What Gym Has The Most Locations?

Gym memberships can get expensive. I mean, why would anybody spend all that money and be locked down to just a few locations?

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That’s why I prefer to have a gym membership at one of the gyms with a ton of locations. That way when I travel for work, school- whatever- I know I can find a place to workout.

So, what gym has the most locations?

Anytime Fitness is the gym that has the most locations. There are 3,000 Anytime Fitness locations, and 2,600 of those are in the United States and Canada. Plus, Anytime Fitness is a good gym for everybody, no matter your goals. It has a good selection of free weights, cardio machines, and other training gear like boxing bags and ropes- it’s also 24/7!

This is much better than the next competitor, Planet Fitness, which only has 2,000 locations. Furthermore, Planet Fitness locations generally do not have free weights.

Which Gym Has The Most Locations?
Which Gym Has The Most Locations?

Anytime Fitness Has By Far The Most Locations

If you’re looking for the gym with the most locations, you can’t beat Anytime Fitness.

They have over 3,000 locations in the world. 2,600 of those locations are in the United States and Canada.

Anytime Fitness is Actively Trying to Expand to 8,000 Gym Locations Worldwide

Many gyms don’t have an active goal of expanding their gym locations- Anytime Fitness, on the other hand, does.

According to the last media report in 2016 by Anytime Fitness, “we anticipate that figure to be closer to 50% – approximately 4,000 clubs in the U.S. and another 4,000 Anytime Fitness gyms elsewhere around the globe”.

Unfortunately, a global pandemic occurred, which put a huge dent in their progress, especially considering most gyms were shut down for nearly a year straight.

However, it is good knowing that they have a goal of actively expanding locations in the United States AND Worldwide still.

This means if you are someone looking to travel worldwide and want a somewhat reliable gym, it may pay off to get your membership at Anytime Fitness.

Especially considering no other gym has ever come forward with such an ambitious goal of getting ANOTHER 4,000 gyms outside of the United States/Canada.

Anytime Fitness has TONS Of Locations In Rural and Urban Areas

If you’re looking for the gym with most locations, chances are- you’re traveling or you live in the middle of nowhere.

As much as I love Gold’s Gym or Lifetime Fitness- they aren’t known for their rural locations.

I lowkey live in the middle of nowhere, and that’s probably where I’ll always live. I love the cabin life, I love the wilderness- what can I say?

But, you’ll be surprised how many Anytime Fitness locations are in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Honestly, it’s a bit freaky, to be honest- but I’m certainly not complaining.

If you’re looking for a place with many locations in rural areas, Anytime Fitness is your best bet.

Not only do they have 2,600 locations in the United States/Canada- but they literally started in Minnesota. So they know what the rural lifestyle is all about.

Anytime Fitness is a Good Gym For EVERYBODY, Even Weight Lifters

A frustrating thing I’ve dealt with is gyms that don’t have power racks or even free weights.

A big culprit is Planet Fitness. As I covered in my Planet Fitness vs Anytime Fitness post- Planet Fitness just doesn’t have any free weights.

That means if you’re a bigger guy, or you’re someone trying to actively build muscle, Planet Fitness is no longer an option.

And don’t get me wrong, if you’re just into running and keeping in decent shape, Planet Fitness is a great option. But, Anytime Fitness also does that.

So, if you just want cardio, Anytime Fitness also has fantastic cardio options- but you’ll have a better time finding locations.

What Other Gyms Have a Lot Of Locations?

If Anytime Fitness doesn’t exactly suit you, here is the list of gyms with a ton of locations too:


Overall, if you’re looking for the gym with the most locations- Anytime Fitness is your best bet. It has a great number of rural locations, AND doubles as a great gym for anyone- whether your goals are just staying toned or putting on a ton of muscle.

Let me know what gym you use when you travel in the comments below!

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