Can You Gain Muscle Without Working Out?

Can you build muscle without working out?

The human body is held together by muscles. It is the muscles that work our bones to get the action done. Not surprisingly, about 70% of our total body mass is muscle. We can’t function properly without muscles. When it comes to gaining muscles, a wide misconception is that gains can be made without working … Read more

What Muscle Grows The Fastest?

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires patience. But on your journey to becoming the biggest guy in the world, you may be wondering- what muscle grows the fastest? The muscle that grows the fastest is the quadriceps and chest. Truthfully, it is genetically different for most people. However, most people notice that their quadriceps and … Read more

3 Reasons Sleep is Very Important For Gaining Muscle

Many people from all around the world love lifting weights and exercising- in fact my blog is all about it! Many learn the importance of a good diet, pushing yourself to your limits, and growing your body to be stronger and healthier. However, rarely do you hear the topic of sleep come up! However, it … Read more