Best Bodybuilding Posing Songs

It’s time. You’ve completed your bulk and cut cycle, you’re looking shredded as Zyzz, and you need the best bodybuilding posing songs to play while the judges stare in awe.

Perhaps, you’ll be in a bodybuilding documentary one day- who knows? Regardless, you want a track that hypes you up and makes you the king on stage.

I separated this into two sections, the first section is bodybuilding posing songs already done at competitions with videos of it being done. That’s if maybe you want to copy a routine to get the hang of posing, or maybe you want to take some inspiration and edit it to your own liking.

The second section is just a general list of good bodybuilding posing songs that you can freely browse and listen to on your own terms to decide what’s best for you.

If you don’t have a ton of time to browse, some of the best bodybuilding posing songs right off the bat are:

  • Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson
  • The Show Must Go On – Queen
  • Arrival to Earth – Transformers
  • The Rich Piana Theme Song

So, let’s get into it- and view the full list of the best bodybuilding songs,

Best bodybuilding posing songs

Bodybuilding Posing Songs Done At Competitions

Here are some famous bodybuilding posing songs that have been done at live competitions with videos for you to watch.

Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a singer we all know, in fact- he might be the most famous singer of all time. Chances are, you’ve already heard his famous song, “Dirty Diana”- but did you know it is a great bodybuilding posing song?

As a matter of fact, Kai Greene, one of the most famous bodybuilders out there poses to that song, here’s a video of him posing to it. And to this day, it’s considered probably the single BEST performance of posing in all of bodybuilding history.

This posing performance was so good, that Phil Heath said it was one of the best performances in the whole generation. (Since the golden era of bodybuilding)

As you can see, that performance was phenomenal. In fact, it doesn’t take a bodybuilding fanatic or professional dancer to be wowed by that incredible show.

While many people would’ve never considered Dirty Diana as one of the best bodybuilding posing songs, I think it goes to show that if you really like a song- you can put your soul into it and make the audience gasp.

The Show Must Go On – Queen

Queen is a band that will honestly likely be remembered forever. The creators of countless hit singles that anybody recognizes the name, from Bohemian Rhapsody to someone chanting another one bites the dust… at a football game- Queen is really good at their music.

And interestingly enough, they have created one of the BEST bodybuilding posing songs out there in my opinion.

“The Show Must Go On” – Queen, is a phenomenal bodybuilding posing song. It’s literally about how the show must go on- which fits in with the whole methodology of bodybuilding- that you are going to get huge and put on a show for your fans no matter what obstacles come in your path.

The song starts great, and at 0:58 is where that incredible beat drop happens.

A famous bodybuilder, Rusty Jeffers, posed to this song at the 2007 Ironman Pro. Here’s a video of that breathtaking performance:

Arrival to Earth – Transformers Soundtrack

Who doesn’t love the transformers? It’s a classic set of movies that everybody knows by heart.

And as we all know, the soundtrack from those movies is INCREDIBLE. And as we can guess, a song made for superheroes also works for massive bodybuilders entering and posing on the stage.

Arrival to Earth is one of the best bodybuilding posing songs.

Famous bodybuilder Desmond Miller actually posed to this song here:

Rich Piana’s Theme Song

Rich Piana is one of the greatest legends to ever exist in the bodybuilding world. His sudden death (and Zyzz’s death) shocked everybody in the bodybuilding world.

From his 8 Hour Arm Workout to his massive arms weighing 23.5 inches- Rich Piana was not only known for his size but his incredible motivation with his famous quotes.

His custom theme song was also INTENSE and I swear there may be no better song that represents bodybuilding. It’s just filled with excitement and makes you want to pump some heavy weight.

Here it is:

Elk Hunt – Trevor Jones

Melvin Anthony shows us that you don’t need a mainstream song to pose to.

Melvin does an incredible show to a song by Trevor Jones called Elk Hunt from The Last Of The Mohicans.

It’s a great score and really fit the show well. Here’s a video of him performing:

General List of Best Bodybuilding Posing Songs

Here is just a general list of the best bodybuilding posing songs that you should try posing to/use at your next competition!

This is just a list of songs I’ve found online and other people have recommended. There’s no specific order, so just listen to them and see which one you like!

If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them right away!

What Makes a Good Bodybuilding Posing Song?

You may be on the hunt for a good bodybuilding posing song- but what makes one good?

Well, here are some ground rules to follow:

  • Try to avoid words if you can. Most of the time it’s a distraction to you and the audience, unless you can plan your posing around the verses, get a different song.
  • Find a song with a mix of slow points that build up into intense climaxes. You don’t want a song with just constant intensity or vice versa.
  • Find a song that is interesting and not repetitive.
    • Don’t bore your audience to death, make a performance that is surprising and leaves them guessing instead of knowing.
  • Find a song that has enough time for you to properly pose and show the judges/audience all of that muscle group without rushing you.
    • I see many bodybuilders pick a song they like, but they have to rush certain muscle groups becuase the song climax is a little short, this will seriously affect your score. Don’t do this.
  • Isn’t too loud/obnoxious.
    • While we all have different tastes in music, be considerate of the audience. Don’t pick some new high pitch 10000BPM dubstep song to do it too if you know that you’re the only person in the world who likes it. The audience will also be judging you based on your song choice, as wrong as that sounds.


So, there you have it. Those are some of the best bodybuilding posing songs, with many more to come. Hopefully I pointed you in the right direction and helped you learn what makes a good bodybuilding posing song.

Good luck out there! And again, tell me in the comments below what song you chose, and I will add it to this list!

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