Are Diamond Push Ups Good For Chest?

Diamond push ups are always touted as a ‘harder push up’ and a way to really push yourself. Most people commonly refer to diamond push ups as a good way to build triceps- and they’re right. Recently, however, some fitness websites have come out claiming that diamond push ups are better for your chest than … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Muscle Imbalance?

Muscle imbalances suck. And, it doesn’t help that when we notice a muscle imbalance, we almost impulsively focus on it all day long. So, now that you’ve been constantly trying to get rid of this muscle imbalance- how long does it take to fix a muscle imbalance? It roughly takes, on average, 2-4 weeks to … Read more

Can I Build Muscle Without Carbs?

Carbohydrates are essential for life. They are one of the three important macronutrients needed for survival, the others being fat and protein. Carbohydrates provide energy to the muscles- and well, your whole body. And with that, it is one of the most important nutrients for actual muscle growth. Thus, an important question arises- can you … Read more

5 Disadvantages of Supersets

Supersets are an awesome way to grow big muscles quickly. A superset is when two or more exercises that engage completely different muscle groups are performed back to back. Read: How Do Supersets Work? There is usually no rest or break between supersets. Furthermore, supersets burn calories fast and engage more muscle groups within the … Read more