Is Planet Fitness 24 Hours?

Since COVID and everything happened, a lot of gyms changed their procedures and hours. So, I did some research, called up a ton of places and got an answer.

So, is planet fitness 24 hours? Yes! Planet fitness IS 24 Hours, even during COVID. Most Planet Fitness locations have gone back to their normal 24 hour schedule. Although, I always recommend checking with your local club by giving them a call.

Let’s cover a bit more about this:

Is Planet Fitness 24 Hours? Yes!
Is Planet Fitness 24 Hours? Yes!

Is Planet Fitness Normally 24 Hours?

Yes, so planet fitness is normally 24 hours. Before COVID or any lockdowns occurred, planet fitness was normally 24 hours at all locations.

Generally, most planet fitness locations are also staffed 24 hours, but this can vary location to location. Regardless, you should be able to just swipe your key fob and get in to the club no matter the time of day.

Is Planet Fitness 24 Hours COVID?

Yes, so most planet fitness locations have gone back to their 24-hour schedule even during COVID.

A lot of planet fitness locations closed down or reduced their hours to only like 7AM-7PM during COVID, but most locations as of 2-3 weeks ago (February 2021) have gone back to their normal 24 hour schedule.

I Always Recommend Calling Your Club

I always recommend calling your planet fitness club for more information. Their staff hours are pretty good compared to Anytime Fitness or SNAP Fitness.

So even if you work day shift or night shift, you should be able to reach planet fitness a vast majority of the day.

For reference, I live in Minnesota, and we are a very strict state when it comes to lockdowns. Meaning we seriously locked down compared to a state like Florida, so if Planet Fitness is opened 24 hours here, that’s probably a good sign for other places too.

The Bottom Line: Yes, they are open 24 hours.

A majority of planet fitness locations are open 24 hours even given the lockdowns and everything. So for the most part, your planet fitness should be open 24 hours.

But feel free to give them a call, I’ve had good customer service experiences with them and they will be glad to help!

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