Why Am I Naturally Muscular?

Do you ever think that maybe you look more muscular than normal? Even if you don’t ’work out’?

What causes this? Why am I naturally muscular?

Well, you are naturally muscular for a few reasons. Most likely it’s because you are more active than you think and you probably have a much better diet than you think. Also, diets high in meat can make our muscles look bigger due to increased creatine levels. Lastly, part of it is genetics, but that’s usually not as big of a factor as you may think.

Let’s go through all of this and cover all of this in-depth, and explain why you are naturally muscular.

Why Am I Naturally Muscular?
Why Am I Naturally Muscular?

You Are Likely More Active Than You Think

Even if you aren’t working out 4-5 days a week, you are likely more active than you think.

The truth is, once you have that muscle, it’s actually pretty hard to lose it provided you stay somewhat active.

People often mistake how much you need to do to really keep muscle on the body. They think you need to be in the gym non stop, but the reality is far from that.

People that are often naturally muscular are often just more active in general. This includes going on walks, helping out with chores around the house, or even just having a longer walk up to school or work every day.

These things, while they seem tiny, are very good at keeping the muscle tone of the body.

When people aren’t that active, their muscle tone depletes rapidly. This can include laying in bed all day or just gaming non-stop for 16 hours a day with no exercise. Even simple walks can prevent a lot of this.

So, while you might not be following the same workout routine as a bodybuilder, even little exercise can work wonders for the body.

In reality, most people should be somewhat ‘toned’ even if they don’t work out regularly. The problem is, the amount of activity humans have been doing has significantly decreased, to the point where some people aren’t even moving more than 10 minutes a day!

So, if you seem ‘naturally muscular’, you’re likely just being healthy and staying active like you should be.

Your Diet Is Likely Better Than You Think

If you find yourself being naturally muscular, your diet is likely better than you think.

It may come as a shock to realize most Americans eat a very poor diet.

A recent study titled Low Dietary Protein Intakes and Associated Dietary Patterns and Functional Limitations in an Aging Population: A NHANES Analysis found that nearly half of all Americans don’t consume enough protein and this is contributing to muscle loss, muscle deterioration, and increased illness.

That’s right, on a day-to-day basis about half of Americans aren’t even consuming enough protein for normal bodily functions.

This is often why many Americans feel so sluggish after work or school, they just don’t have enough protein to be replacing the normal muscle loss that happens every day.

And remember, that’s just Americans that are eating ‘enough’ protein to try and stave away muscle loss. That’s not talking about Americans that are eating enough protein for normal muscle growth.

If you’re eating just even protein with every meal, chances are you’re better off than most Americans and people around you.

When people aren’t eating enough protein, their muscle decays and they feel sluggish. When people eat their recommended daily value of protein, they feel better, they keep muscle tone, and their body chooses to burn fat instead of muscle for energy.

Meat Contains Creatine, You Could Have High Creatine Levels – Making Your Muscles Look Better

One thing people don’t; realize is that meat contains creatine naturally.

Creatine, is a proven natural supplement that puts more water into your muscles making you look bigger. Bodybuilders often take creatine every day to make their muscles look bigger- but not all creatine is from a supplement tub!

As I said, meat contains creatine naturally. And depending on how healthy your diet is, you could have high creatine levels, which makes your muscles look bigger and better.

You Could Also Be Good at Staying Hydrated, Which Makes Muscles Look Better

You could also be good at staying hydrated, which actually makes your muscles look better.

People that appear naturally muscular are often just really good at staying hydrated, which is very good for your health and muscles.

When you are well hydrated, some of that water goes into your muscles making them look bigger. Plus, overall your body just looks bigger.

Genetics Can Play a Part, But Less Than You Think

Some people jump to ‘genetics’ right away, but this often plays a much smaller role than you think.

While some people have better genetics than others, it often, truthfully, is very insignificant. Many famous bodybuilders will tell you that genetics often don’t really matter unless you’re at your genetic muscle limit, which 99% of people aren’t- unless you’re on the stage of Mr.Olympia or Mr.Universe competing.

Even then, hard work and diet often prevail over genetics.

Now, if you and a buddy are both the same height, same weight, and same body fat percentage and they look a little more toned than you- yes, genetics are probably playing a part there- but 2 weeks of you going to the gym will likely outshine whatever ‘genetics’ they had.

And yes, some people have genetics for bigger back muscles, or legs muscles, or even better-looking veins. But again, that is stuff that really doesn’t show unless someone has put in the hard work of years of working out already.

So, that’s good news if you’re naturally muscular. It isn’t genetics and chance, it’s more often just good diet and staying healthy.

Conclusion of Why Am I Naturally Muscular?

So, let’s recap, generally speaking: you’re naturally muscular because:

  • You are likely more active than most people.
  • You likely have a better diet than most people.

Furthermore, it can be the increased creatine you’re eating from a healthy diet, and good hydration too.

Oftentimes, genetics aren’t something that really affects this. And that’s a good thing, that means you’re staying active and eating healthy.

So, keep on working hard!

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