celebrity that died of a drug overdose. I do not like this as it misrepresents what Rich Piana stood for, and mislabels him as an addict.

I think for how much Rich Piana affected this world, he deserves a lot better than that.

Rich Piana’s Burial Grounds

If you would like to see a video of YorkieLover visiting Rich Piana’s burial grounds, please view the embed below.

On a lighter note through all of this, his grave is massive. He had such big and broad shoulders they probably had to get a HUGE casket for him. And, if there’s one thing Rich Piana can still make me laugh at is how he had to turn sideways to get through some doors.


Rich Piana’s death affected us all. Also, The Rich Piana funeral procession was confusing however, as it never happened. Or maybe it did, and nobody said a word about it? Regardless, he will be remembered forever, and has a beautiful and peaceful spot in Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

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