Are Abs Attractive On Females?

I’ve been thankful to have so many friends throughout my life so far. And even though I’m a guy, a ton of my friends that are women always tell me that they’re worried about getting abs.

And they always ask for my input and what I would think. So, today I’ve done a ton of research and I’m here to give you the answer you need!

So, are abs attractive on females?

Yes! Abs are very attractive on females. So, don’t worry- the man or woman of your dreams isn’t going to think you’re ugly. But if you don’t have abs, don’t worry either. Most men and women surveyed said that they honestly don’t care if their partner has abs or not- it is never a dealbreaker.

Let’s cover this a bit more in-depth.

Are abs attractive on females? Yes!
Are abs attractive on females? Yes!

Abs ARE Attractive, No Matter What Gender You Are

The truth is, abs are attractive- no matter what gender you are.

You always see in the Hollywood movies and bodybuilding documentaries men showing off their abs to women on the beach. It’s always portrayed as the women gawking over his abs- but you rarely see it the other way around.

That’s where this societal ‘stigma’-if you will- has formed. Because it’s usually the men having this 8 pack of steel, many women think that it is wrong for women to have abs.

This is completely wrong! Abs are super attractive no matter what gender you are.

There’s a good reason that women who compete in bodybuilding competitions have abs. And remember, they have to do the same posing and tanning male bodybuilders do- women’s bodybuilding is not anything to joke about!

When you look at it, it’s not just the men who are seen as attractive for having abs- it’s the women too!

Don’t let Hollywood fool you just because it’s much rarer, abs are attractive on women.

A Scientific Study Concludes That Men Find Abs Attractive

As much as I could tell you as a guy myself that all of my guy friends (myself included) find abs attractive, I’ll just let the science talk.

A study done in January 2009 called “Abdominal depth and waist circumference as influential determinants of human female attractiveness” went to find out if men found abs attractive on women.

The study went on to say this: “analysis revealed that the depth of the lower torso at the umbilicus, or abdominal depth, and waist circumference were the strongest predictors of attractiveness, stronger than either BMI or WHR (waist-to-hip ratio)”.

So, what does that mean?

The study is basically saying that when the area near your umbilicus (your navel/ab region) is lower in-depth (more defined, as in abs) that this is the strongest factor of attractiveness.

Now, be careful. It isn’t saying that the more defined your abs are, the more attractive you are. It’s actually saying that, in general, people with a smaller stomach are seen as more attractive.

So, technically, you don’t even need abs to reach that ‘scientifically attractive’ point. You just need a flat stomach. But, having abs is also synonymous with having a flat stomach, so it works both ways. (ie: you can’t have abs without having a flat stomach)

There you go, the science says it. If you have abs you’ll be seen as attractive scientifically- but you don’t actually NEED the abs, per se.

Partners Surveyed Say Abs Aren’t A Deal Breaker At ALL

Get this, in multiple surveys done with people actively dating said that abs aren’t a deal-breaker at ALL.

What they’re basically saying is that they don’t see their partner as attractive nor unattractive for having or not having abs.

Sure, if they have abs, it’s a nice bonus. But at the end of the day, if their partner did or did not have those abs- they wouldn’t really care.

Honestly, at the end of it all, abs are pretty insignificant in the dating world. Sure, they look nice, but a partner that loves you for what’s inside is always the most important thing.

But, this is a relief for my fellow bodybuilders out there that have been dirty bulking a bit too much and don’t have a six-pack either.

The truth is in, While abs are attractive, whether you have them or not likely won’t affect your chances with your partner.

Most People Don’t Care How Thin or Thick Thier Partners Are – Be Postive In Your Own Body

The truth is, most people don’t care about how thin or thick their partners are.

I’ll tell you this much, in 2021 we are having a literal revolution of body positivity- and it’s a good thing.

Most men I know actually do like women that are a bit on the heavier side, and hate that women think they need to be incredibly thin with abs to be attractive.

The truth is, most people these days are dating their partner for their personality instead of looks.

Just being at a healthy weight, having a good personality, and being somewhat active is really all you need to do to get the partner of your dreams.

So, if you don’t have abs- don’t worry. It’s not a deal-breaker at all, and some people would prefer you’re actually a bit on the thicker side.

Pick a Partner That Loves You For Who YOU Are

There’s a famous funny gym quote that goes around time to time and it says, “If she can’t handle me at my bulk, she doesn’t deserve me at my cut”.

It’s basically saying if she leaves you when you get a bit chubby, she doesn’t deserve you when you’re shredded either. It means she doesn’t even like who you are as a person.

It’s important to understand that while abs are attractive, you shouldn’t be getting them in hopes of finding a partner. Find a partner that loves you for who YOU are on the inside.


Are women’s abs attractive?

Yes, women’s abs are attractive! And many men and women love the look of abs on women. It’s not just limited to guys!

Do abs make you more attractive?

Yes, abs generally do make you more attractive according to science. However, they can’t fix a bad personality.

Conclusion of Are Abs Attractive on Females?

The verdict is in, the science shows abs are very attractive on females. But- if you don’t have any, don’t sweat it! Most people surveyed said it doesn’t really matter if their partner has abs or not, and it’s more important to find someone who cares about you for what’s inside.

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