Do Girls Like Big Arms?

Alright, I’ll admit it. I started going to the gym in the first place to impress girls.

And I’m sure a lot of men out there are doing it for the same reason. We all learn at some point that the gym barely does anything in the world of dating- but I digress.

But, I know a ton of us out there are still wondering if our hard work in the gym will pay off and impress that girl we’ve been crushing on.

So, do girls like big arms?

Yes, girls do like big arms! In fact, a scientific study concluded that women specifically desire upper body strength in men, and then went on to say over 70% of a male’s attractiveness is directly attributed to his estimated physical strength!

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Let’s cover this a bit more in-depth, and explain what this means.

Do Girls Like Big Arms? Yes!
Do Girls Like Big Arms? Yes!

The Science Says Women Like Strong Men!

If you’ve been stressing hard doing Calum Von Moger’s Arm Workout or Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass desperately trying to get big arms to impress your crush- your hard work has paid off.

A study was done called, “Cues of upper body strength account for most of the variance in men’s bodily attractiveness”. The entire goal of this study was to figure out how women are attracted SPECIFICALLY to the human body- and not the face.

We all know that facial features can seriously affect how we perceive the attractiveness of somebody, so the study made sure to focus on just the body itself.

The results were very fascinating- although somewhat controversial to many.

The study found that 70% of what makes a man attractive was directly attributed to how strong the men were perceived to be. In fact, the study goes as far as to say there is a direct linear relationship, meaning the stronger the man- the more attractive they were.

But, while that gives us a ‘hint’ of what we’re looking for, it doesn’t specifically say that the biceps or in general, the arm is more attractive. Oh wait- the study actually does!

The Study Then Went On To Say Women Are Attracted to Biceps and Arms More Than The Rest of The Body

So, get this. We already discussed that the overall idea of a man being strong is over 70% of that attractiveness. But, there’s more.

The study then goes on to say that women are attracted to that ‘upper body strength’. It’s not saying that women go head over heels for general strength, but specifically, arm strength.

In fact, here’s a direct quote from the study: “the results showed that women particularly valued components of upper body strength, e.g. ‘muscular strength’, ‘biceps'”.

So there you have it. In a study where women specifically looked at different men’s bodies and had to say which feature was most attractive- they said the biceps.

The verdict is in!

Why is This? Evolution

You may be shocked at the results- like why would women naturally be attracted to men with bigger arms?

Well, the scientists hypothesized that it has to do with picking high-quality mates.

In fact, that’s why this whole study has been so controversial. Many scientists like zoologists or biologists have come forward saying that the study was a waste of time- as this was common knowledge.

Many of them made an argument that in the animal kingdom, strength rules over weakness. It just makes sense women would be more attracted to stronger men.

While I can see where they are coming from, that argument is kind of weak. I think many of us can agree that a lot of women aren’t dating super strong men- and humans aren’t the best representation of the ‘animal kingdom’, because we are so different even if we are so similar.

So, the idea is that strength played an important role in our evolution and that’s why women find it so attractive. Even if in 2021 we, thankfully, don’t have to be fighting wild hyenas and bears with our bare fists.

Make Sure You Pick a Partner That Likes You For Your Personality

While we can always get caught up trying to impress other women or men, make sure you pick a partner that likes you for what’s INSIDE of you- not what’s visible from the outside.

If a girl only dates you because you have big arms, you have much bigger problems, my friend. You’re worth so much more than that.

Treat Having Big Arms Like A Bonus Gift To Your Partner

According to the science, big arms are attractive to women. So, instead of looking at your biceps as a way to get women, look at it as a bonus for whoever dates you to enjoy.

Find a partner that likes you for your personality, and your huge triceps can be like a bonus for them to enjoy. But remember, a good relationship never revolves around someone’s body.

Conclusion of Do Girls Like Big Arms?

So, yes! Girls do like big arms according to science. But, make sure you find a partner that likes you for your personality above all- and let the big arms be a ‘perk’ of dating you- but not the main reason!

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