Liberty Brew Mountain Dew Review (AWESOME FLAVOR!)

Liberty Brew Mountain Dew review, pictured here is the liberty brew flavor in a can! Awesome flavor!!!

My friends and I had all left the gym at the ripe ol’ time of 2 AM. We went to the local Kwik Trip (best gas station ever) aiming to get some food after our workout. Ian proudly exclaimed so loud the cashier started laughing ‘IT’S LIBERTY BREW!!!!’. And now, here we are writing the … Read more

Is PSEO Worth It (YES!!) (From a PSEO student!)

I think schools don’t do a great job of explaining how worth it PSEO really is. The only quote that stuck with me was “it’s literally free college!”. They don’t tell you that PSEO isn’t ‘like college’, but it is college. Like- you do college instead of high school. For free. Did you know Amazon … Read more

Azzaro Wanted By Night Review

Azzaro Wanted By Night Review, box and bottle.

Look- I’ll admit it, I’m a man that loves romance. Furthermore, I wanted a cologne that signaled I’m a man and was slightly ‘seductive’. I did absolutely too much research and had to write this Azzaro Wanted By Night Review. You can buy the Azzaro Wanted By Night Cologne for super cheap on Amazon! I’m … Read more

Flonase Loss of Smell – Scientifically Proven

Flonase Loss of Smell Bottle Pictured

Before Flonase was on the over-the-counter market, I was prescribed it for my severe allergies. I was warned that there were many side-effects, including stunted growth and a potential Flonase loss of smell. Did you know you can buy Flonase nearly 40% off buy ordering it online? Well, truthfully, I had forgotten all of that. … Read more