Do Muscular Guys Get More Attention?

Intro: Various studies confirm muscular guys get more attention from girls. Whether it’s online or offline, most women prefer muscular men to their fat and skinny counterparts. This article explains why girls give attention to athletic men and why you should bulk up.

Muscular guys get more attention. Perhaps that’s why some men wish to bulk up before joining some sites from the best dating sites review– but what does get more attention mean?

When you’re muscular, women are more likely to want you for relationships, hookups, and flings.

A past UCLA study revealed muscular guys attracted more sexual partners compared to their scrawnier counterparts.

The research also showed that women gave more attention to toned guys.

A separate study confirmed large muscles are more appealing than small ones since bigger muscles are harder to build.

Here’s why muscular guys get more attention from girls:

Muscles Increase Confidence

There’s a reason why men looking for how to get more attention from a girl are told to be confident!

Forget fake bravado; confidence is attractive.

First off, confident individuals make the best partners, seeing they don’t need constant affirmations. Though they experience bad days like everyone else, confident men display an aura of self-assurance that women find attractive.

Confidence also draws attention from people towards you, be it friends, suitors, even business associates. On the other hand, insecurities scare people away. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will.

There are several reasons why muscular guys are confident. Since they exercise more, muscular guys are less likely to overthink situations, reducing anxiety.

By boosting concentration and productivity, workouts also create a sense of achievement when you accomplish your goals.

Furthermore, hitting daily fitness targets and watching your body transform restores your self-belief. The newfound self-confidence spreads to other aspects of your life, drawing attention from girls.

They’re Good in Bed

Muscular guys might get more attention because of their sexual prowess.

For starters, exercise relieves stress to get you in the mood.

When you’re tense, the body releases cortisol, decreasing your libido.

Muscular guys also get more attention because of their flexibility in bed. Consistent gym work helps you lift your partner and execute different positions between the sheets.

Additionally, exercise aids blood flow, hardening your hard-on and reducing erectile dysfunction.

A Harvard University study suggests that fit individuals are 30% less susceptible to erectile dysfunction than their inactive counterparts.

Muscular guys also last longer owing to their gym endurance. Moreover, exercise enhances kegel control for intense org**ms. (Read: Mind-Muscle connection) Since they get more attention, athletic men are more confident in their sexual abilities, preventing awkward moments.

Muscles Signal Protection

Tall guys get more attention because they appear protective.

Since they’re naturally intimidating, muscular guys also protect their women from unwanted suitors and stalkers.

Nobody wants a black eye because they tried to get attention from a bodybuilder’s girlfriend.

Similarly, athletic guys can offer their jackets or wrap their arms around a girl’s body in case of bad weather. But the strength is not just physical. Gaining muscle requires discipline and motivation, characteristics women find attractive.

Additionally, athletic men get more attention because women find solace in their arms during distress.

Another explanation for how muscular men get more attention is the impression of power. There’s something about authoritarian men that sweep girls off their feet.

Furthermore, these men get more attention online because they look like providers. Though a chiseled physique holds a slim advantage in the modern workforce, muscular men could do hard labor in traditional societies to support their families.

Girls Feel Feminine Around Muscular Guys

Muscular guys get more attention because girls feel delicate around them. They may have bigger muscles, but they’re gentle.

It’s not uncommon for muscular guys to give their women piggyback rides. They could also carry you to the bed when you fall asleep on the couch.

Not to mention the random hugs from behind. It’s impossible not to melt when a well-built man wraps his arms around your waist and places their chin on your shoulder.

Muscular guys also get more attention because they give the best cuddles. The best part is you can hold their bicep when you’re tired of holding hands. (Read: Top 10 Best Bicep Long Head Exercises) Again, they won’t fall when you jump into their arms.

They’re Useful Around the House

Well-built men get more attention because they’re good with their hands.

The first tip on how to get more attention from your partner is by handling manly chores. Women won’t need a technician for minor electrical problems, water leaks, or clogged shower heads with a muscular guy at home.

Muscular men also get more attention because they can lift heavy loads.

For example, they can carry grocery shopping from the car into the house. Another reason why tall guys get more attention is that they can reach high points. That way, women don’t have to stand on their toes or step on a chair to retrieve something from the top shelf.

Taming the Beast

Muscular guys get more attention because of their bad-boy allure. The next step after knowing how you get more attention from muscular men is taming them. Every woman subconsciously wants to break into a bad boy’s tough exterior. The challenge is more thrilling when every woman wants to get more attention from their man.

A bad boy’s mystery makes the situation even harder.

Because there’s no manual for taming a rogue man, women will readily accept the challenge. Not forgetting the feeling of accomplishment when you finally get a muscular guy’s attention. Women are naturally competitive and won’t hesitate to parade their men for everyone to see.

Better Genes

Everyone wants healthy babies. Although a mother’s health influences child development, men should also be physically fit during conception to produce healthy children.

Going by recent ADA findings, paternal exercise boosts glucose metabolism in offspring. According to the research, lab mice that consumed more fats and stayed inactive were more likely to father glucose-intolerant young ones with high body fat. On the other hand, physically active male rats produced healthier male and female, young ones. The research also discovered that exercise enhances sperm motility and lowers diabetes and obesity risks.

Muscular guys also get more attention because of their sperm quality. In a past Human Reproduction study, men who engaged in intense workouts displayed better sperm motility.

Note that some exercises are more beneficial to your sexual health than others. For instance, weightlifting boosts insulin sensitivity and testosterone production to increase sperm concentration.

On the other hand, extended cycling affects male fertility by increasing scrotal temperature. Muscular men are also more likely to instill exercise habits in their children.

Conclusion: How to Get More Attention from Your Crush

Muscles aren’t the only way to get more attention from women.

The first tip on how to get more attention is good grooming. What’s more, be more approachable, smile, and make eye contact with girls you like.

Similarly, avoid fidgeting. Controlled movement is one way on how to ask for more attention.

Do you know where to get more attention? Tell us how to get more attention on dating apps in the comments.

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