How Much Muscle Can You Gain Naturally?

One of the most common questions that comes across the minds of bodybuilders is how much muscle they can gain naturally. We have to be careful here. Natural bodybuilding is different. The results in natural bodybuilding are slightly less than what you would expect from someone using performance enhancers and HGH. Secondly, there are misconceptions … Read more

Why Am I NOT Gaining Muscle?

Building muscle is incredibly difficult. It can be especially frustrating when you spend hours in the gym and dieting- just to not see any muscle growth. So, you may be thinking to yourself- why am I NOT gaining muscle? If you’re not gaining muscle, it’s for three main reasons: You aren’t eating enough, you aren’t … Read more

Does Bodybuilding Change Your Face?

People engage in bodybuilding for different reasons. Some do it for better self-confidence and self-image, some do it as a hobby while others go for professional competitions. No matter what your reasons for bodybuilding are, there will be certain changes in the body as you progress. Our faces are like the first interface to the … Read more

How Much Sleep Do Bodybuilders Need?

The field of bodybuilding demands constant attention and is constantly evolving. Because of this, we are always putting our focus in the wrong areas. Often times, we look at the new products on the market like protein powder, multivitamins, or supplements- when we need to be focusing on the basics! Sleep is the foundation of … Read more

Do You Need Protein Shakes To Build Muscle?

On your fitness journey, you’re bound to eventually run into some form of fitness or protein shakes. Whether you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle, there is some company out there selling a shake or product for it. Sometimes we also see fitness enthusiasts make a lot of fuss about protein shakes and the … Read more