Why Am I NOT Gaining Muscle?

Building muscle is incredibly difficult. It can be especially frustrating when you spend hours in the gym and dieting- just to not see any muscle growth. So, you may be thinking to yourself- why am I NOT gaining muscle? If you’re not gaining muscle, it’s for three main reasons: You aren’t eating enough, you aren’t … Read more

Are Lateral Raises Necessary?

Lateral raises are present in any serious workout program. But, most people get frustrated by them and wonder- are lateral raises necessary? Well, simply put, yes and no. Most shoulder exercises workout your lateral muscles well enough. But if you REALLY want your shoulders to explode in size, lateral raises are necessary to really build … Read more

Do Bodybuilders Workout Everyday?

Bodybuilders spend a ton of time in the gym. Everybody knows that if you just went to the gym once a week, you’d never put on muscle or make any serious progress. But, how often are bodybuilders hitting the weights? Do bodybuilders workout everyday? Well, no. Bodybuilders do NOT workout every day. Bodybuilders typically only … Read more