Why Do Bodybuilders Have No Hair?

Ever notice that most bodybuilders have a shaved head?

What’s going on here? Why do bodybuilders have no hair?

Well, the truth is some bodybuilders DO have hair. But, most shave their head to hide balding due to “performance enhancer” use and to draw more emphasis to their muscles on stage. Typically speaking, bodybuilders won’t be judged on their hair unless it is something very obscene.

Let’s cover this a bit more in-depth.

Why Do Bodybuilders Have No Hair?
Why Do Bodybuilders Have No Hair?

Not ALL Bodybuilders Have No Hair, In Fact- Quite a Few Have Crazy Hairstyles on Stage!

Not all bodybuilders have no hair! It isn’t a requirement as a bodybuilder to shave your head before a competition or anything like that, thankfully. (I take my haircare very seriously!)

There are quite a few bodybuilders that actually do wear normal hairstyles or even sometimes crazy hairstyles on stage.

Some bodybuilders believe a good hairstyle, beard, or even mustache may add to their physique. In some cases they are right, and in some cases they are wrong.

Bodybuilders Usually Aren’t Judged On Their Hair on Stage

So, the judges of a bodybuilding competition are usually scoring each bodybuilder on their muscles and physique.

Typically speaking, bodybuilders usually aren’t judged on their hair when they are on stage. So, if a bodybuilder has a normal hairstyle or something, it’s usually just ignored.

However, it can be detrimental and the judges could score a bodybuilder worse for having an obscene hairstyle or hair that isn’t well-kept.

Bodybuilders May Receive a Lower Score For Hair That Isn’t Well Kept or Obscene

For instance, if you came on stage with a hair style with obscene language being spelled, or well, hair in the shape of a middle finger or something funky- the judges will probably drop your score immensely.

Additionally, if your hair has lice or flies coming out of it, you might see your score drop as well.

Remember, bodybuilding is about the appearance of the body, and while the main focus is on muscle- everything from hygiene to your posing matters on stage.

So, even if you were incredibly muscular, if you came on stage with a bad attitude, poorly maintained hair, and an angry look towards the judges- you might expect to see your score much lower than you may have estimated.

Bodybuilders Typically Shave Their Hair Due to Balding Because of ‘Performance Enhancers’.

Bodybuilders often use ‘performance enhancers’- if you catch my drift.

What I am trying to say, is bodybuilders often use things that increase their muscle growth to levels that aren’t humanly possible and they often have serious side effects as a result.

One of the biggest side effects of performance enhancers is serious hair loss and balding, especially ‘spotting’. Where parts of the hair are missing and the rest isn’t.

While I would find it hard to find a judge that would actually take off points for a bodybuilder having some spotting, it could go into the category of ‘unkept appearance’. However, again, there is quite a bit of wiggle room as some people just naturally have hair loss.

Generally speaking though, bodybuilders are super hygienic and will try to remove any imperfections or anything that could be seen as poorly maintained hair or hygiene. So, if there is spotting present, many may just opt to shave their whole head.

Some Bodybuilders Believe Shaving Their Head Draws More Attention To Their Muscles- And There’s Some Truth To It

A common belief in the bodybuilding world is that shaving their head will draw more attention to their muscles.

And, as weird as that may sound at first, there is some truth to it.

When you’re on a bodybuilding stage, there is a TON of big bright shiny lights that go right on top of your head.

Having a hairstyle or large hair will bring the attention to the top of your head- NOT, the muscles of your body.

By making your head smaller, our eyes naturally move to the bigger object- which would be all of the muscles you have. This is almost an optical illusion or trick to make you look bigger.

Naturally, if someone has a huge heap of hair we pay way more attention to it. But, with the bald head we naturally turn our eyes down to the bigger muscles.

It’s an interesting illusion. It works even better when there are huge stage lights on you.

Some bodybuilders and scientists even argue that the removed hair may let the light shine better on the rest of your muscles and make you look bigger and more defined.

While it is still controversial and much of it is still in the air for debate, some bodybuilders firmly stand behind it- and I also kind of believe it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bodybuilding Reduce Body Hair?

No, bodybuilding does not reduce body hair- however, most bodybuilders do shave their entire body to show off their muscles better.

Do Bodybuilders Have Hair?

Some bodybuilders have hair, and some choose to shave. This is often because bodybuilders often develop some baldness and spotting IF they use performance enhancers.

Why Do Athletes Not Have Body Hair?

Some athletes do not have body hair for many reasons. Firstly, it reduces sweat and stink massively. Secondly, it makes their muscles look bigger. And lastly, many athletes don’t have hair because some believe it affects drag and speed in things like swimming or running.

How Do Bodybuilders Remove Body Hair?

Bodybuilders typically remove body hair by normal shaving. Some bodybuilders have opted to use electric shavers, but oftentimes these shavers don’t get as ‘clean’ of a shave as bodybuilders usually need.

Conclusion of Why Do Bodybuilders Have No Hair?

So, we learned a lot today- let’s recap.

  • Most Bodybuilders Do Have Hair!
  • If Bodybuilders use performance enhancers to grow more muscle, oftentimes they get balding and spotting- so they usually shave the whole head off.
  • Sometimes, badly kept hair can be a sign of poor hygiene and can lower a score at a bodybuilding competition.
  • Bodybuilders often shave hair to bring more attention to their muscles instead of their head.

Hopefully this article helped you! Good luck in the gym.

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